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  1. That's the key to the game for me. Get pressure on the QB and don't let him get into a rhythm. I think we can keep up if we hold SMU to 21 points or fewer.
  2. Starting to worry about stopping the SMU passing game. Purdue's QB was a first-time starter. We just really can't get into a shootout with SMU because I'm not sure we can keep up. I do hope we unleash Duggan a little bit this week, though.
  3. I'm worried about this one, although less worried than I was before the Purdue game. We won't win a shootout with SMU. We have to control the clock with our running game again and get pressure on Pete O'Brien's kid. SMU always comes in sky high for this game, and the Ponies will like their chances of beating us this year. I think we win if we keep them to 21 points or fewer. Beyond that, we might be in some trouble. I still don't trust our passing game to put up big numbers and make big plays.
  4. Not that one, either Thought my brother-in-law might go, but he's at a wedding. He's a KU grad.
  5. I thought about going to the BC game tonight Haha, not really
  6. BC is the most inconsistent (least consistent?) team in CFB. It's been this way since Matt Ryan left.
  7. I sense a smokescreen from GP. I think we'll see a lot more of Duggan than we do of Delton, although Delton might start.
  8. I'd rather be 6th in Texas than 3rd in Indiana
  9. Nobody shot? I hope not. I really don't know anybody there anymore, but still ...
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