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  1. Pulling back the curtain a bit....

    For the record, I didn’t go after the board. That’s some Scott level BS there. I also didn’t leave over politics. I have no problem with politics. I have a problem with personal attacks as a rebuttal to an opinion that is different from the one held. I’m also opposed to keeping people around that violate the rules repeatedly, just because they know nothing will happen. Delete this account and the content associated with it.
  2. Delete account

    Thanks, once the bridge is attacked, and begins to crumble, I see no point in trying to fix it. Burn it to the ground and start again.
  3. Delete account

    I'll put this in public view too, in case it wasn't seen the other times I've requested it. Please delete my content and my account.
  4. Pulling back the curtain a bit....

    This is great.
  5. Jesus Stuff

    Oh and I got “run out” for having principles that didn’t allow me to call people #$%@s, wetbacks, and ragheads, but instead to call them children of God. From your posts, I doubt you get the distinction.
  6. Jesus Stuff

    A series of texts, written across millennia, with multiple authors, trying to understand something and inspired by something that’s incomprehensible
  7. Jesus Stuff

    What? Cultural bias should be taken into account when studying a text? Crazy talk!
  8. Jesus Stuff

    I’d prefer not to use a pronoun for God. God is God. If you’re cool with the patriarchal implications of calling God, he, feel free.
  9. Jesus Stuff

    Thankfully, God transcends pronouns.
  10. God save us....

    When justice is being obstructed by the person with the power to release classified info, you can’t really release it lawfully.
  11. Places To Go

    I’ve actually never been to a casino, but I don’t think my 10, 11, and 1 year old can go.
  12. God save us....

    I don’t think the contents of the memo itself were a threat, but that Congress now has precedent for releasing classified info for political gain during an investigation.
  13. Places To Go

    I’m going to OKC for a few days of SB. We have tours of the National Weather Center in Norman and Braums scheduled already. We also want to go to the OKC memorial. I’m not really sure what else we should try and do with a 11, 10, and 1 year old.
  14. Listenbee is suing TCU, GP, and Big 12

    Hmmmmmm...unless proven otherwise, I’m going with he couldn’t hack it in the real NFL or another job, and now he sees quick money.