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  1. Frogs are the top rated 5-5 team for a reason. Next year's schedule...BTW (current record) 09/05 - at California (5-5) 09/12 - Prairie View A&M (5-5) 09/26 - at SMU (9-1) Home conference: Tech (4-6) KSU (6-4) OSU (7-3) OU (9-1) ISU (6-4) Road: Texas (6-4) Baylor (9-1) Kansas (3-7) WVU (4-6)
  2. We should run that Reagor post play (TD versus Tech) once a quarter...if not more.
  3. How many votes will Pete Buttigieg get from the South Carolininan African-American community now? https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/11/mayor-pete-black-support-announcement.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Don't look now but Cal is 5-5 and could finish 6-6. I hope someone has notified the...
  5. Per Massey the Frogs are the top rated .500 team at 34. Expected to finish 6-6.
  6. It would be best for OU's case if Baylor wins out as well and they beat Baylor in the championship game. Two 11-1 teams...
  7. Here's a good test of Big Ten bias... Per Massey the SEC just passed the Big 12 as the best conference. Although technically they have the same rating at 1.81. The Big 10 is next at 1.76, PAC 12 at 1.75 and the ACC is 1.63. Baylor and Minnesota have the same record and their SOS are about even Baylor's 44th (55.78) and Minny's 48th (54.64). By my eyes, I watched both games this weekend, I say they are very similar and Massey proves that out. The question is how many more spots will Minnesota be above Baylor? I'll hang up and listen to your answer...
  8. Iowa passes OU in polls right? Because Big Ten and all...
  9. The government lied about Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2, but somehow they are telling the truth about Yemen. Who cares right. Some brown skinned guy is under a Hellfire, but we've done this before so whoops...no biggie.
  10. Let's just recap...Bill Clinton should be thrown out of office because he lied to a jury about sex, but Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace prize because he drone striked a US citizen without a trial, but it's okay because we've been doing it for centuries. Got it...
  11. We've been drone striking people for 2 centuries? Who knew...
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