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  1. Good to know - 5 pm. Wasn't expecting it to be on CBS, I may watch part of it. As far as most things committee based, I just watch with little expectations in either direction.
  2. When do they announce brackets? tonight after the last championships or tomorrow? Also do any of these predictors know how the new ranking system the committee uses is going to work or are they basing everything off the past systems? disclaimer: I know just enough about March Madness to ask questions without really knowing what is a good question.
  3. Unless your Biggio. I think he acted like it was good or at least seemed to want it.
  4. Go Frogs showing the win over Pepperdine 6-1 AND a win over LM 6-0.
  5. Made the mistake of checking on the Saturday night game score. Frogs down 10-0.....through 3 innings.
  6. TCU gets the 8 seed and will play OSU on Wed at 6pm.
  7. Wonderful, Congrats ladies. Now go win the overall.
  8. Sad news indeed. Noticed on the other site, wes was mentioned he posted there though not much recently.
  9. I may be one of the few from reading around various boards, but I have no problem with how CJS played his pitchers in the 9th. Get the freshman some practice in Minute Maid for a couple pitches then try someone else while we have a large lead and only need one out. There really isn't a better time to give other pitchers a chance this early in the season before conference play begins. Luckily I saw the end. I forgot all about having an afternoon game - actually lost track it was Friday.
  10. I think I would prefer a 10 seed over an 8/9 spot. 8/9 gets a #1 in round 2. A 10 has to get past a 7 seed but also gets a 2 seed. Plus it seems that at least one 2 seed is upset every year so a chance at a 15 seed.
  11. I would feel more comfortable had the Frogs not lost those last games to the OK schools.
  12. I always like to see past frogs (both players and lower level coaches who get promoted) in the coaching ranks.
  13. Spoiler Alert: Frogs win 4-3
  14. I'm going with the first one on TurkVision being the real one. Though lots of really good choices.
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