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  1. SMU is better than the public gives them credit for, but no poll until we hit 10 wins.
  2. I am now officially in the fire Cumbie boat. Get rid of him. I heard Meachum is looking for work, or see if we can bring the OC from Army, and just not pass the rest of the year.
  3. The USC-Utah game was entertaining, I just didn't get to see the end till I check scores today. Looks like Iowa St has something figured out, up 55-20 in the 4th.
  4. Funny because I might be at Twin Peaks. Most of the mountains there are small too.
  5. Finishing up some things at home, then I need to figure out which sports bar to watch the game at.
  6. You left off all the FCS teams... Seriously, hope we can skip the FCS team next year, that is the one game I wish would go away. I don't remember if the Cal game was home or away, but if away, then from the list add homes with UCF and either Southern Miss or Old Dominion. If the Cal game is home, then go to Virginia Tech.
  7. I disagree. For college ball there are still rivalries and traditions that should be upheld. This series has been going on for a century and has had many great games. Our 1-11 season under Sullivan with our 1 win knocking the ponies out of a bowl was great. They also didn't drop us in the 70s. I don't mind if we went to every other year with the home and home, then mix in UH, Rice or UNT in the between years. As to the home only - STFU. That is elitist speak reserved for A&M and Bama losers, and we aren't them. Stay humble and remember that TCU could still end up back in another conference should the Big 12 implode or the top 20 blue bloods take their money ball and go away.
  8. I do like the 40-13 score prediction part. I think the D has something to prove this year, and the guys to prove it.
  9. I hope you are not working in the financial industry or a numbers based job. ☺️
  10. https://gofrogs.com/schedule.aspx?path=football Scroll to the big banner. It only takes you to the general ticket p[age without any extra info which is why I am confused on it.
  11. Saw on the Gofrogs football page, they are offering a mini plan for the UT, BU, and WVU games. Sucks because it works out to $50 per game which is the same per game that full season ticket holders paid for APB, SMU and Kansas. Maybe I should have just picked up mini plans each season.
  12. The bad part was closer to Beaumont, and some rain totals were as much as Harvey in those spots. North of Houston with Kingwood and Conroe were bad as well, but it is already draining away so 1 day vs week+ of water. Just have to hear if the buildings were damaged in Kingwood, that would be bad. It got me Thursday and Friday off of work. Thursday job was up in Kingwood so that was good I did not have to drive there in my little car.
  13. FYI, After this weekends games, TCU is now #2 in fewest yards per game allowed at 210.
  14. Now if I can just get that to work on the dating scene....
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