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  1. Radio Shack Killa

    Week 5

    This. Tight ends do not hurdle people. They run them over. That is all. Knee pads....
  2. Radio Shack Killa

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

    Maybe Coach Bro will take the bus to the game. Travel by plane, it says, generally is not OKed by doctors until about three weeks after the lung has been repaired.
  3. Radio Shack Killa

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

    Not our offense that will be the difference. Tech's offense was spotty against WV, and Duffey is more running QB than passer (at this pt).
  4. Radio Shack Killa

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

    Tech has the 107th ranked defense in D1A. Ours is #15. I like our chances.
  5. Radio Shack Killa

    ? after the ISU game

    But what do the rumors say?
  6. Radio Shack Killa

    Week 5

    It graduated.
  7. Radio Shack Killa

    ? after the ISU game

    ESPN wasnt 'bashing' the targeting call. The color analyst simply said he disagreed with it. He did however bash the non PI. Also, the ESPN rules guy says it wasnt targeting because Turpin wasnt defenseless - he was still moving forward. Also, the contact was facemask to facemask and not leading.
  8. Radio Shack Killa

    Week 5

    Penn State and Ohio State having a pretty decent game.
  9. Radio Shack Killa

    Week 5

    Winning Ugly.
  10. Radio Shack Killa

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    TCU. Everybody else is superfluous at this point.
  11. Radio Shack Killa

    The Music Thread

    Stay hard, Marty Balin....
  12. Radio Shack Killa

    TCU vs ISU predictions

    Frogs by 2 tds.
  13. Radio Shack Killa

    God save us....

    That thought bubble over the President's head right now says 'these bastages from Arizona...'
  14. Radio Shack Killa

    Texas (and other states') Elections 2018

    “The Sept. 30 debate between Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke at the University of Houston has been postponed,” the college posted on Facebook Friday morning. “Senator Cruz will be in Washington, D.C. for weekend votes.
  15. Radio Shack Killa

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    But Dixon noted that eight of his 13 scholarship players haven’t played college basketball. “We’re the most veteran young team in America,” Dixon said. “I don’t know how we’re considered. We’ve got eight guys that haven’t played college basketball, yet we’re ranked in the Top 25. It’s the youngest group we’ve ever had. This is the year to be young because you at least have more time to work with your guys.”