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  1. $mooth

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Why would he want to transfer? Get to start a year before the pros?
  2. $mooth

    The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    Baylor basketball getting taken advantage of by the Shockers. Down 44–15 at the half.
  3. $mooth

    Week 14: Conference Championships

    Bama takes it. Got away with a PI with 10 seconds left. Surprised the refs didn’t give them that Frohm incomplete pass as a fumble earlier in the drive.
  4. $mooth

    Week 14: Conference Championships

    I doubt There’s such a thing as a big enough Georgia win that would keep Bama from the playoffs. But that’s what I’m pulling for. Go Dawgs! Ruff. Ruff.
  5. $mooth

    Week 14: Conference Championships

    I guess they need to celebrate with this:
  6. $mooth

    Our Boy's Getting Married!

    Lies. I've been yelled at countless times for not cleaning "correctly".
  7. $mooth

    Football study hall five factors for OSU

    How do you keep score? Judges like figure skating? even then, there's averages.
  8. $mooth

    Week 13

    21-6 Buckeyes now. Nearing the end of the first half.
  9. $mooth

    Week 13

    The Grier fumble? I believe it was. By rule all TDs are reviewed prior to the extra point. Guess it was clear enough to the replay refs that his arm was still low when the ball came out.
  10. $mooth

    Redshirts Burned

    You never know if they were promised game time in recruiting or if we just needed warm bodies in certain places.
  11. $mooth

    Happy Birthday, frogtwang!

    Happy Birthday, brisket brother!
  12. $mooth

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

  13. $mooth

    Frogs @ UK (or KU, thanks to Kentucky)

    KU we don’t play Kentucky this year
  14. $mooth

    Turpin arrested

    Not sure what the documents they have say. I stole from baylorfans (they're usually pretty good at digging up TCU dirt).
  15. $mooth

    Turpin arrested

    No, from the TCU 360 story. Haven't read Engle's story.