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  1. Yes, too long to tell now, but my dad's boss was one eccentric dude
  2. Worse, savings and loan business in the '80s
  3. My dad used to have a Maserati. His former boss gave it to him. Yes, just gave it to him. Long-ish story but good times
  4. Grumpy Jew God vs. Christian God
  5. Thousands of episodes, I'd guess. It's an amazing franchise, still very worthwhile
  6. Cool, thanks. I will look for it on Netflix when I'm finding stuff for my son to watch
  7. So kids can read Twilight? You should stop
  8. Seriously... How do we know that that body was alive before SFA heard him disparage Da Vinci Code
  9. You're a public employee. They can't fire you. I wouldn't worry too much about it
  10. Big win, Jozy again. Our chances are good
  11. I've never seen him react so passionately
  12. Yeah, subverting the filter...that's what I was doing. Not misspelling. No way
  13. If I could move I'd get my gun and put her in the ground...but I had a huge dinner and a bunch of wine tonight
  14. 4, which shocks me because I fundamentally don't like baseball
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