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  1. TCU laying siege to OU now

    Tech might lose next week, but I think OSU and OU play before we play OU.
  2. 2017 Frog Horn Poll

    Just a follow up. I did not get the commitments for voters to be available this year, so I will not be running the poll. Perhaps next season we will have time to put into evaluating teams and bring the poll back. We do have Dushee though, right?
  3. Week 4 Games

    A couple of close losses by Big 12 teams this year in OOC. I keep thinking the Big 12 will have a good bowl season.
  4. Week 4 Games

    Wish Iowa St had finished off that game with Iowa.
  5. Week 4 Games

    Rooting for OU to pull it out with a decent margin. Need to have the OU schools ranked high with TCU for the conference champ to get into the playoff. Plus rooting for BU in any conference game is a no go.
  6. Great win Frogs. I like what I see on both sides of the ball. Esp, like seeing a GP defense on the field.
  7. Happy Birthday, crunch!

    Happy Birthday. Looks to be a good day.
  8. Wonder what channel the game will be on at the start. With A&M - Arky only starting 3 1/2 hours before, I don't think it will be over before ours begins. Even with Arky blowing out A&M, they wont switch over till that one ends.
  9. As I tend to do, I was reading the opponents board. They have a tailgate thread and I found the 2nd post to be quite informative. https://www.orangepower.com/threads/orange-power-tailgate-2017-tcu-horned-frog-edition.236843/ PS. Glad this is not a prime time game - night game in Stillwater would not be my first choice as we seem to be doing pretty good in our 2:30 starts.
  10. Eric Hyman throws A&M under the bus

    The aggie perspective. I almost thought I was on the sic-em site. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/2886610
  11. 2017 Frog Horn Poll

    Got Jared in and Mercenary Librarian can fill one of the spots for those from last year that can't do it this year. PM or reply for the rest.
  12. 2017 Frog Horn Poll

    Sorry, I've busy lately. Harvey had an impact on my work schedule. It will be a very busy fall for me as class schedules were completely up in the air and changed around. I can get the poll going this year. The idea is for the first votes to be after this upcoming weekend of games. 4 weeks should give a good idea on where teams should start. I do need confirmation for voters. Ideally, I would like 5 additional voters beyond myself (I believe aloha has already commented in the other thread, but can confirm here). With this fall being tight, I need voters who will be confident in getting me votes in by 3pm on Mondays so I can get the votes tallied and posted either Monday night or Tuesday afternoon. I will give priority to previous voters for continuity sake, but I know some were tied up with work and issues to be able to get in votes easily, so I understand if some can't commit - hopefully all can.
  13. AP Top 25

    Thanks for bringing it up. I was planning on the first vote being after the next weekend games. I've just been so busy I haven't been able to do much. I will start a thread on it.
  14. AP Top 25

    Hopefully, if the winner is left out without good reason, then they will not hold the CCG next year.
  15. AP Top 25

    That is a spot or two higher than I was expecting for this week. A win this coming Saturday will add a big jump, and a loss may still have us in the top 25. Personally, if TCU were to lose 1 to OSU, I would rather it be this week than in the CCG (if the Frogs were to get that far).