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  1. Go 'Hoos!!! I just can't find myself rooting for Tceh. Plus, I made the trek to the game with my UVA-grad father in law.
  2. True, and really hope we get a chance to get revenge against Lipscomb!!!
  3. I was really hoping we wouldn't play them again. On one side, we match up well against UT, bit it's really difficult to beat the same team three times in a season.
  4. For some reason, I think we make it. Pretty amazing how far we've come - expectations were really high this year and things just totally fell apart, yet we managed to win 20 games in arguably the most competitive conference in major college basketball. Losing Fisher hurt - if he staid healthy all season, I think we win 22 - 23 games and are a 6-7 seed.
  5. I think we're in if we beat OSU...for whatever reason, we definitely seem to have the pundits on our side, so the 20-win mark will get us there.
  6. I also don't think you can dictate who people sell their tickets to when such a market exists. I can admit I've capitalized on this opportunity for both football and basketball - if I can't go to a game and I stand the chance of recouping a substantial percentage of my outlay, I will definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Season tickets are expensive, so it's great to get a bit of a return to lessen the financial blow. This happens everywhere, it's just that at TCU, the demand for tickets is going to end up being for opposing fans versus casual or TCU fans in search of tickets. My biggest beef is when TCU tries to police this and pull the loyalty card, yet loyalty is something the institution could care less about when working with its so-called partners.
  7. Just run North and South...that's my Sewo wish for 2019.
  8. Probably my favorite Frog basketball player of all time (as far as during my lifetime). How he flew so far under the radar out of college, I have no idea - it's pretty clear to see how his game was going to translate to the NBA because he does all of the right things and absolutely loads up a stat sheet. Although, James Penny has to be a close second...
  9. Haha...thanks! It's scary to think I'm near an "advanced" age...I'm not quite mature enough.
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