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  1. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Why did I let you drive when we went out last time??? You couldn't have told me? The rental is practically disposable, anyway.
  2. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I was 5'4" at the start of my freshman year. 5'11" at the end. that was a painful year. Grew 7", my shoe size went from a 8 to an 11.5. I couldn't shoot 3 pointers worth a lick after that, angles were all wrong.
  3. North Korea

    I know you're speaking for a local level, but as a nation there are quite a few defenses (obviously depending on the type of attack). I say say this because it feels like a lot of people are in fear not realizing that there are things we have in place.
  4. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    Why are the Colts even considering him? He’s barely .500 as a college football head coach (before Baylor), and was an OL coach in the NFL. Not much pedigree for a NFL HC position.
  5. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I've never been blown away by deep fried bacon. battering just covers up too much of the baconny goodness.
  6. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Speak for yourself, sir.
  7. CFP Championship Game

    Oh my. Some offense??? But there’s a flag. Edit: sideline interference. 80yard TD pass stands. Fixin to be 20-7 puppies.
  8. CFP Championship Game

    Biggest undergrad enrollment in the country and a commuter school should yield a lot of alumni who stay in state.
  9. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    It is far and away the best university in the greater McLennan county area..
  10. 2017 Bowl Thread

    I'll still watch. I'll cheer for UGA to put up big numbers.
  11. 2017 Bowl Thread

    The other 5 felt dumb and voted him off the island.
  12. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Kenny didn’t deserve the offensive MVP. If it must go to a singular player, then I’d go with Love or White.
  13. Thanks for keeping me sane this year. Y’all are a great bunch. Go Frogs!