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  1. I'm curious if there's any precedence for something like this? And not sure I understand the connection of insurance to cost of emergency services. Do we only charge car owners with the cost of emergency services attributable to vehicle accidents (maybe a little through ticketing)? Or maybe we should simply fine the criminals for the cost of addressing the problems.
  2. I'd say True, but it feels like there's got to be something more to it. He technically kicked from behind the line of scrimmage. If a QB ran pas the line of scrimmage, then retreated behind it, i believe its still an illegal forward pass. I feel like it should be the same for a kicker.
  3. I think I've got it. Instead of clicking on "embed tweet", click on "copy link". If you paste the link to the tweet, it will automatically embed. " " https://twitter.com/SInow/status/1151529495347642369 "
  4. I feel like this should be true. But either 10 yards from previous spot, or spot of the illegal block, whichever is further back.
  5. What temp and for how long? Assuming they were fresh (or at least thawed)? i usually broil, but would like to use the sous video for more than just steak or eggs.
  6. Looks like they drafted his replacement before he got arrested.
  7. Tough choice for the men’s final. UVA would make a lot of my old friends happy. Tech winning would be great for the Big 12, but their fans would be insufferable.
  8. Either that or he's angling for a raise/further commitment from the school.
  9. I'm guessing that we won't have a lame duck coach. But if UCLA can't come up with $8M, how about $1M/year for 10 years? That extra mil can help ensure we back fill with a high quality coach.
  10. Thatll be a good matchup. Too bad, though. I was hoping to play our sister school and have Butler come to FW.
  11. I missed it all together, also. I didn’t even realize yesterday was Wednesday until just now. This week off has been fantastic!
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