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  1. That stinks...he was coming on strong...wish him a good recovery and would be awesome to see a Paschal kid have a big year in 2020.
  2. I think the offense Gary wants, and the offense Cumbie is capable of running, are two completely different things. As a result, we've ended up with a big mess with no consistency and flow. I will say we have entirely too many play makers to not have a ton of success, so that's concerning. At the same time, the defense has been completely erratic - stellar against Purdue and Kansas (although who hasn't been), average against SMU (turnovers gifted them 14), and putrid against Iowa State.
  3. GP changes shirts three times during the game, finally settling in a purple and pink Hawaiian print with Tevas, keeps undoing velcro. Duggan starts, goes 11-20 for 183 and 2 TD, Delton fills in going 6-10 for 100, 1 rushing TD, Frogs rush for a combined 223 and squeak by 27-13. GP post game rambles on about tornadoes and the number of purple shirts between the 40s, lets Kelsey finish with press.
  4. I think it's a bit more than simply blaming the fans - the more we go in that direction, the more we're going to alienate the casual fan base, which we're completely dependent upon. Forever, TCU has also lacked the game day environment required to actually get the fans in the game - which means an orchestrated effort between the band, cheerleaders and fans. Right now, we're trying to overcompensate with a sound system. I spent two years in the sports marketing department while an undergrad, and way too much time is spent trying to come up with new things that engage fans versus simply working with establishing simple traditions. I didn't make the game yesterday - had the opportunity to make the trek to the ND-UVA game, and that's about as legit as a college environment as you can get. If we're wanting to get to place like that, it takes decades of creating a culture around traditions. Which again means feeding off the band, students, cheerleaders and coordinated/simple cheers. I thought it was funny - my 4yo son remarked after the game - "Daddy, I like the Notre Dame games - they aren't too loud like TCU." Why - again, we try to overcompensate by cranking up the music (and don't get me started with our band and playing through the speakers, that's just pathetic). TCU tries to make things way, way, way too difficult - color blocking, etc. If we just kept it simple with a great/loud band, simple cheers (good to see Riff Ram taking hold with the students), that goes a long way. While I'm on my rant, we also have to stop the obsession with opposing fans sitting in the TCU sections. That happens everywhere, and whining about it just makes us look small time. Every game, every college and pro environment I've ever attended has visiting fans sitting in home sections. Get over it.
  5. I don't think this offense works with GP. It did for one year - the first, and that was with a freak of a QB and WR. Otherwise, it's just not working. Oh yeah - no in and out sucks, period.
  6. Those starts are all too common against SMU - it seems like every year we're down. I would like to reverse that trend!
  7. I feel much better now - we've never had a team this big and physical in the trenches (for that matter, the secondary as well). Our passing game is a work in progress, and Smew will give us our toughest test so far, but I think we can keep their offense in check and control the game on the ground.
  8. Were gonna go inside, were gonna go outside, inside and outside. Were gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on the run were gonna keep 'em on the run. And then were gonna go go go go go go and were not gonna stop til we get across that goalline. This is a team they say is....... is good, well I think were better than them. They cant lick us, so what do you say Frogs? TCU 28 - Purdue 16
  9. I think it's a bit odd...never really seen it work before and I'm hoping we phase it out as one emerges as the leader. I definitely think it's valuable in terms of getting a guy reps, but timing is so important in the passing game.
  10. It definitely looked like we were trying out the QBs, so there was very little focus on the run game. This was about as far from a true game as possible, so I'm not putting much into it - I was hoping we would see better line play, so that was a bit disappointing but otherwise I'm not putting anything into the actual game plan. Although, I did like Duggan lining up under center at the goal line...novel concept I'd like to see more of instead of the shotgun crap with inches to go. It seems like GP wants to instill more hard-nosed football and I'm all for it, so hopefully Cumbie and Co can create an offense that works. I'm not a huge fan of the Air Raid and would much rather see us run more of a multiple offense like we did with Fuente.
  11. Why they don't do this blows my mind...those would be freaking awesome, or lit as they say these days.
  12. That's what I expected - even if Duggan was slightly ahead, it would make sense to go with the experienced guy. That being said, I'm pretty excited to see how both play, and have a feeling Duggan could be the starter by the end of the season.
  13. It's also crappy for the fans. We gain absolutely nothing from playing these schools. I would much rather replace a SWAC team with Rice, La Tech, UNT, etc...basically any D1 team that can at least field a competitive team, generate some fan interest.
  14. I know, I feel a ton better as well. I remember him having a decent arm, but I think Snyder lost his feel for offense about 15 years ago. Delton is every bit the athlete Michael Bishop was. I think Boykin was only around 55% in 2014, so the ability to throw deep and run makes a huge difference.
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