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  1. Ouija? Oooh, that was considered part of the occult (whatever that is) in my house and strictly banned. Not that I ever cared to play it, anyway. Interesting about the metal and rubber rationing during the war. My parents, having been a few years younger than you and born during the war, had lots of cast iron cars with rubber tires and such. We sold a bunch of them to toy and antique dealers at a garage sale 20 years ago. They fetched some decent money. Now, my uncle, who went to Sunset with you (I think), might have had some of those old wooden toys, but he died 40 years ago and his stuff has long since disappeared in one way or another
  2. Just interviewed a guy in Moscow with a verya stroeng accyient... Will probably have to listen to the recording 400 times to make a proper transcription
  3. I might have to check into taking a class at the Y or something
  4. Is it a good workout? Good for weight loss?
  5. You need to fill your mind with worthless stuff to flush out that memory
  6. I am now the proud owner of a 10-game ticket package to the Manchester Monarchs. Or, I will be when the schedule actually comes out. I have two seats. Anybody want to go to a game?
  7. Great childhood memories. Of that one season, anyway
  8. Swiss Air Virgin America Southwest (for the money) Iceland Air (if you don't mind stopping in Iceland) British Airways Air Canada(!) ...have all been really good for me. Sabena, the old Belgian national airline that went bankrupt about 10 years ago, was a very nice airline to fly.
  9. I was also good at Hangman. But nothing else
  10. Not familiar with Ryan's. By the way, church potlucks up here suck
  11. The only other bad one for me has been Lufthansa. Very disappointed in the Germans. Even the Czechs were better
  12. We have very much of it, but if my boy thinks 61 is cold, he's in for a rude surprise in a few months
  13. Connect muhfunkin Four. I kicked ass at that game
  14. I'm fine with potlucks. I'm not fine with you disrespecting the OCB
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