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  1. $mooth

    Robinson out for the season

    A few weeks ago GP said he was closer to playing QB than Rogers was. That stinks for Shawn. He’s a hell of an athlete. He needs to play this year to get used to the game. He’s got the makings of a great QB by the time he’s a senior
  2. $mooth

    OU - 7½ @ TCU

    I’ve learned to never bet against a GP team. We may lose, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if we came out punching hard.
  3. $mooth

    Whatever happened to ...

    Looks like Snell announced his transfer plans.
  4. $mooth

    OU - 7½ @ TCU

    That's how I feel. I don't think we'll really get blown out this year because our Defense is terrific (despite all the turnovers). Problem is it's tough to win games when you can't put points on the board.
  5. $mooth

    Bowl Eligibility

    I agree with this sentiment, but I do want a bowl game. an extra couple weeks of practice and another game will only help some of our guys mature for next season.
  6. $mooth

    God save us....

    I thought we were a constitutional republic?
  7. $mooth

    Week 5

    How did Casey do with fumbles?
  8. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, Dirty Third Frog!

    Happy Birthday, DTF!
  9. $mooth

    ? after the ISU game

    The rumours on facespace are that he’s gone for many games and Collins will get the start.
  10. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, $mooth!

    Thanks all. Pretty mundane day with 6 hours in the car, but at least I get to see my babies. I appreciate the well wishes!
  11. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, $mooth!

    You know I’d use it....
  12. $mooth

    It's Texas Week!

    Ive got 4 seats in the TCU section (123), if anyone wants to make an offer. Face is $70/ea, but I’d rather they go to a Frog Fan, so I’m willing to go down a good bit for someone who’ll wear purple.
  13. $mooth

    TCU vs. UT Predictions

    I don’t think it’ll be close. TCU 30 - UT 13
  14. $mooth

    Help: Ride plus ticket to Iowa St!

    Think so? I always thought I was more of a Captain Sisko than Captain Kirk.
  15. $mooth

    Help: Ride plus ticket to Iowa St!

    I think I may be both of those for you...