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  1. Endless Purple

    Meacham fired by KU

    You think correctly. I had to look at numbers. Kansas has scored 22 or more points 5 times this year (out of 6 games). The last time they scored 22 points or more 5 times in a season was 2012 and that was for the whole season.
  2. Endless Purple

    AP Poll

    I'm waiting to see Penn St win out and ND, Clemson, WVU and Washington to pick up a loss in the second half. Alabama, Georgia, Ohio St, Penn St. for record low viewing ratings west of the Mississippi.
  3. Endless Purple

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    It will be an interesting race to the end for the Big 12. WVU can take it. UT has shown they are here to compete this year. OU is still OU. I think the Frogs have the talent, just have to fix the mistakes.
  4. Endless Purple

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    Rooting for UT today and a rematch in the title game. If Frogs can make the conference title game, it means they figured out the TO issue. The hype a winning UT will get will promote the conference as ESPN will shout how great UT is.
  5. Endless Purple

    Week 3 Games

    I feel bad for anyone that picked the under on the Tech- UH game, and I have no idea what it even was.
  6. Endless Purple

    Week 3 Games

    Happy BYU beat Wisky I like that LSU beat Auburn, but probably not the best choice for TCU or Big 12 teams. With the close score they can just move LSU up and not drop Auburn. Wish SMU could have gotten one last TD in to close the margin of victory.
  7. Endless Purple

    Week 3 Games

    Scott Frost not having a good homecoming.
  8. Endless Purple

    Week 3 Games

    FYI: Kansas has scored 55 on Rutgers so far. Ohio St scored 52.
  9. Endless Purple

    Interesting data from football study hall- maybe we can figure this out

    Have to consider field position from the offensive point of view. If you are between opponents 40-50 and turn over on downs, it is 2.02 points allowed. But if you punt, the opponent then gets the ball inside their 30 and the punt points is 1.85 which is still better than the turn over on downs from 40-50. If you are inside their 30, try the field goal or go for it as that will be better than the punt.
  10. Endless Purple

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    Isn't this about where it was preseason?
  11. Endless Purple

    Week 2

    Try looking at some of the quotes in this thread on new coaches. http://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/topic/4337-who-are-your-top-3-realistic-choices-to-replace-herman/
  12. Endless Purple

    AP Poll

    TCU at 15 in AP poll 14 in coaches
  13. Endless Purple

    Week 2

    Week 2 earned TCU a bump of 2 places in the coaches poll. TCU #14. WVU is 15
  14. Endless Purple

    Week 2

    Well Big 12 seems to have a hard time this year vs other big conferences. We will here how the Big 12 is the worst conference all season (or at least shared bottom with the PAC). My guess is the champion will have to go undefeated to make the CFI. If they do, I think they win it though.
  15. Endless Purple

    Week 2

    Someone needs to catch that last clip of the two OU guys jumping up and down together right after their 4th TD. Must catch the look of the one that slowly stops then looks around. I don't have it recorded.