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  1. Endless Purple

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    good clarification on it.
  2. Endless Purple

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Are they sending out a renewal packet in the mail? I unsubscribed to marketing e-mails and that means they will not send me renewal emails then.
  3. Endless Purple

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    Football question to refresh my memory. Back when the NCAA agreed to allow championship games with 10 team conferences, I thought the Big 10 added a rule that you could have the game but not two divisions with only 10 teams. Was this correct and why the Big 12 must have one division with the top 2 team splaying in the title game?
  4. Can understand that. It is why I don't hate UT. Don't root for them, but don't hate them. I do like to root against SEC teams including Arkansas and esp A&M.
  5. And Tech on to the loser's bracket. Hope they can beat Florida tomorrow. 3 of the final 4 from the SEC would be lame.
  6. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    Good info on gas, though I would probably get confused if someone walked up and started pumping my gas. Luckily, I am being picked up in Portland. Won't be renting a car until I get to the coast. Rental place north of Manzanita in a city near the Washington border.
  7. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    I never use a phone in a moving car if I'm the one driving. The second part reminds me of JSC and Kennedy. At Johnson Space Center, the drivers are very good about stopping if someone even looks like they are about to cross the road. Very friendly and safe. Then I go to Kennedy, and the drivers speed up so as to not have to wait. A funny difference in the two that can be dangerous for those visiting from Texas.
  8. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    I was thinking doing eating and stuff with Tillamook, then just take the long way back for some quick sunset photos at Oceanside.
  9. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    I really only have Monday - Thursday to do stuff with Monday and Wednesday already being planned out. My big questions is really just about the forest areas like they would have up in Washington - big trees, ferns, creeks and small bridges. I just don't want to drive hours and hours for pics. I also am happy to hike. I will bring a long lens as I had not thought about whales or eagles. The aquarium sounds interesting and fun. I have gotten pretty good at google view to see coastlines for rocky outcrops that might do well. Big sand is really better when you have a model to photograph. Landscape beaches are better with rocks, IMO. Plus the people I am going to visit have their summer house in Manzanita so they know the beaches pretty well. Will keep the tsunami issue in mind.
  10. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    I will look for updates. Don't fly out there till Sunday. Next Wednesday, they had the Tillamook Cheese Factory penciled in. So that day may be busy: I want to do a moon set photo at Cannon Beach that morning, Tillamook in the afternoon, then sunset pics at Oceanside park that night - might be a bit aggressive for the day, but seems like it should time out about right. I will also look into the forest area there, and will check back here for any updates.
  11. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    Peaceful looking place.
  12. Endless Purple

    The "Other Site"

    Yep as Tcudoc posted. Wes is a good guy, he sent some chocolate samples for my truffles, many years back. I would occasionally check in but the video ads are so bad, they lock up my phone or browser. Auto-play videos are the work of the devil.
  13. Endless Purple

    Oregon Question

    I know there is at least one well qualified person on this site to ask. I will be in NW Oregon next week with my camera. I already have plans for various beach locations so that is covered. However, I was looking at images up in Washington of the national park with the forest and little streams and bridges. I was curious if there were some good spots like that in Oregon that would be easy to visit one or two afternoons while out there?
  14. Endless Purple

    New revenue reports coming out

    Is the ACC network even up and running yet. It sounded like they were just announcing one carrier in the article. Also wasn't there a deadline for it to be up without voiding the rights agreements of the schools in the ACC?
  15. Endless Purple

    TCU Tennis 2017-18

    FYI, I still check in on this thread even if not always logged in or replying. Good info about current and past frogs.