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  1. So everyone doesn't forget, the baseball team is not the only frog team in action today. Men's golf has round 2 of the NCAA championships today. Round 1 sucked finishing at +23 and tied for 24th place out of 30. The good news is that Baylor is 29th. Ok St is in first. With the start of the second round today, Ok St has jumped to a big lead over everyone else. Frogs don't start today until later this afternoon.
  2. At least next year we know you will have to schedule your work differently.
  3. Wish they would have set up rules to call it after 7 if the rain came in. Hopefully they at least suspend play for the night and send the players to the hotels soon. Would really suck for both teams to keep the players there until midnight and then decide to finish in the morning. Finishing the game either way, and you might as well just agree OSU will win tomorrow at least once.
  4. Tennis season is over for TCU.
  5. This thread is aptly named but He's Back. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2019/05/24/ex-baylor-footballhead-coach-art-briles-hired-mount-vernon-high-school http://www.mtvernonisd.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_396603/File/Briles Press Release.pdf
  6. Does every game follow the on the next day or are there breaks / days off between quarters, semis and the final? Think this was asked before, but what is no-ad?
  7. Have to disagree. A big difference in a good team and not so good team is mental. I think we would have pulled out one or two more wins if we had beaten Ohio St. That game broke some mental aspects of several players. Though the bowl game may have ended differently. I think either way we would be at the same place QB wise as we are now, since SR was not pulled after Ohio St anyway. That said, I am happy with our incoming QBs, a couple I think are game changers.
  8. I can imagine. I was out at a sports bar watching the game. Would have liked to have heard if the commentators said anything at that time.
  9. I stopped thinking SR was a good player right after his interception vs Ohio St. Not because of the int, but because right after the camera showed him laughing and joking around like it didn't mean anything. He had no desire to prove himself and win, just run out and play a game and expect to be a king. As far as alleging mistreatment, if it gets refused and shown to be false, he should be forced to join the marines for a couple years. Then he might learn what it means to be a grown up.
  10. Wow, completely forgot about this thread. Luckily, I recently finished up a test of some different shave creams (not the stuff in a can). Some of the highlights: Top ones: Truefitt & Hill: Sandalwood - rich lather with a smooth shave that did not leave me greasy D.R. Harris - also good lather and smooth shave (scents were nice but I simply liked the style of others better, these were a little too clean. Speick: Active - was a refreshing scent Piccadilly: Sandalwood - as with all the top ones, it was a smooth rich lather w/o greasy afterwards. More of a woody scent than other sandalwoods. LA Shave Soap Co: Vanilla/Eucalyptus/Mint - refreshing scent that was more invigorating than most Avoid: Chiseled Face, Barrister & Mann, Captain's Choice, Stirling - all were just not that good
  11. Not sure where to share this, but since it involves sports fandom, here seems good. Let me start by saying I hate rude and dangerous drivers. I was driving to work the other day along an average city street (35 mph). Flying up behind was a dark Tahoe in the lane next to me until he was about 2-3 ft off the bumper of the car in front. Caught up at the light to see he was doing this while on his cel phone. Light changed and he locked right up on the bumper until he could cut around into other lanes and proceed on to the next bumper. He weaved back and forth from bumper to bumper, very close to some, all while enjoying his texts. I had a clear lane and caught myself speeding to catch up and find out where he was going. Luckily I caught myself as I got close to work and turned off for the campus. The main point here is that yes, I wanted to knock some sense into him for putting all those people at risk. I drive a small car, so when people are in larger vehicles and do not pay attention to the greater damage they can do, it is very frustrating. That said, the first thing I would have done would not have been to lay him out. It would have been to rip the TCU sticker off his back window.
  12. I just do not understand why people do these things when they have such high stakes on it for their future. I can understand believing the laws aren't right, but then work to change them not ignore them.
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