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  1. Hope they evaluate all the aspects and repercussions with a spring football season. Can't imagine that the TV revenue wouldn't get hit hard because of it. Push football back, what do you do with basketball on TV. There are only so many prime time slots, so to show football you have to cancel basketball. Then you lose basketball revenue. Might be better to take the hit on lost attendance than the basketball and march madness income loss. Players not being conditioned is not an unfair advantage if all teams are unconditioned. Plus if the players are not full strength, injuries could go down from softer hits. Not to mention having a baseball game on a football Saturday. Only those with football parking passes will be able to get to the baseball game as those lots are sold for football. Spring football would need a lot of other compromises or changes to other sports.
  2. IF all OOC games are wins, then there is only 1 win too many in that list
  3. 80 pages long and it still feels wrong reading this thread when I am not in the bathroom.
  4. I wonder what this will do to ESPN without live sports programming? Can't imagine advertisers will pay premium dollar for their talk shows to run extended times (or worse reruns).
  5. I think that applies to everyone. I would take 3-4 days of severe flu symptoms to avoid losing thousands in income and running up credit card debt that could take years to pay off. I would take a week of severe flu symptoms to have friends avoid losing thousands in income and running up credit card debt that could take years to pay off.
  6. I completely disagree with this. We are always at risk of getting the flu, but we don't shut our lives down, we drive cars and could get hit by a red light runner and we don't shut our lives down, yes, we all can get sick, but spending all your actions over worrying will cause everyone to die from stress related heart attacks and things. Living a responsible life is a far better option. PS. I have a good friend with immune disorders that can die from the flu very easily and doesn't shut his life down. Just takes proper precautions. But to the original statement. If they are at work alone or at home without work - less likely to get sick from someone else. They are more likely to get sick going somewhere else that the people are at.
  7. I am tired of the extreme overreactions. Right now I only feel bad for the victims of the idiots out there. The people that were to work the events, that wont get paid. The waitresses and waiters that would have worked the restaurant crowds that lose out on tips, the hotel staff that comes in for part time work during busy times. These people don't have to worry about getting sick now, but who will pay their rent, their food, their car bills, etc...
  8. Some of those small tournaments are cancelling.
  9. I like my classes. One school is only a week from their quarterly break - so hopefully they keep the final classes, converting for a week can be a pain. The other I teach at, has not said anything yet, but teaching graphic design classes online is really really tough, and not beneficial for the students. As far as taking my classes, I prefer to go to class, because they will just transfer them all to zoom, and I can't follow along well so it is a waste of my time. So YES, INTERNET NEEDS TO CRASH.
  10. Hope they lift the spectator ban before the baseball season ends. I had hoped to drive up for a game.
  11. Kinda glad the men's basketball season has ended. Assuming no postseason for them, but I guess never know until the brackets are announced.
  12. So is this going to break the internet? If people can't attend games and they have to stream them all, I am hoping to see the internet go down too. (PS. Don't kill my fantasy with facts)
  13. Lady Frog basketball - check Baseball - check Men's basketball - trying to hold on for the last two minutes
  14. Guess this is what they mean by multitasking
  15. Luckily at home - one screen with live stats for baseball, one screen for live stats with men's basketball, and KTCU streaming with women's basketball. Confusing, but at least I can catch all three without taking the whole day.
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