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  1. No, thank GodMark is a legit actor. I mean, Boogie Nights. But Donnie? Eh... By the way, Comcast Sports Net here is reporting that a week before he was arrested, Whitey Bulger went to Vancouver, bought a scalped ticket to Game 7 and watched the Bruins win the Cup. We had Whitey. Chicago has Bieber. Just saying
  2. AC/DC is my favorite band of all time, so I would have loved to have seen them with Bon Scott, as somebody else here mentioned
  3. Your avatar is sublime
  4. You got banned by Wes? Wow, that's unusual. In any case, welcome
  5. It actually makes me feel somehow better about the Bruins losing the Cup. At least we didn't defame it that way back in 2011. Probably the most odious person who go to see it up close like that was a Wahlberg
  6. Ready to sell it yet? NFF could use a new boat about now
  7. I'd go to any of those shows. I saw Maiden with Alice Cooper last summer at Great Woods. Excellent show
  8. That would never have happened in Boston, RSF. Just saying
  9. I think the tweet was sarcasm. Who wants to see a bunch of sweaty dudes at halftime?
  10. Dang it, that's what I meant, omnipresent. Give me a break. I've been going through some hard times. My sailboat is all messed up, and I don't know when I'll be able to fix it
  11. So, you owned this place? For how long? Who else played there?
  12. Eh? He's from Abbott. You know better. Your propaganda is not welcome here
  13. Queen with Freddie Mercury is an excellent shout
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