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  1. Does anyone know when this is scheduled for? I seem to have lost the email Thanks!
  2. John Stuckey... I have seen him a few times at alumni stuff over the years. Really good guy!
  3. John Stuckey... I have seen him a few times at alumni stuff over the years. Really good guy!
  4. I went to O.D Wyatt in Ft. Worth (yes, I know!) I was at TCU 1976' t0 80'
  5. My substitute band teacher in HS was in grad school at TCU. He encouraged me to try for a band scholly and I got lucky. I don't think I applied anywhere else either
  6. Applications for enrollment really took off after the Rose Bowl win. How many spot are there, 1500? Frogzilla need not apply
  7. I thought he was a Jr. Is he for sure not coming back?
  8. Agreed about 8:30 taco bar Looks like you have catch a shuttle at 10:30 to go to ATT. Since I hafta go to will call to get my tickets, I'm just going to Uber over about 8:30, get my tickets and look for purple in the parking lot. Might hit Gilligan's or Grease Monkey after though.
  9. I have been to Gilligan's a bunch of times, but it was a couple of hundred years ago. is it walking distance to ATT?
  10. Good to know that. I'll make a jug of "orange juice"
  11. The one at Fishbone's was the one I saw too...but 11:30 start, hard to fork over $80 bucks for Bridezilla and me. if it were 2:30, I could probably make it work1
  12. No knowledge of any of that. Guessing I will probably just wing it
  13. I heard about an alumni group doing one at a nearby restaurant, but it was I think $40 each. 11:00 games do blow.
  14. Has anyone heard anything about a tailgate at ATT stadium on Saturday? I know about the one at TCU, but hoped there may be one in Arlington.
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