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  1. $mooth

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    What’s the story with the green ties on the coaching staff?
  2. $mooth


    Try shaving a sunburnt head! Only place I’ve had a sunburn in my life. Ouch!
  3. $mooth


    The double edge razor gives me the closest shave of anything i've tried, but when I'm in a hurry, i'm much more likely to cut my head (and when I did, it would be bad!). It's never given me trouble on my face, though. I started with the Gillette fusion. When shaving my head, the blades didn't last very long (I remember less than 2 weeks, shaving every other day). The Dorco seems to last about a month, and are cheaper per cartridge. BTW, if you can get comfortable shaving your head without a mirror, shaving in the shower is so much easier and less clean up after.
  4. $mooth


    Way to go, buddy. It feels great, but I had "phantom" hair for about a year (where I kept feeling like it was out of place). I've switched to a Dorco 7 blade, but still use the badger hair brush and the Taylor of Old Bond Street cream.
  5. $mooth

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Not looking so hot in Lubbock. Down 43-27 at the half.
  6. I started using an app called HiYa last summer. It does a pretty good job automatically sending spam calls to voicemail so my phone doesn't even ring. The app took out 90% of the junk calls. It essentially crowd sources the spam numbers and lets you include filtering out any neighboring numbers.
  7. 2 questions. Is this a BJ Catalon relative? and #5, really???
  8. $mooth

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    There could always be other things at play, too. Risk of injury. Not seeing a good fit for transferring. Family needs/finance. Jumping early wouldn't be my choice, but hard to question what is going on in his world.
  9. $mooth

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Looked off to me too. Looked like a very warm color from the lights. I’m guessing it was the cameras.
  10. $mooth

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    The day after our new uniforms are revealed.
  11. $mooth

    ¡2018 Bowl Thread!

    Georgia D is looking slow so far. Not sure if UT is just faster or UGA is out of position. Also missing a lot on the first tackles giving UT extra yards. Didn’t see it starting out this way.
  12. $mooth

    ¡2018 Bowl Thread!

    The pick 6 by UCF looked like it should’ve been a PI too. Looks like the no calls went both ways.
  13. $mooth

    ¡2018 Bowl Thread!

    The first hit on the QB was clean. If you want to become a defender and go for the tackle, you better be ready to get blocked hard.
  14. $mooth

    Christmas Presents

    Best gift given (as judged by the recipient’s reaction) - a gemstone mining kit for my niece. Best gifts received so far (according to my kids) - a maze sphere and a giant Chewbacca.
  15. $mooth

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    What brand did you go with? 8" and 5" Chef knives? or did you get a filet or pairing?