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  1. Well that 1st quarter was bad. They do know how to tackle right?
  2. Kinda like the idea of Dykes staying at SMU for awhile. Would like to see that a more competitive rivalry since we play them regularly.
  3. Why did UT take a timeout with 5 sec left? At least that is what game cast showed.
  4. Which football games would you rather watch? Conference A 19-13 66-3 52-0 50-7 38-0 or Conference B 24-3 24-10 20-13 - winning team was losing at the end of 3rd quarter 41-31 - winning team was losing at the end of 3rd quarter
  5. Of course this thread is actually pretty good. https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/56960
  6. Ok, rough few weeks, but I was reading Baylor Fans and I was agreeing with these people and felt better. They mirror my thoughts (though nothing to do with football, but the sidetrack) Epstein has a good video. https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/56557
  7. I fear OU will try to start being impressive in their wins to gain votes with the committee to be ahead of Oregon/Utah. It has potential to get ugly if we cannot contain them. If we can get a good plan and execute it, anything can happen with this team.
  8. Random Factoid 2: With only 2 weeks left in the regular season, it is still possible for there to be a 5 way tie for first place in the Big 12 at 6-3. Iowa St, Ok St, and Texas win out, plus Baylor loses to Texas and Kansas (icing on the cake), and OU loses to TCU and Ok St rivalry.
  9. Fun day of football, though it was mostly checking scores online. Random factoid: 3 of the 5 Big 12 home teams scored exactly 31 points today.
  10. I will wait for more details on the pay for athletes before deciding how bad it will be. It has potential to knock the sport back to pre-scholarship limits if done wrong, which I expect it will be. I am completely against open pay for recruiting and do not see the NCAA doing much to prevent it.
  11. Came across an interesting stat article. Wow, that was hard to type. (notice the web site) https://sicem365.com/s/5458/s11-a-statistical-overview-of-the-big-12-through-week-eight
  12. Looks like I picked the right game to make it out to FW for my second game of the season. The drive home wasn't too bad. Never did figure out why Herman was constantly complaining to the refs. Don't know if TV mentioned it or not.
  13. A win over Texas could make the season, but a loss to BU would destroy anything.
  14. I like the uniform. A little shake up is good right now, and I think the red is what we need in the mindset.
  15. Don't know if good luck or not: https://www.espn.com/college-football/scoreboard/_/year/2019/seasontype/2/week/8 Top twitter feed about Musberger right now at least, look if the opening shot looks familiar https://twitter.com/ESPNCFB/status/1184948790710587393/video/1
  16. Astros game now at night so doesn't look to be a conflict. Aside from the channel though, many sports bars in Houston would not have turned on the TCU game even with the channel. They would insist on the Astros being on every TV in the place even if the one right next to it was just as easily seen.
  17. For some light reading. The ISU perspective: https://www.cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/staff-picks-iowa-state-vs-tcu.251398/
  18. I am feeling good about Iowa St, but also K St, Tech and Baylor. I think the team is starting to come together some. There will still be some inconsistencies and some losses most likely, but not as bad as it appeared right after SMU.
  19. Looking forward to the game and a possible frog victory, though I think many of their fans are still expecting an easy win for ISU.
  20. Looking at the weather forecast. 61 degrees and wet for Saturday in Iowa. Not sure if that will help or hurt. Our D should have a good day with it, but the Frog offense may be better off not attempting to pass much. Also need to practice not fumbling a wet football.
  21. Week 5 bowl projections: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27727342/college-football-bowl-projections-week-5 Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas BowlNRG Stadium, Houston Dec. 27, 6:45 p.m., ESPNBonagura: Texas A&M vs. Kansas StateSchlabach: TCU vs. Texas A&M Cheez-It BowlChase Field, Phoenix Dec. 27, 10:15 p.m., ESPNBonagura: Washington State vs. TCUSchlabach: Iowa State vs. USC
  22. http://www.winsipedia.com/tcu/vs/iowa-state
  23. If I had a local betting place, I would take TCU.
  24. Quick look up. All the one loss teams lost to a team ranked higher than SMU except 3. Their losses were to USC, Pitt and Cal. I did not check team receiving votes, our loss is probably to a team better than many of those.
  25. Hope not, because they would be an undefeated team that would have beaten a 12-1 Big 12 champ. A perfect excuse to put them in the CFI over us, or as an excuse to leave us both out for a third SEC team. They need to finish with 2 losses.
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