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  1. Pipe down, Pierre Trudeau. The Americans are talking
  2. We are also having a heat wave. It's about 95 and humid here. Until our friends from the more temperate climes have to learn only to live with window-unit air conditioning (if they're lucky), they'll never understand
  3. Elementary school baby mama drama? Do I even want to know? Which school?
  4. If I had been there, I would have... We have a brand new Heavenly Donuts in North Andover, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm waiting for somebody to pay for me
  5. Does everybody get to eat free now? I can be there in about five hours
  6. That's not far from where I live. But the best and most Boston part of this whole thing is how the comments section almost immediately turned racist...
  7. I have an ex-wife... It's some sort of sponge thing. I don't really remember
  8. You should try a loofa for that, or maybe one of those scrubby face creams
  9. Well, I was really just trying to give you a hard time...but yeah. Most of the Episcopalians I know have switched over the the Anglican side recently, that is to say the Anglican side here in the States
  10. His blood, like mine, is 94 percent golden oreos and crispy fried batter. Nothing more American than that
  11. WHOA... You didn't mention you'd be saving a Canadian. This requires a total rethink by me of your character and patriotism
  12. Now we're seeing somebody's true colors. It seems as though the minister for Defensiveness Canada (not Defense, because there isn't much of that) posts among us. I KNEW YOU WERE A SPY, SMOOTH
  13. Oh, I'm so glad. Midlo will destroy your soul
  14. Should the rest of us just kind of slowly leave the room now? Beware, pd. He lives in Midlothian
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