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  1. Well, $35 for a week doesn't seem that bad. It's nuts to me that you can't bring in coolers for the kids, though. Seems borderline dangerous. I'm a capitalist, but something feels exploitative here. I don't see supply and demand at work, just exploitation. I can go see baseball, soccer and even football games for free at tons of small colleges around here. The students sell cheap snacks and drinks for charity groups. However, I'll bet the local youth baseball league (run by a cabal of fascist generals, from what I gather) charges for kids' games. Youth sports are a bit out of control in a lot of levels. They're good for the kids, though
  2. The NYT doesn't put rock stars on its cover. It didn't use The Bomber as a cover line. Same photo, entirely different treatment and context. Who's going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone next week, sexy Ariel Castro? I agree with my buddy at work who designs our magazines. Put the photo on the inside spread of the story. Use something else for the cover, or at least don't present him looking like rock star on the cover of a magazine known for featuring rock stars
  3. Yeah, I know. Oklahoma City is "up there" to a Texan
  4. Pretty much everything is better in the South of England. The North kind of sucks, I think
  5. Chicago is not "up here." Although New York is very grid-like
  6. Um, PR is on DVR, and I haven't watched it yet...so I didn't read your post, Quilter. My wife fell asleep early
  7. The only tolerable part of Philly is that little historic area with Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and so forth. Also, there used to be a restaurant called The Inn Philadelphia where I once saw a girl take her top off in an apartment across the street. I'm talking bare boobies here
  8. Yes!!!I mean, uh, football! Beer! Hos! I definitely don't watch Project Runway...faithfully...for years
  9. Seriously, that's what horses look like when they see me. Horses hate me. I have nothing against them
  10. SFA, the answer to all of your entirely reasonable questions is, as always, BECAUSE PHILLY SUCKS
  11. Um, OK, you're making my point for me...
  12. Almost all of my close friends are a bunch of Jews and one Bulgarian. None is named ironically, but one of the Jewish guys named his son Aiden, which prompted his friend to say that somewhere in South Boston there's an Irish family naming a kid Schlomo
  13. I'd have to buy the magazine to get the cover, and I'm not going to do that
  14. It's what I'll be offering to all the TCU coeds in October
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