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  1. In and out, just like a Shaq free throw...
  2. We are a rifle school anyway...
  3. Ole Miss | Cal finish...it just means more
  4. Taye Barber is in warm-ups...
  5. No Vernon Scott today for the Frogs...
  6. Cheese-It Bowl Loser beating the S-E-C RN
  7. Michigan Head Coach Matt Campbell
  8. Michigan will still be 25 ranked right? I mean beating MTSU and Army in OT...they have Iowa in a few weeks right? Can't wait for Wisco fans to say that they should not have been left out of the playoff because they beat a ranked Michigan
  9. Michigan getting owned RN. Does Harbaugh last the season?
  10. Cal-Cal-Rado-Rado https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/tcu/
  11. lol, LSU opened up a can on Vandy 21-7 now
  12. Conference non-con watch: ULM @ ISU SMU @ TCU Baylor @ Rice
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