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  1. Realizing it's a generation thing, in the 80's I turned to Country due the crap that pop music, etc. had become. I listen to 50's, 60's, and 70's exclusively on satellite radio now. Or, stream if from Napster. Unless, of course, I'm listening to sports talk radio.
  2. Was better known as Ray McCown. I got to know him in 1969 as he and his wife were members of the club where I was working as an assistant golf professional. He and Lois were super nice people. He passed away recently.
  3. I had a friend killed by lightening while working on a cotton farm when we were in high school. Nothing but blue sky ovrthead.
  4. Probably the best touring pro since the days of Charles Coody and Don Massengale. To stay on the tour as long as he has is quite an accomplishment.
  5. Surprised, but very happy for the team and program. They showed they NEGU. Cut out the stupid errors, and they have as good of a chance as anybody. Schloss has to be thrilled.
  6. After today’s medal play round, the top 8 teams advance to match play to determine the national championship.
  7. She is but not interested in reading that book. Next in her list is Howard Stern's new book.
  8. Yep. At least 1 hour a night, sometimes 2, and at least 3 on the Sat/Sun. She ended up loving the show and after it was over said that she would miss it not being on. I will miss the gratuitous nudity/violence. 😀
  9. Mrs. Zebe and I finished getting caught up on GOT in time to watch tonight’s finale live. Now we can start watching all the shows we normally watch that are on our dvr.
  10. Brooks Koepka is not human.
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