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  1. I never said it was problematic, just saying that it is hard to implement when a virus like COVID-19 is knocking at your door.
  2. Do you believe that if more people were currently employed that the death count would be higher, lower, or about the same? Is it possible that we could have followed social distancing guidelines, required public wearing of masks, closed all international travel, clamped down on the safety of nursing homes, but kept the economy intact that we could have had similar body counts but with much less unemployment?
  3. What the development of penicillin tells us about developing a coronavirus vaccine
  4. Here is an example of a contact tracing app that failed for Australia. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/24/how-did-the-covidsafe-app-go-from-being-vital-to-almost-irrelevant
  5. They come out against masks, and yet their own results show that even the surgical mask reduced how much virus ended up in the petri dish. The people pushing masks aren’t saying, “Even a cloth mask will protect you for sure,” rather they are saying, “It reduces the amount of virus an infected person can pump out, so widespread masking in crowded areas will reduce the transmission rate.” This study’s results totally support that, even though the authors give conclusions that bolster those saying, “Science doesn’t support masks.”
  6. I don't think that would could have placed a system in time. For instance, Japan's health centers were trained in contract tracing way before COVID-19. Contract tracing has been around for decades for things like TB and sexually transmitted infections. But COVID-19 presented complications in that the speed of spread was so rapid and there were carriers that showed no symptoms. We needed a program in place before the spread occurred not during. We can blame government, I am good at that, but it is hard for me to place blame on any one administration. Do you honestly believe that if we had President Hillary that we would have had a contract tracing program in place? I doubt it. Also, https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-trump-fired-pandemic-team-idUSKBN21C32M
  7. I honestly don't know how we can blame anyone for the events that took place. We can all learn from the situation but the truth is that there were very few places that were prepared for this. Based on the varied responses by different countries and different states, I cannot say that one was better than another. There were trade-offs in every situation. We may not like those trade-offs but I don't think anyone knew what to do...
  8. Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS–CoV-2: A Controlled Comparison in 4 Patients
  9. COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data
  10. ‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’
  11. The current hubbub is that COVID-19 is retreating so fast that we may not have enough patients to run a randomized clinical trial if we develop a COVID-19 vaccine. This happened to Ebola, BTW.
  12. Her marketing material could use some work. Jojo would have been better... The unfortunate part is the VP that was elected...the LP must do better.
  13. The advantage that SK, Japan and Singapore had over western countries was that they experienced SARS-CoV-1 and developed a response using contact tracing. I don't believe that any other government discussed that option during the COVID-19 outbreak. Playing 20-20 hindsight maybe we should have taken that course, but there is no way to perform contact tracing without systems in-place. We did not have those systems, so we were left with lock-downs as our only defense. Therefore I cannot blame the present administration for both a death count and unemployment because contract tracing wasn't even an option. There are also certain constitutional challenges to contact tracing, which I am sure you are aware. Biometric information is protected by many state governments. For instance, we use biometric timeclocks at work and we are prohibited from using that information. Employees must agree to use their biometric imprint to track time.
  14. Please explain how both numbers can be better at the same time...
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