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  1. Not that one, either Thought my brother-in-law might go, but he's at a wedding. He's a KU grad.
  2. BC is the most inconsistent (least consistent?) team in CFB. It's been this way since Matt Ryan left.
  3. I sense a smokescreen from GP. I think we'll see a lot more of Duggan than we do of Delton, although Delton might start.
  4. I'd rather be 6th in Texas than 3rd in Indiana
  5. Nobody shot? I hope not. I really don't know anybody there anymore, but still ...
  6. Coaches can challenge for OPI now? Michael Irvin wouldn't have had a career
  7. I hope Clemson crushes the Ags, but I think they'll be able to keep it within two TDs.
  8. Have to say I like A&M, UT and Army against the spread this week, but I'm not a gambler. I think UT wins outright.
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