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  1. So is Ghislaine Maxwell on suicide watch?
  2. It did seem to take a while before the system could work out its kinks. So maybe other states are a month behind in that process.
  3. Most of the employees at my facility are receiving phone call test results next day.
  4. What about government officials burning down privately owned compounds?
  5. It's going to be lit AF when people find out that we paid the Afghans to kill Russians...
  6. Your assumption is that sans single payer fire protection there would be no fire protection. Your thinking is basic. 1 or 0
  7. Walmart's response to Katrina > government's response to Katrina
  8. We just had an agent of the government kill a black man for a allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit bill, but those damn libertarians...
  9. China has a "strong" government. It's a workers paradise... Does the US have a strong government? We just had riots over how unjust our government is.
  10. Typically, Somalia is the country that statist pick. I guess you must know why that is a bad example for your cause.
  11. I don't follow the argument that the Red Sox lost because of Yankee's fans. Maybe government sucks, because government sucks.
  12. Or is it that Mexico's government is part of the problem?
  13. I know you are trying to convince me that libertarians are winning...but I don't believe you.
  14. Q: Where do killers get their money? A: Government It's a weird argument, I'll give you that. Every company is falling over itself to signal to the world that Black Lives Matter, the trans-women can have babies, and that if you didn't know it was gay pride month., but suddenly Target is going to "target" people of color with their killing machines.
  15. Again, evidence in my corner to get rid of government...
  16. There is a "happy medium" killing millions of people globally... There is a "happy medium" creating a $26 trillion debt... There is a "happy medium" putting 2 million people in prison... on and on... But blame those powerful libertarians dirtying the pool...
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