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  1. 12 minutes ago, angelosfrog said:

    Look for our defensive line to dominate their O-line.  I think we will impose our will on them on that side of the ball. 

    That's the key to the game for me. Get pressure on the QB and don't let him get into a rhythm. I think we can keep up if we hold SMU to 21 points or fewer. 

  2. I'm worried about this one, although less worried than I was before the Purdue game. We won't win a shootout with SMU. We have to control the clock with our running game again and get pressure on Pete O'Brien's kid. SMU always comes in sky high for this game, and the Ponies will like their chances of beating us this year. I think we win if we keep them to 21 points or fewer. Beyond that, we might be in some trouble. I still don't trust our passing game to put up big numbers and make big plays. 

  3. 12 hours ago, shenanigans said:

    I think it's a bit odd...never really seen it work before and I'm hoping we phase it out as one emerges as the leader. I definitely think it's valuable in terms of getting a guy reps, but timing is so important in the passing game.

    I sense a smokescreen from GP. I think we'll see a lot more of Duggan than we do of Delton, although Delton might start. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Senor Ballistico said:



    Sé que A&M es el equipo de Jimbos ahora, pero en mi cabeza "A&M todavía significa que son Aggies".  No puedo sacudir el estigma y pensar que van a hacer un flop del vientre Aggie


    I know A&M is Jimbos team now but in my head  "A&M still means they're Aggies".  I can't shake the stigma and thinking they will do an Aggie belly flop

    They usually don't flop until October 

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Duquesne Frog said:

    For those who saw the game and weren't limited to the radio broadcast, what was going on with the run game in the first half?  Were we just focused on trying out the QBs and so we just neglected the run?  We did only end up with 36 rushing attempts, 8 of which were Barlow on that last drive, and 7 were Delton scrambles.  The trio of Sewo, Darius, and Demercado touched the ball a combined 22 times if you count the 4 pass receptions.  I guess after all the talk of Niang and the experience on the OL and the notion that we'd be plain vanilla against APB, I expected us to ground and pound, and we had less that 40 yards on the ground in the first half. 


    I guess my question comes down to, should we be worried about the running game or were we just focused on trying to figure out what our new cast of QBs can do in a glorified scrimmage?

    I suspect we'll see a very different game plan against Purdue. I think GP really treated this as a preseason game with the real "opener" happening next week. I'm not panicked about this game at all. The score ended up being totally acceptable. I think this is as close to an NFL-style preseason game as we've ever had. 

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