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  1. It definitely swung the pendulum the other way after the opening few scenes
  2. HBO is probably rerunning it. Also, do you have the HBO app? It might be available there
  3. Those cable networks will run anything now. Whatever happened to reruns of stuff from the '70s and '80s? I hate modern TV
  4. We're watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix again. Good, but uncomfortable to watch
  5. He couldn't have been that old. Was it a heart attack?
  6. So, pizza is really something that new in Texas? I had no idea
  7. I like to shake them wherever I go
  8. Come visit here in November. Or December. Or January. Or February. Or March. Or April
  9. I certainly didn't care. My fifth grade year was 1984-1985. I was all about TCU football that fall
  10. I see you appreciate a portly gentleman
  11. That is grim, 'twang. Fifth graders? Is that even possible? I guess so
  12. Drunk History on Comedy Central: good, but not as good as the YouTube clips I've seen
  13. Premiere was on last night. Olivia Munn alone makes it worth watching. Not a superb premiere, though
  14. I heard you went to Saratoga, and naturally your horse won
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