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  1. well then the measure were useless. Heads: I win! Tails: you lose!
  2. I think the NBA and NHL are all hosting the games at a neutral site. I wonder if they'll try 100% quarantine for the "season", where the only interaction is with other players/coaches, hotel, bus, practice, and games.
  3. @weklfrog turned me to the Weber Smoky Mountain. It's an upright charcoal/water smoker. Pretty affordable. With what's called the Minion Method of getting it started, I can get it to sit around 220 for 12+ hours without adding any coal or water. It's not as fancy as @frogtwang's setup or those big green eggs, but it works pretty darn good. I've been hearing good things about the pellet smokers too, as they auto adjust everything to keep the temperature right. I haven't convinced myself to go the pellet route as I'm happy with what I've got (and I know dried wood will always be available but I don't know if the pellets will always be in production)
  4. It took me 3 months, but I figured out that with Work From Home I can smoke meat while I'm "in the office"! Got the pork butt going strong all day today. It's been tough smelling that wonderful smoke while in meetings, but I know it's worth it.
  5. Happy Birthday to my favourite grumpy Canuck!
  6. I think it's a split between thinking its over and the rest accepting that the "new normal" is taking reasonable steps but continue living. When there's talk about having to deal with this in 2021, life has to change from continual quarantine to measured steps (distancing & facemasks are some).
  7. Speak for yourself, sir!
  8. There's two of them and they can't disarm a guy walking his dog without shooting him? Sounds like we need to scrap the police academy and start over. Looks like the cashier is better trained than they are.
  9. Or maybe we'll stop intervening in places we don't belong. Reducing the military to protect our borders only is a pretty great move.
  10. Unions for gov't jobs is a terrible practice. If people want change, we need to end the qualified immunity. end police militarization. make lawsuit settlements/losses come out of the police pension (or officer insurance). and make body cameras 100% always on, always backed up. If video is off, or run out of battery, the officer gets time off without pay (assuming there's no other complaint). It's not the total solution, but it will cause drastic and immediate changes that need to happen
  11. Might not be the exact same steps, but that's kind of the point of starting over. This is draining the swamp, but unlike the DC, we need to ensure we don't just refill the hole with even more mud.
  12. I wonder if all of those people and actions would be tasked with maintaining law and order... you know, policing.
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