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  1. Here's how Jamie has done so far: TCU Horned Frogs (Big 12 Conference) (2016–present) 2016–17 TCU 24–15 6–12 T–7th NIT Champions 2017–18 TCU 21–12 9–9 5th NCAA Division I Round of 64 2018–19 TCU 23–14 7–11 T–7th NIT Semifinal 2019-20 TCU 16–16 7–11 T–7th TCU: 84–57 (.596) 29–43 (.403) Never over .500 in Big12 play. This year was definitely a step back. Losing 3 seniors, all 3 in our top 5 producers (30.3ppg or ~46% of our productivity). Only 1 upcoming senior for next year (but at 2mins per game, he's a non factor), so it should be interesting with so many underclassmen. 2021-22 season should be strong if he holds onto enough players.
  2. MBB looked rough tonight. Started off going down 25-8. final K-State wins 53-49.
  3. Salty Lady is a winner. Pickles are the work of the debil. God plagued us with them, right before Locusts and right after Hail and Fire.
  4. Damn. After reading the rest of this thread, I wished those storms rolled in when I asked.
  5. How many innings have to be played before they can call a complete game (when stopped due to whether), opposed to pausing and restarting at x inning at a later date?
  6. Air Force coming out strong with their schedule announcement. Go Zoomies
  7. I was only able to stomach few minutes of the debate. I turned it on at the wrong time, where Bloomberg preached about how great stop and frisk is,before it made me ill His rationalization of a disgusting and unconstitutional practice made me turn it off before it ruined my night.
  8. They look normal to me on pc and iphone (both Chrome)
  9. Welcome TL! I don't really follow baseball until we make the CWS, so I'm glad to have guys like you keeping me updated.
  10. Heard that with the bad weather, practices were moved indoors. LSU got to use the Saints indoor practice facility. Clemson got the hotel ballroom. Feels like the Louisiana home cooking is stewing pretty well.
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