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  1. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, RSK!

    Happy Birthday, Killa!
  2. $mooth

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    Spain got the shaft on that late no call in the box. Their attacker got wrapped up and brought to the ground with a clear path to a header.
  3. $mooth

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    Didn't help them win, but...
  4. $mooth

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    Mexico with the upset! 1-0. Well played.
  5. $mooth

    God save us....

    Right to Try act signed. http://righttotry.org/president-trump-signs-right-to-try-act-into-law/ Great move by Congress and the Executive Office here. This one hits close as the family of someone I went to high school with has been fighting for this since before her death at age 21. While she was terminally, there was a developmental drug that had a chance at saving her life, however, she was not able to gain access to it. 2 days shy of 17 years later, but late progress is better than none.
  6. $mooth

    God save us....

  7. $mooth

    God save us....

    Disney Sympathizer....
  8. $mooth

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Theres a few hours there. You can find someone to take the kids to school. Or come back and pick them up. At 17 & 15, they should be able to get themselves ready.
  9. $mooth

    Listenbee is suing TCU, GP, and Big 12

    He may have a better case that we shouldn’t have admitted him on academic standards.
  10. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, Duquesne Frog!

    Happy Birthday, brother. I still look fondly on that summer night we had in Tiajuana.
  11. $mooth

    TCU to begin selling beer at Lupton Stadium

    That's how I feel. I don't drink around anything important, because its too much of a distraction. If I like a sport enough to watch it, I don't want anything to distract me from it. Even if we're playing poorly. I don't have a problem with those who do drink. just keep it in moderation.
  12. $mooth

    God save us....

    Looks great. I don't understand why there needs to be borders when it comes to fashion. I really don't see why people care. As someone of Indian descent, I think its great when people of other races wear a Nehru suit or a Sari. It promotes that culture; I don't see it as a negative. But, in fairness, I don't understand a lot of what people get offended by. If there is intentional malice, sure, but otherwise, celebrate everything.