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  1. Hello, everyone! Christie here (Old Scribe's daughter). Your comments have brought such great comfort to me and to my mother. Let me assure you that she never thought of you all as "imaginary friends." He talked about you with such glee. Froghorn really was a home away from home. I thought I would let you know that the visitation was very "Pat." We had big band music playing in the background, TCU caps scattered throughout the room, and enlarged copies of several of his columns positioned so guests could read them comfortably. There were also pictures of Old Scribe in his favorite vacation spot, Maine, and with my daughter, Katie, through the years. I hope you can see the picture below! My very, very best, Christie Truly (Old Scribe's daughter)
  2. Dear Friends, It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that my father, Old Scribe, passed away yesterday morning. He delighted so much in this forum and told me so many stories about you all. The TCU gnome that he "won" (and which made its way across the country) has pride of place just inside the front door! There will be a memorial visitation on Thursday, December 22, from 2-4 p.m. at Thompson's Harveson Cole funeral home in Fort Worth. The address is 702 8th Avenue. Most sincerely, Christie Truly
  3. Back in the 1960s Tommy Mercer started a minor league pro football team here....John Hadley may coached it.....didn't last long, for many reasons. Can't remember what the team's name was.
  4. Not so sure this team is better than 2013. And without a miracle I'm really worried about next year. Miracle could include finding a QB other than Hill and some changes in offensive ideas.
  5. indeed so! It is very good, and Laurie is different...
  6. Yes. Republicans may have as much trouble with Trump ideas as Democrats. His worst enemy is his mouth.
  7. I'm glad to have Aloha's perspective on this stuff. I'm part of the WWII generation that still is getting over issues from that era..
  8. maybe we need an affordable care act that actually makes care affordable. And accessible. Work that out and THEN repeal the one we have.
  9. I have some Baylor-ex friends, and I feel for them. They are not the loonies on forums, just well-adjusted, successful folks with a true feeling for their alma mater. They,like those BU athletes and students who AREN'T involved in any of this mess, are injured and do not deserve it.
  10. I'm struggling. But at least I feel better than Clemson, Washington and Michigan.
  11. Obit today for Dale Glasscock, good Frog end back in 1959-61. last time I saw Dale was either at the 84 bluebonnet bowl or at the heart o texas golf course near Temple. He was a toughie.
  12. I'm older....discovered when this news broke that I liked some songs he had written. But I also could not recall ever hearing of him. Sic semper gloria.
  13. Naw. Army hasn't been the same since Blanchard and Davis departed....only the mule stayed.
  14. but why it is not on tv in fort worth, texas, as promised?
  15. I am torn wondering if we saw the real Frogs last week. If so, good chance to win the next three. If not, maybe one more to get bowl eligible. Tossed my lucky coin and...zounds! 2 TD win over OSU, nip Texas on, yes, a field goal, and then beat Kstate in the all-purple bowl. Bring on LSU or Aglets.
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