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  1. That absolutely sucks. If play on the field counted, you would have had a nice chunk of change to play with.
  2. Now that Mississippi has sports betting, I had a chance to stop by Biloxi and place a bet on the Frogs to win it all. It was interesting, and somewhat disappointing from a betting stand point. The Frogs opened in January at the casino as 300 to 1 odds, but by late June were down to 75 to 1. They were the only team with that big of a change/improvement to their odds. Had I been earlier in the year, there would have been a significantly better payout. Of course the Frogs would have to win it all for any payout. Ok St and Iowa St both went from 200 to 1 in January to 300 to 1 now. Baylor and Kansas St both went from 300 to 1 to now 500 to 1.
  3. Well that was a thoroughly uninspiring way to end the season. Looking off to football season now. It looks like I will have to start to keep up with multiple teams this fall.
  4. Hope so. 1 run in 18 innings would not be good against a team that isn't as great as they think they are.
  5. Out of the night games tonight, the schedule no longer shows ESPN3 in Fayetteville. 4 of the night games still have ESPN3 listed, so I am guessing ours may be up for another channel possibility. Edit: Looks like ESPNU tonight assuming it doesn't get rained out.
  6. I don't think the Eers realize what they have done to all normal people in this state when it comes to aggies talking on and on.
  7. For some TCU news.... I was looking at the 3 starters thrown against the Frogs so far. Cal: Jared Horn with a 1.82 era Arky: Isaiah Campbell with a 2.27 era C Conn St: Mike Appel with a 2.31 era Those are three good pitchers to go against. I think the Frogs have done well considering those numbers. Keep up the good work.
  8. Would not have guessed an hour ago that WVU would be the first Big 12 team out. Though I am not sure the exact time of games ending between Baylor and WVU.
  9. Hopefully we have a good recruit coming in that can field but may not be the best hitter. That way they make it on campus and not go straight to the minors.
  10. Some numbers: 7 three seeds are in the winners bracket. 8 one seeds are in the winners bracket. Not that big of a difference. Plus 1 two and four seed each. There is a 3 and 4 seed in Greenville still, thus the 17 teams. 6 SEC teams and 2 Big 12 teams are in winners bracket. Also about 5 teams from the smaller conferences
  11. Just got home so just going through the numbers. Looks like they are starting a guy that is normally in the pen with a good 2.31 era, and we got 2 runs early. That is a good sign.
  12. Their stat page is limited on their site, but a high team ERA for the season. I like TCU going for the tournament win and not just the next game win with our pitching. http://www.ccsubluedevils.com/sports/bsb/2018-19/teams/centralconnst?view=splits&pos=p I think TCU can win out in a hitters match up. It is not a given though as they did make the tournament and knocked Cal out.
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