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  1. An open-faced sandwich is not a sandwich, as we've established. And you're hoping to get into college with that intellect?
  2. You are just adorable. What on God's green earth is an ecumenical cantata choir?
  3. Ah, OK. The Joan-Avon thing gets confusing. I loved that hippy party in So Cal
  4. I want to start a line of communion wafers called Tasty Jesus. And a cheese shop called Cheeses Christ
  5. Looked real damn good. Still not a sandwich, though
  6. That must be a Delaware term, If anybody indeed lives in Delaware. A sub here is a sub. How much did your vacation in Philly suck, by the way? It's only a matter of degree
  7. Subway sells betrayal. Anybody who walks by a real sub shop and goes to Subway deserves a non-sandwich sub
  8. A hamburger is vastly superior to a mere sandwich. And "meat" in a hot dog? Not in this country, comrade. Rat anus and beaver pelt only
  9. Does nobody drink wine coolers anymore? I mean except for me?
  10. You get you some, GFW. I can't wait until my kids are old enough for me to start getting hammered again
  11. Besides, it is the God-given right of everybody who isn't from Arkansas (and most people who are) to make fun of Arkansas
  12. os had to cover that load of garbage TCU put in the field in the '70s. He's earned his fan stripes
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