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  1. I may be missing something, but you put Ballesteros in over Palmer? Boooo.
  2. Thanks for the BD wishes. Glad I made it another year.
  3. Duq, Duq, Duq. We have daughters dancing in competition as something in common, however, you are SO wrong about nuts in baked goods. Oh my goodness, SO wrong.
  4. Can't afford one of those. I'm with tcudoc, I need a hotel key card in one of my pockets.
  5. Two words that just don't go together, camping and fun.
  6. He is very entertaining. I like him.
  7. We got about 2 minutes of hail, but I saw a couple of them that were a little under golf ball size. Went out this morning and there is 1 dent in the roof of my car. Not enough for me to worry about, though.
  8. He will always be on Santa’s list. For being a 14 yr. old, he’s a great kid. Not many that age will tell me he loves me whenever we part. Just wish he would get a little bigger. I’m hoping for a growth spurt soon.
  9. Took my ut friend Friday night. Orange tears flowed. Last night I took my grandson that I thought was a Frog fan, but found out today he wore a Whoren shirt under his regular shirt. Got to meet the dapper Turk and lovely Mrs. Turk. Not a pretty game. Today I took my ut friend again. About drowned in the car on the way home from crocodile orange tears. It was a good weekend.
  10. Also, a very nice article about wekl in the most recent TCU Magazine.
  11. Higgins missed that call. Not a foul on the 3 pointer. UGH!
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