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  1. So I guess we're not making any coaching changes?
  2. Sadly enough, I would have been happy with the Idaho Potato Bowl this year!
  3. I would hate that...ready to see him give it a shot in another organization.
  4. My issue with the OL - we keep putting a ton of guys into the NFL, so we clearly have a high level of talent...but yet we never have a dominant OL.
  5. I think Cumbie will be out as OC, but doesn't mean he won't be on staff. I'd like to see us being in an experienced OC. Reagor - 5% chance of staying Blacklock - 25% chance of staying D-line Barber, Tomlinson, Winters, Foster, Washington (finally, a ball hawk on defense)
  6. If I'm Andy, I'm refusing to go in.
  7. Hate that strategy...keep running the offense and applying pressure!
  8. That's a big win... didn't get a chance to see it but I had this one penciled in as a loss. UCI is a quality opponent.
  9. We pull off a stunning upset. I don't know why, but I feel good about this one - we're due for a big win and OU looks vulnerable to me.
  10. I like this team - you can definitely tell they have great chemistry and we have more outside threats than last year. We're going to lose a couple of games pre-conference, mainly to someone that has a bunch of seniors. However, we're just going to continue to get better as the season goes on. As long as they don't start out 0-8 in conference and start to lose confidence, I think we can pull off some upsets.
  11. I was thinking Tampa Bay, but Chicago is definitely an option.
  12. Same here, really disappointing. We gifted them that game - completely dominant first half that should have seen us up at least17-0. Then, to not be able to punch it in from the 2 on first and goal was just bad...really poor play calling.
  13. I'm excited for Andy to get the heck out of there. right now, Tampa Bay is looking like a good bet. With the right coaching and support around him, Andy has a chance at another 2-3 good years that would serve as redemption for the cluster-f Cincy has been.
  14. Geez...if that's the case, I say we just run the option with Reagor at QB.
  15. Baylor doesn't scare me...we win this game, and surprisingly comfortably: 34-21
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