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  1. Happy birthday! And on the French national holiday as well!
  2. Paris has changed vastly since I lived over there and every place--everyplace--was full of smoke all the time. I am always struck by the number of sophisticated young Euros who smoke, though. So stupid
  3. Yeah, I had asthma, too. Still do. I've never smoked a cigarette, but I did try a joint once. Very, very bad idea. I thought my lungs were on fire. And it did nothing for me
  4. I don't get those, but when I miss one pill in particular I get terrible headaches and sometimes stomach aches. It's withdrawal
  5. My dad smoked for 20 years but quit cold turkey when he realized I was deathly allergic to cigarettes and never picked them up again
  6. I agree, Deep. We're just trying to have some fun and keep it sane over here
  7. You go, sister! They should be lining up at your door
  8. What do I not take? A cocktail of anti-depressants, mainly
  9. I always enjoy a beam reach. Hope you're having fun, NFF
  10. A fine lady like that shouldn't have any trouble finding a suitor
  11. Well, get off your phone! get out of my dreams and get into my car!I wasn't aware that dogs said meow...
  12. The rest of me isn't that hairy, in case you were wondering
  13. Well, we didn't have any Japanese...so...I guess I don't know
  14. Sounds like an anti-Japanese slogan from World War II
  15. Let's get some rioting done! Who's up for a free TV? Now, just point me toward the black neighborhood in Boston... Oh...right. I guess I'll just watch the Cleveland Show. That's pretty close
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