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  1. I'd take sitting in Shea Stadium over sitting in Fenway any day. I'm talking about the actual seats here. Fenway is a pretty literal beating. And getting in and out...awful. I like what KC did with the New K. Great fountains like before and possibly the biggest scoreboard I've ever seen. Faced with nothing but highway outside the stadium, it's a very nice look. Also, you can go to the game and have so much other stuff to do that you never have to watch the game, which is a major plus to me.
  2. My first alter ego on this board might be Busty Underwood
  3. Good guy, Coach Montigel. He was golf coach when I was "covering" (trying to figure out) golf for the Skiff. Very nice man
  4. Busty Underwood? What a spectacular female porn-star name. Holy moly
  5. Do today's girls have self-respect? They don't dress like it
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking he'll be pretty high in the, um, pecking order
  7. *facepalm*Good God, Bostonians can be morons. Not exactly Boston Strong
  8. If you're really craving football, the Alouettes are playing the Blue Bombers in the Communist Football League on NBC Sports Network
  9. Wonder Years, yes, that was a great show, particularly the first few seasons
  10. You know who I liked in a sneaky way? Wanda. Always trying to poison people and what not. She and Joey were underrated characters
  11. It was watchable. The guy who starred in it was briefly supposed to be a star. I think he was from Virginia
  12. Love Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth is a mix of my dad and my ex-wife... I could have used another couple of seasons of Big Love. It just never got old
  13. Good show. I liked it, too. I also kind of liked Boston Common from approximately the same era. Yes Dear was decent, not great, biut starred that same guy from Boston Common.Anybody remember Dave's World starring Harry Anderson about Dave Barry?
  14. Took place in Boston (before I cared anything about Boston). Good show
  15. Yes, absolutely. All superb. Sports Night was one of the best TV shows of all time. It was criminal for ABC(?) to cancel it
  16. I know you're not serious when you say that
  17. That show was short lived but actually pretty good. Probably the best thing he ever did. I'd say it was sandwiched somewhere between Mr. President and Parker Lewis Can't Lose on the Fox sitcom timeline
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