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  1. Hersey, Pa.? What's it like? Nice town? I don't like chocolate much, so I can't imagine I'd enjoy it. Just wondering. What do you think of Philly? Please make sure everyone there knows the Flyers suck. Thanks
  2. Some sad stories in that set of pictures
  3. There is, sadly, an immense amount of racism and anti-Semitism in France, as there is all over Europe. But then, although it doesn't justify racism, France was never set up to be a "melting pot." No nation in Europe was, really. And, again not justifying, if you look at racism in other parts of the developed world (Japan comes to mind), racism in Europe actually looks pretty mild
  4. Still far short of $75 per month for a whole year, unless the lady in the article wasn't calculating that way
  5. He does love the water, but like Ted and Mary Jo, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. He's not even 3 yet
  6. It's illegal in France for the government to ask about anybody's race or religion. Charles de Gaulle started that after the Holocaust, figuring that if the government in theory didn't know anybody's race or religion, it would be much harder to find certain people and separate them out for persecution. Interesting idea
  7. But she only took the nine, right? Point being that while $140 might be $70 per month for two months, it's certainly not $75 per month prorated over 12 months. I can't remember what we paid for Isaac's lessons at the B&G club, but I think it was more like $40-$50 for five lessons
  8. Bite your typing fingers. LA is awesome. It's just that downtown isn't the place to be. Dallas has nothing to compare to Malibu or Santa Monica, for starters. (Of course, Dallas has nothing...period.) Southern California is 1000 times better than Northern California, where the people are insufferable and it's cold in the summer. And the people are insufferable. At least in LA, everybody is comfortably vapid
  9. Hockey I know about. It's crazy expensive. Who pays $75 a month for swimming lessons, though? Are these private lessons? Is there no Y or Boys & Girls Club in Seattle? My friend's kid, 8 years old, made a tryout select soccer team. Now my buddy is schlepping the boy all over Mass and NH this summer. He has mixed emotions about the whole thing, to be sure
  10. This is all so foreign to me. It seems way too complicated. Maybe my sons will be into music or something
  11. Well, I guess I can see it for schools. HS football games attract actual crowds. Schools pay for equipment and such. But does anybody go to a little league select game other than parents? Paying thousands of dollars seems like enough. Paying for a ticket after that is kind of an insult
  12. Hahaha, nice.Truth is, I got to the part in the first paragraph where the guy mentioned San Francisco (BART) and kind of lost interest. Now, if it had been LA...
  13. Booked the tickets tonight. We arrive Oct. 2 and leave Oct. 16. The whole family is coming
  14. Wow, very long. Obviously didn't read. Synopsis?
  15. Philly sucks Cheesesteaks suck Reality TV sucks Swamp ass sucks Windows 8 sucks But what doesn't suck is going to Texas in October for TCU homecoming and spending two weeks down there. Hope you're having fun, SFA
  16. I remember him well. What happened?
  17. So I guess there won't be a bus trip to Lafayette
  18. It definitely swung the pendulum the other way after the opening few scenes
  19. HBO is probably rerunning it. Also, do you have the HBO app? It might be available there
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