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  1. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    Josh just made a siiick TD catch for the Redskins
  2. Pool parties in late September are pretty rare around here
  3. I just went to a wake for a friend's dad today. My dad died four years ago. I want to make every moment count.
  4. Yeah, I'm really trying to enjoy them at 7 and 4. I know it won't last.
  5. They go out and play, but they want me to go with them. They won't be little forever.
  6. Nebraska is about to go into a decades-long period of decline and mediocrity as only Big 10 programs can. Looking at you, Minnesota, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa ... The Texas and Oklahoma kids Nebraska used to recruit don't want to play in the Big 10. And what's the appeal of Lincoln, anyway? It probably doesn't even have a Pappadeaux's
  7. I won't able to watch a live 3:30 game until my boys are at least in high school. Day games just don't work.
  8. Shouldn't be a problem for the ones that start at 3:30
  9. Week 4 Games

    Penn State TD on the last play of the game
  10. Week 4 Games

    Big 10 games start with 2 minutes to play
  11. Week 4 Games

    Sure looks that way
  12. Week 4 Games

    There might have been a little letdown for OU after Ohio State
  13. Week 4 Games

    OU recovers fumble. Now it's over.