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  1. Seriously, why can't we just run something like that?
  2. They were actually pretty entertaining to watch.
  3. My guess - I think he just wants to compete and see how he stacks up. I have to admit, I’m a bit more excited about his potential seeing those throws!
  4. Refs were absolutely atrocious, and 12’s throat slash at the end deserved a T
  5. Of course, if we beat Kansas and OU this week, we’re in the big tournament.
  6. What's depressing about watching him is that I'm reminded of Boykin...such a waste.
  7. I think it's a great move by GP - turn the offense over to someone he trusts, let him run the Defense and be the CEO. We've been lacking that "old guy" presence that seems to work with GP - Winder, Bumpas, etc.
  8. It's been great the last couple of years - it's a bit of a hidden gem really, not a huge mountain, but great variety and for some reason it gets the same weather pattern as Taos - just not quite as much snow (will be getting dumped on tonight and tomorrow). Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's been a great one - got to go down the slopes with my 4yo son, fun to see him flying down on skis - takes after the Norwegian mother I suppose.
  9. Thanks! It's been a good one - spending the weekend skiing in Santa Fe. It's the big 4-0 for me this year.
  10. Clemson is the painful one, as they have a pretty decent team this year and we dominated 80% of that game...would have been a marquee OOC win.
  11. Gimmicky offenses...at some point, you have to get down to the basics of being more physical.
  12. Quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever seen.
  13. So I guess we're not making any coaching changes?
  14. Sadly enough, I would have been happy with the Idaho Potato Bowl this year!
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