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  1. Eh? He's from Abbott. You know better. Your propaganda is not welcome here
  2. Queen with Freddie Mercury is an excellent shout
  3. Found shot in his car, wasn't he? The Clash does a great version of I Fought the Law, of course
  4. It would surprise me if either team is in the finals next year. The NHL is brutal
  5. Congratulations. Did you do Atkins? I can't remember
  6. Stevie Ray. Probably top of my list, actually. Good one
  7. They fought the law...but did they have any other songs? The Bobby Fuller Four, I mean
  8. Ramon Flanigan at SMU. Wasn't that his name? Played for about 10 years, or so it seemed
  9. The girl who was valedictorian the year before I graduated got a full scholarship to MIT. I don't think she took the AP test, though. Maybe MIT wouldn't accept it. She would definitely have passed. Very smart girl, very friendly
  10. It matched the scores on many of my regular math tests
  11. I was the first person in the history of Midlothian High School to pass an AP test. I think it was only the second year MHS had AP tests, and I think I was maybe the third or fourth person to take it. I got a 3 on the English exam
  12. I really am sorry to hear about your boat. I know how important it is to you and what a release it has been for you. I hope you can get it fixed soon
  13. Frisky, are you still having pill problems? Do y'all have a lawyer? If not, I'd be happy to ask one of my Jew lawyer friends what you should do. Or I could ask my buddy who has a little experience with the drug side of things
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