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  1. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

    Fantastic movie. I loved it. Everybody in the theater loved it. It's a massive hit. Screw the critics.
  2. Boston Frog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I loved it. Who cares if it's flawed? It was incredible. Absolutely fantastic night at the theater.
  3. Boston Frog

    TV Thread

    The show can't even use some real names. Fox News is the Wolf Network. There was an Alex Jones-like character on the last episode, but nobody could refer to Alex Jones. There's just no bite, and there's no immediacy because of the nature of filming a sitcom. I've really tried, but I think I'm giving up after episode 4. I have the Hulu live streaming service, which includes CBS shows. I probably don't watch anything else on CBS, though. And there are commercials during MB, something most Hulu shows don't have.
  4. Boston Frog

    TV Thread

    Has anybody here tried watching the new Murphy Brown? I loved it in high school but stopped watching it in college. I want to like it now, but some of the jokes fall so flat. And the laugh track is cringe-worthy. Also, politics isn't as funny now as it was in 1988.
  5. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    I think he was confused and searching for an angle.
  6. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    He worked for ME
  7. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    That was just how it sounded. I think the Skiff writer misunderstood GP's quote, and so did I.
  8. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    I think you're right. I do trust GP as always.
  9. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    Also from this story: “The football staff reviewed a commercial website that provides arrest records, but that account was incomplete,” the university said in a statement Tuesday evening. “Our team did not do enough to get the full story. We would not have allowed Turpin to play had we known about an outstanding arrest warrant.” This contradicts what head coach Gary Patterson said Tuesday afternoon. He said he was made aware of the out-of-state bench warrant issued against Turpin. “July was when his court date was and when the bench warrant was given,” said Patterson. “This is the information that I had. It didn’t say anything about anything else, didn’t say anything about anybody.” Hoo, boy. Did GP know he missed his court date? Did GP think the court date was just for property damage? It sounds as though GP knew there was an arrest warrant even though the university is claiming ignorance. This does not look good.
  10. Boston Frog

    Turpin arrested

    What was his source?
  11. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

  12. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

    The movie comes out in two weeks
  13. Boston Frog

    The TCU Variety Thread

    None of this matters when Earl Anderson is on campus
  14. Boston Frog

    Texas Tech @ TCU

    John Hinckley Jr. really did go to Tech
  15. Boston Frog

    The Sports Dump

    I know it is. If the coach is to blame, the head coach, then cancelling the program doesn't seem extreme. If he's instructing his players to do that sort of thing and they're following him, there's a systemic problem there that somebody needs to solve before the program comes back. If it's a rogue situation, well, that's different.