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  1. All musicals suck. Except Spamalot. That is all.
  2. Loved the one we went to in Door Co. Name escapses me at the moment.
  3. You might even say it takes a village...
  4. Im still at home for the forseeable future. Abby and I are in day 120. Disruption is becoming 2nd nature...
  5. dude, down here you cant throw a rock without hitting someone who can do tasty brisket...
  6. We are leaning toward the classroom. Abby obviously wants to see friends, be social, etc. I get that. The missus has more concerns about exposure than I do. But the schools insists there will be masks and distancing. Will be tough, but if a percentage of kids stay home, that becomes easier. And because of my fluid job, i can make sure that the school bus is eliminated as a concern. Thats big.
  7. According to the DTV guide, the Big ESPN. 7pm DFW time.
  8. You have no idea how accurate...or how depressing...
  9. I already have a full time job, and does the missus. And hers is arguably more important. And neither of us is a trained teacher.
  10. People north of here are much more authoritarian, tis true...
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