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  1. It's also crappy for the fans. We gain absolutely nothing from playing these schools. I would much rather replace a SWAC team with Rice, La Tech, UNT, etc...basically any D1 team that can at least field a competitive team, generate some fan interest.
  2. I know, I feel a ton better as well. I remember him having a decent arm, but I think Snyder lost his feel for offense about 15 years ago. Delton is every bit the athlete Michael Bishop was. I think Boykin was only around 55% in 2014, so the ability to throw deep and run makes a huge difference.
  3. Damn Straight! Beer from the Monks, Wine from Jesus. It's the liquor that's sinful...and dancing.
  4. One stipulation though - no more in and out privileges. I think that's a bad move personally. For one, it's not like it will suddenly cause people to choose to stay in the game. In fact, this could potentially have a negative impact as people will definitely choose to either stay in the parking lot much later throughout the beginning of the game, or leave early as they always have, but with zero chance of coming back. While I'm the type to be crazy about being in my seats before kick-off and rarely leaving until the end, it's not the case for the remainder of my family...which makes up a decent contingency of attendees at the game - people that live locally, went to other universities and enjoy attending a few college games a year. Also, I may scale WAY back on parking - no way am I going to pay for a spot in Lot 3, where it's nice to leave and enjoy a drink at halftime with friends and family that have been in and out during the game. I really don't think it's a good idea.
  5. Getting this thread back on track - from my point of view, the "chip" started in 1998 - total transformation of the program, and we continued to progress. There were phases, but each one got us closer to an elite level. There are too many to name, but my chipness reads as (defined as talented, overlooked, over-performed, or just nasty): Reggie Hunt (would absolutely light people up), Jason Goss, LT, Jason Phillips, Stephen Hodge, Tank, Robert Henson, Daryl Washington, David Hawthorne, George Layne, Batteaux, Doctson, Jeff Ballard, Dalton, Kerley, Jimmy Young, Bart Johnson, etc. I'm clearly leaving out way too many people, particularly OL and DL...but I think the point of it is going back to way beyond the Big 12 years and realizing we had some amazing players that were counted out because we weren't "big time". I love the message...let's get this season started.
  6. So true...if we were OU, he's immediately eligible.
  7. Thoughts: Absolute physical freak. Man, that's awful football Pretzels, Beer and Schnitzel for All!
  8. It's a disaster at this point...current admin has some growing up to do.
  9. As long as it's not a bagel, particularly with cream cheese, you'd probably be OK...but glad CDC too precaution.
  10. I started to get the feeling over the course of last season that he can't seem to accept responsibility...doesn't want to hear no, nothing is ever his fault.
  11. Font for the numbers is horrible.
  12. Go 'Hoos!!! I just can't find myself rooting for Tceh. Plus, I made the trek to the game with my UVA-grad father in law.
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