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  1. If tried streaming while at games, it's well behind the action - I take my iPod nano with radio at games. The camera quality and broadcast in general improved significantly from TCU's side last season. It seemed to improve when basketball ended (like they moved HD cameras over to baseball). The students did a great job with camera's and there were more angles. The CSTV App (or cbs or whatever it is) is still a bit quirky at times.
  2. Regarding the short practice week per DMN http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/high-schools/football-news/headlines/20131214-aledo-s-defense-steps-up-in-second-half-of-29-6-win-over-ennis-in-4a-div.-ii-semi.ece Aledo won despite having a quick turnaround and short week of practice because last weekend’s inclement weather and icy roads prevented the Bearcats from playing their regional final until Monday. Ennis, meanwhile, played its regional final four days earlier. In the UIL’s Constitution and Contest Rules, it says that “No team or student in any conference shall be permitted to take part in more than one playoff game within six calendar days, unless mutually agreeable to play within five calendar days.” “The UIL’s got to figure out something,” Buchanan said. “It wasn’t fair to these kids, it wasn’t fair to the coaches to try to do what we did. We’re very fortunate to come out of here with a victory. “We had to practice more this week than we normally do playing Monday night. We never have two-hour practices. We had to have three of them. It’s too hard on a high school football team. They may do it in the NFL, but those guys get paid millions of dollars to do it. There is a reason why that rule is in the UIL.”
  3. That was a very physical game with two very physical defenses going at it. The difference was Aledo consistently moved the ball through the game but didn't capitalize on opportunities. Ennis had one prolonged drive that died on a 4th and 2 inside the ten. Other than that drive Ennis had around 80 yards of total offense in each half and I believe 8 total first downs (at least 4 were on the one drive). Next week I think Aledo will be a heavy favorite; however, anything can happen on a given day...especially in the final.
  4. You can find the couplet plans online. They had to forfeit the railroad crossing se of downtown. I drove by it this morning and they have the road cut down to old annetta/mav. Looks really good. I've avoided that intersection for 12 years when I have the choice. It will be really nice when they complete
  5. I think the opposite - there was resistance moving to varsity by the parents (especially the mom). When they moved him, he only received a very moderate amount of carries
  6. I assume you have moved away? Spot on - especially 1 and 2. Seems like a long shot but #1 really needs to happen if we want to protect values, etc. It's amazing how the leadership in the communities cant get along. Bulldogs are still around - think their 12's were very good last year. 1187 should be finished in 2014 and will have a "couplet" (traffic circle) in CBD area. Walsh ranch is moving forward and has created an education foundation created by a percentage of home sales in the development (very good for schools). It was delayed for gas exploration and the economy. They are constructing the main thoroughfare and should begin I-30 overpass in 2014.
  7. The game was originally scheduled for friday night at northwest, then changed to thursday at springtown, then back to friday late afternoon at northwest with a backup schedule of saturday at 1 pm at springtown. Then monday at springtown at 5 pm and quickly changed to monday at waxahachie at 6 pm. Think WF's was colder and even more of a concern for their travel. Assume there was a bit of concern over the coin flip. I didn't know they traveled by private car! The big Q - How will Aledo do against a very good Ennis team on 4 days rest/practice. Ennis played their game on Thursday night and will play on 8 days rest/practice.
  8. My gosh - I had no idea BU got such a bad matchup. I'd feel bad but it's too humourous that their best season in history earns them a matchup against a vastly overrated UCF team. You'd expect that pairing in the "heart of dallas" bowl or somesuch. The cotton should be good and hope OU puts a fight up in Sugar.
  9. Funny, I thought he was referring to the relationship with willow park rather than the other stuff. Wp doesn't have a rosy relationship with any of the area cities but they and Hudson control the interstate. Whatever the case, Aledo is the identifying name for the area but is actually a tiny community with maybe 2.5 to 3 total square miles of area. Just curious, what prominent select baseball team is located in Aledo?
  10. Highland park won and is in semi's vs guyer. That should be a heck of a game. Aledo plays in midlothians stadium next sat
  11. Has much more to do with very dedicated athletes and work ethic. The summer conditioning program (performance course) doesn't cost a lot but they are expected to do it. All three of my kids have done it. They start young and are pretty much expected to participate and they have a very high rate. I've heard recruiting rumors but most of that is laughable. I'm here bc of the schools like most people. They are better academically and athletically better than most on west side of metroplex. A lot of people move to give their kids the best opportunity. District was weak but we pummeled a good stephe vile team and a very good highland park team who was 12-1 and playing in state quarters tonight in big 4a. Think that score was 44-3. Anyone know if they won tonight?
  12. Strangely enough, one of advantages to south side is lack of public water. Going forward the whole area is 2 acre minimum to be able to drill a well. It should limit development (or make developments more expensive). We will have to give y'all some boarding biz when u get up and runnin...
  13. Yeah, I always say Aledo but mean Aledo Isd. In county myself near Annetta. Do you prefer to be outside city jurisdiction? WP can be a real pain in ass
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