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  1. Head down and contact in the head/neck area to a QB that has released a pass will draw a flag every time. Hands making contact first makes no difference. It was targeting. I will be the first to say that targeting has become a pain in the ass to get right. What one person thinks is targeting, another can make a case to show it isn't. When it was first enacted, it was meant to.be a safety factor, a noble endeavor. Now, players have discovered how to deliver a punishing blow to the head of a runner and it, technically, isn't targeting. So much for safety.
  2. Just watched the game for the first time. The SMU QB is a whiny beoch.
  3. Happy Birthday, HFrog 1999!

    Happy BDay!
  4. Change at Killerfrogs

    I will admit publicly that Feisty is a friend of mine. Do we share the same political views? No. But I don't think of him as a bad guy. He loves keeping up with recruiting and I don't care if he shares tweete and information from pay sites, it saves me a lot of time to just read what he posts. it seems that there are some that don't want him to come back here. I do t think you have to worry about that, so you can quit worrying about it.
  5. 2017 Week 1 Games Thread

    It will happen. Book it. Technically, it isn't a Personal Foul, it's an Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  6. 2017 Week 1 Games Thread

    New Aggie yell - Whoops
  7. Texas Coast Frogs

    ???????? His links show A$M not ranked higher than #5.
  8. 2017 Week 1 Games Thread

    Are they this good, or the school of LA this bad?
  9. 2017 Week 1 Games Thread

    What's worse, losing to SMU last year or Maryland this year? Good job, Herman.
  10. You guys won't have Beth Mowins to kick around anymore

    It isn't over until she is completely off the air. All sports!
  11. Texas Coast Frogs

    My daughter and her husband were up most of the night "tag-teaming" staying awake. So far, no water in the house.
  12. Texas Coast Frogs

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully, everything will be ok for everybody there. I got word last night of a pledge brother from TCU being forced out of his home in Bellaire. He's not in good health. Keep us informed if you can. Can you charge your device with a car charger?
  13. Texas Coast Frogs

    This is really beginning to hit to close. My oldest daughter lives in Spring and refused to leave. So far, they have been ok. They have plenty of food, water, electricity, etc. and house has been ok. But, if it continues to rain, I'm really concerned. Now they are going to start releasing water from two reservoirs tonight on top of everything else. It will take 12 hours for the water to reach Houston. It means that certain areas of Houston, including downtown, will flood even more. Houston said there might potentially for months. And, if the reservoirs broke, it could lead to the largest catastrophe in the history of the U.S. She says she doesn't think it will have an effect on them, but the rain needs to stop and soon. Im scared for them, and don't mind saying so.
  14. CFB 8/26 Games

    Didn't see it. Just turned it on about 15 minutes ago. Did see a CSU back that was out of the backfield drop a pass and then get hit by an OSU db using the crown of his helmet. Obvious targeting. Wasn't called on the field or the booth. Oops! First game of the year. Mistakes will be made in every game, by both players and officials.
  15. 30 for 30 Carter Boys

    Correct. About a high school team that was removed from playoffs in 1988, after being accused of using an ineligible player. Then was reinstated and ended up winning the state championship, which was later stripped from them. Numerous players arrested for committing armed robberies.