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  1. Had a picnic out in the back yard tonight. Very pleasant. Had a friend over and grilled pork chops. Chatted with the neighbors. Blew bubbles with the kid. Lovely evening
  2. Blue Bell is the nuts. Better overall than Ben and Jerry's. Yup. And Mass should really be Dunkin' Donuts. There are three on every corner here
  3. Dallas CowboysI would probably have said ExxonMobil or whatever it is now
  4. Hell yeah. RI kicks ass. Connecticut blows
  5. Dude's beard is weak compared to mine. Decent hair, though
  6. 287 was a two-lane road until maybe 10 years ago. At least the part just west of Midlothian was. That was how I used to go to TCU
  7. Hold your breath and try not to make eye contact with anybody
  8. Don seems to be coming clean to his kids for the first time about his real past. That might be some sort of breakthrough. Or it might be another false dawn. Everything else to this point has been. Duck is a headhunter now, and the other guy is Don's replacement. Pete has been in touch with Duck, but I don't know that he would have suggested the other guy. He might have, but I don't know that he has that much of a beef with Don. Matthew Weiner apparently said that Joan got the Avon account, which is why she was at the meeting where Don got fired. I would never have figured that out on my own. I hope we see more of Kinsey with California coming into play. And Harry Crane being a cad. He used to be almost likable
  9. Yeah, OK, my point was that while it's not my personal favorite, I can understand why somebody would call it the best ever
  10. Does poor Rhode Island even have a brand?
  11. We can't let some UT jackass get the better of our most esteemed adopted Frog
  12. They're lucky the Corsicans didn't just bomb the whole thing
  13. Hard to argue with that, objectively speaking
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