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  1. This. Tight ends do not hurdle people. They run them over. That is all. Knee pads....
  2. Maybe Coach Bro will take the bus to the game. Travel by plane, it says, generally is not OKed by doctors until about three weeks after the lung has been repaired.
  3. Not our offense that will be the difference. Tech's offense was spotty against WV, and Duffey is more running QB than passer (at this pt).
  4. Tech has the 107th ranked defense in D1A. Ours is #15. I like our chances.
  5. ESPN wasnt 'bashing' the targeting call. The color analyst simply said he disagreed with it. He did however bash the non PI. Also, the ESPN rules guy says it wasnt targeting because Turpin wasnt defenseless - he was still moving forward. Also, the contact was facemask to facemask and not leading.
  6. Penn State and Ohio State having a pretty decent game.
  7. TCU. Everybody else is superfluous at this point.
  8. That thought bubble over the President's head right now says 'these bastages from Arizona...'
  9. “The Sept. 30 debate between Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke at the University of Houston has been postponed,” the college posted on Facebook Friday morning. “Senator Cruz will be in Washington, D.C. for weekend votes.
  10. But Dixon noted that eight of his 13 scholarship players haven’t played college basketball. “We’re the most veteran young team in America,” Dixon said. “I don’t know how we’re considered. We’ve got eight guys that haven’t played college basketball, yet we’re ranked in the Top 25. It’s the youngest group we’ve ever had. This is the year to be young because you at least have more time to work with your guys.”
  11. Next year's body bag game will be against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. who lost to Prairie View. 62-13.
  12. Beto O'Rourke ✔@BetoORourke US Senate candidate, TX Not right that Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi were surrounded and forced to leave a restaurant last night because of protesters. The Cruz family should be treated with respect. 8:54 AM - Sep 25, 2018
  13. Steve Bartman is such a pariah that you would think Cubs fans would have learned to stay out of the way when a player is trying to make a catch in the stands. But no, it almost came back to bite the Cubs in last night’s game against the Pirates. The Cubs are locked in a tight race with the Brewers for the NL Central title, and every game is crucial. They took a two-run lead into the ninth last night and Francisco Cervelli hit a pop up down the first base line that could have been the second out of the inning—if only a fan didn’t battle Anthony Rizzo for the ball. “I thought I caught it,” Rizzo said after the game. “It was just one of those weird plays.” Cervelli hit a double off the wall two pitches later, putting runners at second and third. Starling Marte drove both runners in two batters later to tie the game. Luckily, the Cubs were able to win it in extra innings with an Albert Almora Jr. walk-off single.
  14. Have yet to meet a woman over 40 who didnt either pluck or color at some point in their life. Some eventually concede, others dont. My grandmother had red hair until the day she died.
  15. That sounds like a shot at Newbomb. Personally, I would never say something like that to our esteemed poster....
  16. People are stupid. A Tennessee high school athletic director has been placed on administrative leave after saying girls "pretty much ruin everything" in a video address to students. Jared Hensley, the assistant principal as well as the athletic director at Soddy-Daisy High School near Chattanooga, made the video announcement Wednesday morning to inform students that there would be a ban on wearing athletic shorts. Hensley said boys would be unhappy with the rule, but that he "had" to make it. "And if you want to blame someone, blame the girls, because they pretty much ruin everything," Hensley continued. "They ruin the dress code, well -- ask Adam. Look at Eve. That's really all you got to get to. You can go back to the beginning of time. "So, it'll be like that for the rest of your life; get used to it, keep your mouth shut, suck it up and follow the rules."
  17. The Pelicans have opened pre-season camp with 19 players. The NBA limit is 15, so they'll have some cuts to make. They have 12 players on guaranteed contracts, and a 13th (Trevon Bluiett) on a 2 way deal with the G League (the Pelicans do not currently have an affiliate, so he could end up anywhere). That essentially leaves 6 players competing for the remaining 3 slots, including Garlon Green and Kenrich Williams. The other 4 are: 34 yo veteran PG/SG Jarrett Jack 27 yo journeyman PG Darius Morris 22 yo C Jahlil Okafor 23 yo SF Troy Williams Green and Williams have the smallest contracts of the 6 - dont know if that helps or hurts, although aint none of them on huge deals (Jack is 2.4 million). If I had to guess, I'd say Okafor is a near-lock to make the team, because he gives them depth behind The Brow, he's young and still has gobs of potential. Jack brings a lot of experience and versatility, so he'd be considered a good shot to make the roster. After that, its a crap shoot.
  18. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/09/26/matt-carpenter-st-louis-cardinals-salsa http://www.kfvs12.com/2018/09/10/carpenters-salsa-be-sold-some-schnucks-stores/ https://nourish.schnucks.com/landing/bueno-mojo-salsa/
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