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  1. Too hard and cold in ice cream. They offend my sensitive teeth
  2. Don't like 'em. I like my baked goods soft and lumpy, the way I like my women
  3. What happens to those cars in the rain? Dude must live in the desert or something
  4. I didn't personally have any bad experiences with the Wisky fans, although I know most of you did. The OU fans in FW were just darn near sub-human, absolutely disgusting. Literally filthy people. Real nightmare fuel
  5. I only paid $200 for my Rose Bowl ticket, and that was with a small premium for an upgraded seat. No way would I go triple digits to sit in Jerry's place, even to see the Frogs
  6. I suspect the crowd that made it to FW (this was back in 1993) wasn't necessarily the typical OU home crowd. I went to an Ohio State-Miami game at the Meadowlands back in 1999, and the Miami fans were few in number but great. tOSU fans were a mixed bag
  7. Best fans I've encountered were West Virginia fans. Worst were OU fans...in Fort Worth
  8. I think we used two computers and two CD players, but I guess you could do it with iTunes files now or something on different devices
  9. pd, have you ever heard of the Flaming Lips album that was 4 CDs you were supposed to play all at the same time for the full effect? You should try that with the dogs. We tried it at the apartment in Paris once. It was alright
  10. Hahaha, no, it's a holiday. I wouldn't ask you to do that much work
  11. Dude, you're in New England, and you're not coming to see a brotha? We were in Maine TODAY. What's wrong with you?
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