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  1. Let's get some rioting done! Who's up for a free TV? Now, just point me toward the black neighborhood in Boston... Oh...right. I guess I'll just watch the Cleveland Show. That's pretty close
  2. Thanks for being here. Let's have fun and leave the old days behind
  3. I hear they're not as satisfying frozen, but they're much cheaper
  4. I forgot my medicine again today, and my head is killing me
  5. Ahhhh, that sounds fantastic. I have a little Mayflower Pale Ale from Plymouth, Mass., left in the fridge. Not bad
  6. Chicago deep-dish pizza is beyond awesome. Other than that, Portland Pie in Portland, Maine (and surrounding areas), has the world's best pizza. End of
  7. All of my possessions are minuscule, absolutely tiny
  8. Well, well, well. It it's not another Catholic wannabe. How's your fake Pope, Norml?
  9. Ahahahahahahahaha, this is the greatest thing ever http://deadspin.com/pranked-tv-station-reports-ho-lee-fuk-wi-tu-lo-as-758955806
  10. I saw him that day my wife and I and Isaac stalked the Patriots and met Vince Wilfork and Bob Kraft. I didn't bother to, uh, approach Donnie. Neither did anybody else
  11. Oh. I remember the song well, but I guess the lyrics never stuck with me
  12. Probably an absentee father and a neglectful addict mother. Or it was a she and she was a hooker and she ODed on something one of our players sold her
  13. I would happily watched the Kingston Trio or the Statlers. My dad was big fans of both
  14. Just imagine if somebody had donated marrow to the body SFA tripped over at the Rose Parade. That person might be alive today, begging on the streets of Los Angeles and selling access to his taint for crack...with an extreme excess of bone marrow
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