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  1. God save us....

    How. To. Pay. For. It. Because even the most optimistic growth projections dont cover it. Guess people dont care about the deficit anymore. Good job.
  2. 2017 Bowl Thread

  3. 2017 Bowl Thread

    If the coach doesnt gave an issue with it, and the team doesnt have an issue with it...
  4. 2017 Bowl Thread

    Troy up 20 in the 4th.
  5. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    Lol....no, its not my house. Our pole is in the master bedroom...
  6. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    How soon they forget...
  7. The Christmas Thread, 2017 edition

    The Airing Of The Grievances isnt until later, PD...
  8. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    No, there's not. He could play, but probably wont. The Clearinghouse determines eligibility. So Thats Dixons call now. I think he redshirts unless there's an injury in the frontline rotation.
  9. The Gameday Media Links Thread - Index in Post #1

    Looking ahead to Monday: Texas Southern at TCU AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain+ FOX Sports Detroit FOX Sports Florida FOX Sports Midwest PLUS FOX Sports North PLUS FOX Sports Ohio FOX Sports South FOX Sports Southwest or PLUS+ FOX Sports Wisconsin MASN2 MSG Plus+
  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Saw an unconfirmed report that next Christmas JD and the Frogs will be balling in Honolulu at the Diamond Head Classic. Nice destination, but this year's edition the marquee teams were USC and Miami.
  11. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Cant practice or play until cleared by the clearinghouse. Friday is the end of the semester, and I think the grades references are the fall semester grades, not HS.
  12. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Does she use harsh abrasives...to clean them?
  13. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    #4 seed in the latest ESPN Bracketology. That may be overstating things a bit but might as well enjoy it for now...
  14. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Thats a nice...pressure cooker she has...
  15. NYC Bombing

    Being a white male Christian, I've said the same thing about the 'white guys and Christians are persecuted' crowd more than once. A lot of people like to play the martyr. Your wide lefts like to as well. Not particularly special or unique. Just sad in a lot of cases. Misery loves company, I guess, because it certainly doesnt solve anything. Edit: Even before Newf mentioned it dammit But then I also dont think its necessary to pay for the sins of my ancestors either. Impossible task. And cuz the Vikings did some wicked shit.