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  1. Those cable networks will run anything now. Whatever happened to reruns of stuff from the '70s and '80s? I hate modern TV
  2. We're watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix again. Good, but uncomfortable to watch
  3. He couldn't have been that old. Was it a heart attack?
  4. So, pizza is really something that new in Texas? I had no idea
  5. I like to shake them wherever I go
  6. Come visit here in November. Or December. Or January. Or February. Or March. Or April
  7. I certainly didn't care. My fifth grade year was 1984-1985. I was all about TCU football that fall
  8. I see you appreciate a portly gentleman
  9. That is grim, 'twang. Fifth graders? Is that even possible? I guess so
  10. Drunk History on Comedy Central: good, but not as good as the YouTube clips I've seen
  11. Premiere was on last night. Olivia Munn alone makes it worth watching. Not a superb premiere, though
  12. I heard you went to Saratoga, and naturally your horse won
  13. Kelvin is named for that guy who used to return kicks for the Cowboys
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