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  1. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    My HS/college car looked a lot like this: Mine had dumb ass black stripes down the side though. It was my sister's, then became mine. My family called it Squeak because of all the noise it made.
  2. Week 2 - Other Games

    I think SFA only has two games that matter and they tend to lose both of them (Northwestern State and Sam Houston).
  3. Texas Coast Frogs

    I was without power like 3 days in Palestine for Ike. It was still a hurricane when it hit Palestine.
  4. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    And that Dallas kind of sucks, even though I work in Carrollton. Carrollton schools suck way less than most Dallas schools. Actually, the performing and fine arts in Dallas are pretty cool. The buildings and the ensembles are pretty world class.
  5. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Don't forget the blood pressure meds to go with all of that delicious sodium.
  6. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    They've followed the pretty traditional line of blaming the dishonorable women for letting fine young men rape them. What else should be expected from such masculine men, especially ones of color? What more could be expected from such harlots that would put themselves in the position to be taken advantage of?
  7. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I'm too old and fat to be riding shit (or even to be walking around) Six Flags with three boys ages 9-12...
  8. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    You don't have a wife to nag you off your phone?
  9. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    My daughter is 6.5 months. She's slept through the night for a few months now. However, that's only in her co-sleeper in our bed. Move her out of the bed, and she loses her shit any time she wakes up by herself. She's also hit the stage of if she's awake, we must be in her sight. If not, there will be hell to pay.
  10. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    The Friday before I wrecked mine, I sold my mom's to a lady in Lufkin.
  11. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    The money goes straight from Farm Bureau (my insurance) to State Farm Bank (my lienholder). My car wasn't drivable away from the wreck site. It's being towed everywhere. What really sucks is that I just had to put a new radiator in it, put 3 new tires on it, and got it inspected/registered in the last 2 or 3 months.
  12. North Korea

  13. North Korea

  14. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I missed that the deer hit me 3 more times. It took out from the headlight to the taillight. That's why I couldn't get out of the car. It's actually mostly aesthetics, but almost $8,000 of them.
  15. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Insurance is covering, but not as much as I owed. It may or may not cover the full amount.