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  1. Well, I was really just trying to give you a hard time...but yeah. Most of the Episcopalians I know have switched over the the Anglican side recently, that is to say the Anglican side here in the States
  2. His blood, like mine, is 94 percent golden oreos and crispy fried batter. Nothing more American than that
  3. WHOA... You didn't mention you'd be saving a Canadian. This requires a total rethink by me of your character and patriotism
  4. Now we're seeing somebody's true colors. It seems as though the minister for Defensiveness Canada (not Defense, because there isn't much of that) posts among us. I KNEW YOU WERE A SPY, SMOOTH
  5. Oh, I'm so glad. Midlo will destroy your soul
  6. Should the rest of us just kind of slowly leave the room now? Beware, pd. He lives in Midlothian
  7. I also admired go's mancave, before it started spinning
  8. Orange is the New Black on Netflix.... Bobbies and (non-prison) lesbian make-out in the first five minutes. Yes, please!
  9. I've never seen a picture of a boy cave before. I like it more than I thought I would
  10. Parted the Red Sea, which is what the Arkansas defense was known as at the time
  11. Everybody's French on July 14! Whether you like it or not
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