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  1. Bernie may have locked up the pressure cooker bomber vote...
  2. A new regime in Cinci means a new QB. Andy is a good QB, which means his above average but he also on the tail end of peak QB age. Will turn 32 this season. Also, he only has two years left on his contract. Drafting a QB at pick 11 will not be a surprise.
  3. Joins Bernie as a front runner...old white males...perpetuating the patriarchy.
  4. Sen. Warren continues to hit the campaign TRAIL trying to become our first female commander-in-CHIEF...
  5. Despite speaking great French Pete Buttigieg isn't intersectional enough for the Democrats...
  6. Richard Spenser getting a cabinet position in the Sanders administration will be insane AF...
  7. Speaking of France burning... Poverty Under Democratic Socialism
  8. Tragic. Let's hope this doesn't spread to the rectory...
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