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  1. Don't tell me you're a Bolshevik, too. Am I the last real American on this board?
  2. Yeah, I know, but he's almost 70. He tries... You were talking to me?
  3. He has been very solid. Now for an unfortunate two-week break
  4. It is! Nobody ever remembers that one.And dammit...he cares!
  5. I was just going to ask who that sexy beast to the left of 'humper was... What a specimen
  6. I used to watch This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen every week
  7. It's Daddy...but, yeah, I'm getting as much rest as I can while still staying up until at least 2 am every night. And suburban life is just constant soul-crushing fun
  8. Had a picnic out in the back yard tonight. Very pleasant. Had a friend over and grilled pork chops. Chatted with the neighbors. Blew bubbles with the kid. Lovely evening
  9. Blue Bell is the nuts. Better overall than Ben and Jerry's. Yup. And Mass should really be Dunkin' Donuts. There are three on every corner here
  10. Dallas CowboysI would probably have said ExxonMobil or whatever it is now
  11. Hell yeah. RI kicks ass. Connecticut blows
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