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  1. AP Top 25

    Complete BS...Kansas is way better than Baylor
  2. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    Word on the Baylor boards is that Rhule had them running Oklahoma drill in pre-game warm up. They might struggle to field a full roster by November.
  3. Sept 9 Vs Arkansas: Will Frogs go Hog Wild?

    Maybe just beanies...with propellers.
  4. He went total beast mode in that game...it's too bad there weren't more moments like that for him.
  5. Too early to start a 2017 football thread?

    Tickets come from a printer in Arkansas
  6. Big 12 teams as cast of The Office

    So freaking accurate
  7. NCAA Tournament

    You forgot altitude
  8. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    Seriously, how have they not been shut down?
  9. Don't disrespect Paschal like that!
  10. TCU 2016-2017 Basketball...The Debut Season

    So basically Vlad v2...I'll take it
  11. The Masters

    Either DJ, Rahm or McIlroy....hoping for Rory as I think he's a great player and that would give him a career grand slam. Otherwise. I think Mark Brooks didn't get an invite this year...
  12. Only in California...we're good in the other 49 states.