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  1. That'll be one nasty group hug. Just the two of us and our expulsions
  2. I'm not sure he was junior given that the name of the firm was Sterling Cooper Draper Price. But if the other partners came together with a majority of the shares and wanted to boot him, I guess that could happen. Joan became a partner after she boffed the guy from Jaguar, but apparently her presence at the meeting was a signal that she got Avon
  3. Well, I will pay for that. Do I have to sit in my own water, though?
  4. There is nothing better than a swim-up bar except maybe a swim-up blow-job bar, and I still haven't seen one of those yet. Still looking, though
  5. Probably got tired of being stuck with needles
  6. Indeed... I do like Gay Head (go ahead and quote that one), but I haven't been there in at least 10 years. Gorgeous beach, though
  7. And impromptu it was, too. We're going to have an impromptu pool in the yard by the end of the day
  8. I keep telling you I'm sorry about that...I just needed a some beer money. Seriously, though, you had your identity stolen? What happened?
  9. Tornado warnings all day here today. Very unusual. Lots of rain and quite a bit of standing water in the back yard
  10. The manager's role is one of both hector and helper, naysayer and nexus
  11. There's a great nude beach on Martha's Vineyard in a place called Gay Head...so named long before it meant what it means now. There's a movement to call the place "Aquinnah," which is supposedly its Native American name. Strictly as a tribute, of course
  12. Where is that, Montalba? Is that real? No grills and no booze? That's not America
  13. The characters don't, but you always know it's Dustin Hoffman, don't you? I always think that I'm watching him play a character rather than just watching the character
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