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  1. Reading this sounds like a good move. I hope he hits the training hard and kills it at the combines.
  2. I'm going to need your help on what makes Rhule scummy. As much as I hate Baylor, Rhule seems alright. Goofy expression on the sidelines, but seem to be a decent human being so far.
  3. $mooth

    Week 14

    Down goes Bama again! Game tying field goal off the uprights with 2min left. And a too many men penalty with less than a min left giving Auburn the first down and victory formation.
  4. Hope you have fun. It’s a great crew.
  5. Bring back our traditional black, red, and grey!
  6. WTH just happened there. Baylor made defensive subs one at a time until the play clock ran out, so OU took a timeout?
  7. The uniforms looked mismatched on tv. The purple on the helmets were darker than the purple trim on the jersey and the pants.
  8. And its gonna be frikkin cold because of you. The "feels like" temperature is going to drop from 70 at noon to 27 by 7pm, and down to 14 by 6am tomorrow. on the good side, I found an indoor range if you're up for it.
  9. I hope not yet. He's got another 2-3 good years before he should hang up his cleats.
  10. I’m not disappointed with this showing. It could’ve been better, sure. But Baylor has a great D which was tough to move the ball against. Our D played lights out against a strong QB. Triple OT is a heartbreaker, but great effort.
  11. Happy birthday, Big T. Love you, bro
  12. Timing seems odd. But maybe he thought starting at TCU was a path to the pros, but sliding down the depth chart made him realize he has no football future after college. And if you’re not convinced you want to be on that field, you better get off, cause that’s the easiest way to get you or a teammate hurt.
  13. Delton is gone. https://amp.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article237008429.html
  14. Plus they told him ~3 hours before the trade deadline. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27966265/bengals-qb-andy-dalton-calls-timing-benching-unfortunate
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