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  1. Oh. I thought it was called Newfoundland and Labrador
  2. What about Labrador? Does no one speak of poor Labrador?
  3. I really bombed that other thread, though. I couldn't possibly remember what all I put on there, and I'm not going back to find out. But still...my favorite band of all time http://youtu.be/Gwkg6M94WZQ
  4. As pd says, Time Canada is strange. Must have been something the Soviets implemented
  5. Which time zone are you in? It doesn't get dark here until close to 9 these days. I remember living in Paris when it would get dark around midnight. And visiting Sweden in the summer when the sun never really went down at all
  6. If you really want to do this sort of thing, you have to plan ahead
  7. All-time classic http://youtu.be/NP8PtUSTXxs
  8. Bringing this semi-forgotten classic over from the "other" thread because I still like it so much http://youtu.be/uMZYlTXLqiA
  9. Only if you actually see your coworkers. I've never actually met my boss in person
  10. I wear shorts and a t-shirt, almost never shoes or anything else. But I work at home
  11. Just have somebody yell at Casey that the vice squad is after him
  12. I admire your perseverance, if not your restraint. If you can't finish a bottle in under three hours now, keep trying. It's the only way you'll ever get it done
  13. That'll be one nasty group hug. Just the two of us and our expulsions
  14. I'm not sure he was junior given that the name of the firm was Sterling Cooper Draper Price. But if the other partners came together with a majority of the shares and wanted to boot him, I guess that could happen. Joan became a partner after she boffed the guy from Jaguar, but apparently her presence at the meeting was a signal that she got Avon
  15. Well, I will pay for that. Do I have to sit in my own water, though?
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