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  1. Weather Thread

    Tomorrow night looks to be interesting.
  2. TV ratings down

    The war on poverty has worked in some places. The students in my school are doing pretty damn good.
  3. TV ratings down

    After meeting the urban poor and knowing the rural poor, I am too.
  4. TV ratings down

    I think that's Xenu...
  5. TV ratings down

    I had a rotary phone as a child. Then we got touch-tone dialing. My grandmother had pulse dialing even after she got a touch-tone phone. She had it until the phone company stopped supporting it. I'm actually not a Millennial. I'm a Xennial. http://www.lmgt.com/?q=Xennials
  6. TV ratings down

    Ummmmmm...as an old millennial, y'all can kiss my ass.
  7. TCU @ KSU

  8. Week 7 - Other Games

    Now it's 17-3 at the half?
  9. Week 7 - Other Games

    I have no clue. My daughter woke up last night at 3 with a 101 temp. It's past my bedtime. I swear I saw them score. Maybe I nodded off. Hell if I know.
  10. Week 7 - Other Games

    17-3 Cal
  11. AP Top 25

    Hopefully KState doesn't get any ideas about emulating Syracuse tomorrow.
  12. Park It: Parking and Tailgating @ TCU

    My 9 year old and I walked from the stadium to Travis Ave after the game. The return shuttle line was long.
  13. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Sounds like the boy who got beat's family is going to go after the school. http://m.kltv.com/kltv/db/330566/content/SIHXBvsw
  14. Week 6 games

    I wish I could find the FS1 shots. There are two people trying to pull.
  15. Week 6 games