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  1. I did'nt say that, but you seem to be defending government with whataboutism. The Kelo case is that it was all started by a republican governor seeking reelection in a state dominated by democrats who sought out a corporate "partner" to give tax dollars in order to reinvest in the infrastructure of a city. The tragedy is that Pfizer came, didn't even build on Ms. Kelo's property, and left once the government handout ended. Ms. Kelo's house never should have been taken and was wrongfully decided by SCOTUS. Majority Stevens, joined by Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer Concurrence Kennedy Dissent O'Connor, joined by Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas Dissent Thomas
  2. Watched Little Pink House tonight...did I mention government sux.
  3. I'm fine with Tech winning if it helps the conference's reputation. As an aside, the brother of my daughter's best friend, who is a going to be a sophomore in HS in the fall, has verbally committed to L'ville.
  4. Also diggin' Upperroom right now...
  5. Would have been elevated to Emperor...
  6. Trump Secures Unlimited Chips And Salsa In Mexican Trade Deal
  7. You like it here. We do too. Help us to keep the lights on. If you feel it in you heart to contribute, please do. PayPal is the preferred method for gathering money for TFH. Our PP username is thefroghorn@gmail.com. Be sure to click the button that says you are sending money to family or friends (because we are all family and friends) so that you don't have to pay a fee and neither does TFH.
  8. Jung and Langeliers go back to back at 8 and 9. 4 Big XII players in the top 9...
  9. Lodolo goes 7th to the Cincinnati Reds. First pitcher selected.
  10. Bobby Witt Jr goes number 2...OU commit
  11. Round 1-2 tonight. Will Lodolo be the first LH college pitcher selected?
  12. Sometimes a little Lupton Magic is needed...Lupton East.
  13. I like that they think TFH is TCU's main fan site...we're big time peeps... At least in Arkansas...
  14. Quinn Priester is the 2019 Gatorade Illinois High School player of the year...
  15. Purdue has a tough non-con. They open @ Nevada, then get Vanderbilt and then host the Frogs. Purdue might be 2-0 when they face the Frogs but they might be brused by then...
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