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  1. #$%@ censor is meant to be smarter than that.
  2. keep in mind that Kansas had about the same yards of offense in the first quarter against OU than they had the whole game against TCU. So it was well beyond just KU making us look good.
  3. Iowa State coming in with the Black and White.
  4. Game watching party is always at Westwood Gastropub. Decent venue, I haven't watched any games there, though. https://goo.gl/maps/C1giguh6WSq47vX37
  5. Add in the families that want to attend and it gets a lot harder. I could suck it up easily in my 20s. In my 30s, it's not horrible by myself, but with kids in tow, it's just not feasible for more than a half.
  6. Just great. Traffic was bad enough, now I have to worry about aliens, too.
  7. definitely weird for us. I wonder if he just really wanted to reward Collins.
  8. Thanks y’all. Despite the game, had a great bday with my family going way above and beyond. For The past many years, I’ve had to do all the effort (get myself presents for the kids to give me, buy/make myself dinner, etc); so this year feels incredible. My Fiancé is amazing and my parents hosted a big gathering. it’s crazy how good it feels to celebrate this year. (My apologies for being sappy)
  9. I like the idea of having the opposing band out of the way. As someone who had seats on the lower level next to the students, the opposing bands would often drown out our own. Plus, those were great seats that should go to more TCU fans rather than having our people go up a level or two.
  10. These unis were fire on TV. Clean. Sharp. 🔥🔥🔥
  11. Alexa-remind me to clear the chat logs after each game.
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