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  1. Answer: False Once a player possesses the ball while grounded, it’s a dead ball. It is reviewable and in this case would reverse the call and it would be B’s ball, 1/10. Good job. Maybe that one was too easy. 😉
  2. Question #4 Ffirst and 10 on the A-20. Runner A22 fumbles when hit. B45 jumps on the loose ball at the A-25 and possesses it on the ground, but A22 knocks the ball out of B45's hands and A10 recovers at the A-25. Officials rule Team A recovered. Ruling: Reviewable. A's ball second and five at the A-25. True or False
  3. Answer #3 False As long as the QB is inside the tackle box, this isn't considered a block in the back. Touchdown stands.
  4. Question #3 A12 takes the snap and retreats to pass. Defensive end B95 gets past tackle A75 and is about to tackle A12 who is still inside the tackle box. A75 pushes B95 in the back to prevent him from making the tackle. A12 throws a pass for a touchdown. True or False No touchdown. Ten yard penalty from the previous spot for an illegal block in the back by A75.
  5. False. Once his helmet comes off, even if he puts it back on if he continues to participate in the play he has committed a Personal Foul. Exception: if it came off due to a foul by a Team A player (facemask, illegal hands to the face, etc.)
  6. Question #2 During a down B55's helmet domes off without a helmet foul by Team A. B55 immediately picks up his helmet, puts it on and continues to chase the ball carrier. True or False This is not a personal foul by B55 for continuing to participate in the play after losing his helmet.
  7. The long awaited answer is B. New rule this year.
  8. Question #2 Player B21, in the first half and playing in a bowl game, commits a targeting foul against A18, and it is confirmed by video review. It is B21's third targeting foul of the year. He has another year of eligibility left. a. He is disqualified for the rest of the bowl game but is eligible to play in the first game of the following season. b. He is disqualified for the rest of the bowl game as well as the first game of the following season.
  9. Answer #1 B. Due to the kick being fair caught, there is no foul for the illegal wedge.
  10. Question #1 On a Free Kick, two or more members of the receiving team intentionally form a wedge for the purpose of blocking for the ball carrier at B's 25 yard line, which is illegal this year. Number 5 of the receiving team signals for and makes a fair catch at the 3-yard line. a. The receiving team is penalized from the spot of the foul, and B will snap from the 12 1/2 yard line. b. There is no foul and B will snap from the 25-yard line due to the fair catch.
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