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  1. Happy Birthday, Smooth!

    Depends on the kickoff time, but right now I plan on it.
  2. Happy Birthday, Smooth!

    Thanks, all! I appreciate the love from the TFH crew. Looking for a win over the pokes as my present (you hearing me, GMFP?)
  3. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Says the country using the Imperial system
  4. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    This is 'Merca! That's the same thing.
  5. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    You know what the Marines say... there's no horse too dead to beat.
  6. That catch was a beauty, though. Until he got smacked. We did allocate extra resources to shutting him down. Seemed to work, but might've opened up some of the holes that they found.
  7. SMU @ TCU: Score Predictions and Picks to Click

    I'm going with 49-13. Anderson bengaru (sp?) turpin
  8. Scratch that. They sold for super cheap on stubhub
  9. Forgot to exchange my tickets back to TCU! If anybody can use my 3 seats in 121, let me know. (but really use them, don't just sell them. that'd be a jerk move)
  10. That's what ESPN says too. Wonder why the late jump.
  11. Florida Frogs and Fans

    Some of my friends went up to Georgia. Others stayed put. A couple evacuated from the coast south of Tampa to just north, but are at least on higher ground (house is at 4' elevation)