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  1. We never talk about taking guns away from the state...
  2. 2009: How is my gay marriage going to hurt you? We just want marriage equality. 2019: We want the tax exempt status of the churches, charities, and colleges revoked for your failure to change your views on gay marriage.
  3. I heard that they guy living in his basement moved out and ended up getting remarried to a wonderful woman...so it has a happy ending.
  4. Taking the term animal husbandry is whole different direction...
  5. New Progressives: Criminals are entitled to tax-payer provided transgender surgery.
  6. RN = right now Justin Trudeau's treatment versus https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2018/10/26/megyn-kelly-nbc-today-show-exit-blackface-scandal/1763026002/
  7. Moves our 247 average to 0.8767 which is almost as high as the 2016 class...Darius Anderson was a three-star BTW...giggle.
  8. Horrible news. The bright side says if Max is a good as everyone thinks Eli wouldn't be seeing the field except as a backup for a few years anyway. Get him healthy and in the system and hope that he can be a major contributor in a few years.
  9. Long term, Reagor making an impact in the NFL causing recruits to look at TCU as an option even if that means no 2020. Short term, get me a team that can compete for the conference championship.
  10. The Link Between Power Lines and Wildfires Thought this was interesting...
  11. So when do we say enough is enough, because we continue to elect the same regime just with a different letter after their name...
  12. A military budget that dwarfs the ROTW Secret CIA black sites used for torture Kill lists that allow Presidents to execute citizens with drones Military presence just about everywhere Laws that strip our rights in the name of national security and safety At what point is it possible that we are not the nice guys?
  13. Woke NBA: Comments on every Trump Tweet Chump NBA: I'm cool with China's treatment of Hong Kong
  14. It's better than arming AQI like the last administration did...only helped to kill 500,000 or so people...
  15. We are all neo-cons now. Funny how you can't end an endless war...again why are we in Syria? Oh yes, to kill more people of color at the behest of the Saudi crown. Truth is that the Kurds were always going to fight ISIS given their proximity.
  16. You're right, they all need to be executed at dawn.
  17. The battle against fascism will only be won when the Republican party is not only out of office but made downright illegal.
  18. The Tampa Bay Rays are winning the popular vote...
  19. True, although is most years non-bowl teams seem to make it to bowl games...
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