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  1. My co-worker is a KU alum and sent this to me, hilarious.
  2. I am almost positive that this is correct. The only time a team can hold your rights (outside of being under contract with them) is if they drafted you. Once you make it through the draft process, if a team did not pick you up, you are free to sign wherever you'd like.
  3. I assume this means he has some issue with the TCU medical team? Can't imagine why else he would look to transfer.
  4. Chad Glasgow is still my favorite Texas Tech success story. Longtime safeties coach at TCU, goes to Tech to be the DC, they fire him after one year, so he comes back to TCU at his old job, even, then takes over as DC once Bumpas retires. Obviously Patterson is still the leading defensive voice on the coaching staff, but Glasgow's riding high on a top-ranked defense, and Tech's defense has continued to be nothing but a dumpster fire since he left.
  5. It's a shame I haven't been able to track down a full copy of John Buccigross' recap of the game on the Sportscenter immediately after the game ended. I don't watch much SC anymore but it was one of my favorite segments in quite some time, he killed it. There are a few highlights in this post, but unfortunately not the whole thing: https://thecomeback.com/ncaa/cal-tcu-cheez-it-bowl-interceptions.html
  6. Wait, I don't get why you'd want to go from coaching at WVU to Houston. Even if you have some kind of connection there.
  7. Funny enough Gladney did make PFF's first team Big XII defense. Strangely enough, however, Banogu was completely absent and didn't make first or second team, which I can't say I agree with at all.
  8. I'd recommend not reading Mac Engel's take on this whole situation. He basically just used the opportunity to throw GP under the bus about how he "should have known" and how bad this looks on him for having a player on this team scoring touchdowns with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Pretty disingenuous stuff in my opinion and reads like a troll job.
  9. Is anyone really excited about the prospect of a military parade in Washington DC? I mean, isn't that the kind of thing we point to when we make fun of crap countries like North Korea? And that's ignoring the millions of dollars we'd be wasting on the whole thing. Can't we just tell people we spend $800B a year on our military so that means we have lots of cool stuff and just leave it at that? Just feels kinda bush league. Act like you've been there before.
  10. They had already hired assistants and everything. Kind of a dick move on his part.
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