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  1. Looks like they drafted his replacement before he got arrested.
  2. Tough choice for the men’s final. UVA would make a lot of my old friends happy. Tech winning would be great for the Big 12, but their fans would be insufferable.
  3. Either that or he's angling for a raise/further commitment from the school.
  4. I'm guessing that we won't have a lame duck coach. But if UCLA can't come up with $8M, how about $1M/year for 10 years? That extra mil can help ensure we back fill with a high quality coach.
  5. Thatll be a good matchup. Too bad, though. I was hoping to play our sister school and have Butler come to FW.
  6. I missed it all together, also. I didn’t even realize yesterday was Wednesday until just now. This week off has been fantastic!
  7. Tough loss in 3OT. Feels like we wore out there with only 5 players. Kudos for fighting.
  8. At some point, you have to look for root cause. When these problems start stacking up between multiple programs, we should look to see if it's more than a coincidence.
  9. What’s the story with the green ties on the coaching staff?
  10. Try shaving a sunburnt head! Only place I’ve had a sunburn in my life. Ouch!
  11. The double edge razor gives me the closest shave of anything i've tried, but when I'm in a hurry, i'm much more likely to cut my head (and when I did, it would be bad!). It's never given me trouble on my face, though. I started with the Gillette fusion. When shaving my head, the blades didn't last very long (I remember less than 2 weeks, shaving every other day). The Dorco seems to last about a month, and are cheaper per cartridge. BTW, if you can get comfortable shaving your head without a mirror, shaving in the shower is so much easier and less clean up after.
  12. Way to go, buddy. It feels great, but I had "phantom" hair for about a year (where I kept feeling like it was out of place). I've switched to a Dorco 7 blade, but still use the badger hair brush and the Taylor of Old Bond Street cream.
  13. Not looking so hot in Lubbock. Down 43-27 at the half.
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