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  1. Does nobody drink wine coolers anymore? I mean except for me?
  2. You get you some, GFW. I can't wait until my kids are old enough for me to start getting hammered again
  3. Besides, it is the God-given right of everybody who isn't from Arkansas (and most people who are) to make fun of Arkansas
  4. os had to cover that load of garbage TCU put in the field in the '70s. He's earned his fan stripes
  5. I once asked Coach Montigel what the team needed do to get better (really probing stuff). He said, "We need to get up and down a little more." And I thought, "Well, don't we all?"Sri have no idea what get up and down meant
  6. He's nowhere near the top of the crazy totem pole, either
  7. He just thinks we're all messengers from Satan or something. Other than that, pretty normal
  8. You didn't have to say anything. I knew what you meant
  9. Duq, don't actually go on Facebook. That's a huge error in your part. Now that we're over here, there's no reason for you to go over there. I went to the WVU game instead of going to my 20th HS reunion. No regrets
  10. Isaac had the cord wrapped around his neck. His heart rate started to drop, and things got a bit dicey. The OB had to get one of those vacuum things and attach it to his head and suck him out. We still really don't know how much trouble he was in, and we really didn't know at the time, either. I don't think we knew to be scared at the time, but I freaked out a little when I looked up and saw, like, eight nurses in the room. They were ready for something. He was fine, though, other than being in a fairly sour mood when he emerged
  11. Why is the rooster the symbol of France? Because even when he's walking through shit, he crows.It's funnier in French. Not much, though
  12. I'm writing to the address right now. Do you think the offer is still good?
  13. I should buy a copy for our friend who's coming over tomorrow night, if he doesn't have one already
  14. Tell me about it. Although I'll take it over most other kids' TV
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