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  1. AP Top 25

    I read that a few places. You really think an undefeated TCU can make the playoffs? I’d put up some serious money if someone was willing to bet that if we went undefeated we’d be left out.
  2. Kansas U @ TCU

    And most of that was in mop up duty. When I checked in the late 3rd quarter, they were at -3 yards of total offense. NEGATIVE 3 late in the third!
  3. Week 8: Other games

    Or an OU TD, I guess. 42-35. OU kicking off with 7 sec left. Thats game. OU keeps the Big 12 playoff hopes alive!
  4. Week 8: Other games

    35-35 now. OU field goal or OT
  5. Week 8: Other games

    Why did he throw that??? What a moron.
  6. God save us....

    Oh, I believe you are. I'm not sure I see most Rs fighting for that. If they did, they'd earn my vote back. I've been on that fight for quite some time now. We have been at war for 222 out of 239 years. It's not defense. We're a warrior nation.
  7. God save us....

    I agree, however, haven't we already opened that door too far already? We're forced to pay for the education of others, whether or not you use it. We're forced to pay for our country going on the offense into wars that have no bearing on the safety of our nation (it's not really defense). We're forced to pay for healthcare for select groups of people already. Generally, we're forced to pay for a lot of "common good" even if it's not right. I'm not sure I understand drawing a line at healthcare instead of fighting to repeal a whole lot of other things we pay for.
  8. TV ratings down

  9. TV ratings down

    We did not win that war.
  10. TV ratings down

    Damn millenials. Ruining everything. I think it’s more than just them. I really don’t watch much that’s not TCU and a few random CFB games. Haven’t seen an NFL game all year; they’re so long with so many commercials. And I’m not really invested in any team. Baseball is slow. Hockey is finally starting to get going. I cant watch NASCAR. Indycar or F1 will hold my attention. As will MotoGP.
  11. Kansas U @ TCU

    Think we we can get Russell to sponsor us for 1 game?
  12. AP Top 25

    Coaches poll out: RK TEAM W-L PTS 1 ALABAMA (63) 7-0 1575 2 PENN STATE 6-0 1483 3 GEORGIA 7-0 1450 4 TCU 6-0 1345 5 WISCONSIN 6-0 1338 6 OHIO STATE 6-1 1243 7 MIAMI 5-0 1144 8 CLEMSON 6-1 1106 9 OKLAHOMA 5-1 1079 10 USC 6-1 930 11 OKLAHOMA STATE 5-1 917 12 WASHINGTON 6-1 914 13 USF 6-0 716 14 VIRGINIA TECH 5-1 701 15 MICHIGAN 5-1 657 16 NOTRE DAME 5-1 614 17 NC STATE 6-1 573 18 WASHINGTON ST 6-1 564 19 MICHIGAN STATE 5-1 469 20 UCF 5-0 439 21 AUBURN 5-2 354 22 STANFORD 5-2 286 23 WEST VIRGINIA 4-2 144 24 TEXAS A&M 5-2 94 25 LSU
  13. TCU - KU at 7:00 on Fox

    Real fox? Not FS whatever? Nice
  14. Week 7 - Other Games

    That’s gonna be the final. UW looked completely inept on offense.