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  1. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

    Like what? Give me some names.
  2. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

  3. Boston Frog

    The Sun Bowl happened 20 years ago today

    Awww, J. You helped. My cable briefly went out during that game, and I had to listen to part of it on a radio station from Providence. I also had to pick my ex-wife up at the subway station around halftime. What a great day that was, though.
  4. Boston Frog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Stay hard, Laverne
  5. Your Price: $54.99 No, that is not my price
  6. Is he supposed to look like that, or is that picture a prank or something? Is he OK?
  7. Boston Frog

    The Sports Dump

    Oh, the tortured arch-conservative ostracized and alienated in notoriously liberal Texas ...
  8. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

    He usually doesn't. He leaves treats on plates or in shoes outside the front door. He brought the boys some toys last night.
  9. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

    Happy Sinterklaas day to all you Dutch out there
  10. Boston Frog

    The Music Thread

  11. Boston Frog

    TCU Tennis 2018-19

    The leading goal-scoring brothers of all time in the NHL? Keith and Wayne Gretzky ...
  12. Boston Frog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    They knew what they were doing