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  1. I've never seen a Harry Potter movie, nor have I read a Harry Potter book. But my wife likes them
  2. I had no desire to go to mine, either. Just couldn't find a reason. But East Texas in July is always a pleasure
  3. It's going on now? In July? Not for homecoming during football season? I didn't go to my 20th, either. Went to WVU instead
  4. This sounds terrible. I'm so sorry to hear this. I'd starve if I were in sales. Is this a punishment for you or a reward? I can't tell
  5. The tolls on the Mass Pike are temporary...and have been for something like 60 years
  6. Maybe just tell it that way next time... I never tell true stories
  7. You didn't do the fake-gay come-on thing? Disappointing, Deep. Disappointing
  8. I have a cousin who lives there. I think it costs something like $10 round trip to get there from Midlothian
  9. So does I-90, the Mass Pike here, a toll highway. Goes from Logan Airport to Seattle and the Pacific
  10. Morgantown is the best. The. Best. Will definitely be back in 2014. My OU experience was from 1993. I don't know much has changed. My Bulgarian friend nearly gave some dude from Maryland a beat down. I had to pull him away. Very stressful
  11. I don't know that Larry's Country diner is either kitschy or cool, but I do enjoy it. It might be the least cool show on TV
  12. I agree with this 100 percent. The money for good journalism is disappearing for a variety of reasons, but it's a negative trend overall
  13. They won't exist 10 years from now. Many will go out of print and online only within the next five. We're seeing this in b-to-b now. Our print mags are some of the last left in the industry, and we're phasing them out slowly
  14. I think you're looking at this from an editorial perspective, and I understand that. It's certainly possible from that perspective to justify putting this guy on the cover of the magazine. For me, it's the broader perspective that's more important. People see Rolling Stone and think rock stars and the "in" people of popular culture. That, to me, is what the cover conveys and has for years, and I think it's inappropriate for this terrorist to occupy that spot. I think the Manson thing was a bad decision, too, 40-something years ago. Same idea. Again, it's a great spread for the opening of the feature. The cover is the wrong place
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