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  1. Gotta start small and work my way up.
  2. I don't want anymore people to get sick from this CoronaVD. I don't want anymore people to die from CoronaVD. I want those that work in the health profession/first responders to stay healthy and return to a normal life (not a new normal, that phrase sucks, but I can understand why so many people use it). I want to be able to go to a full restaurant, sit down, and have a nice dinner without worrying about who may be sitting at the table next to me. I want there to be college football, basketball, volleyball, etc. this season with full stadiums. I want TCU to go undefeated and make the college playoffs. Finally, I want ice cream with my cobbler/pie/cake. This isn't everything I want, but it's a start.
  3. If Trump shuts social media down, which I don’t think he can do, isn’t that in conflict with what his Free speech, gun toting, no-mask wearing, Land of the Free, followers are so adamant about? He can’t afford to piss them off. It won’t happen
  4. I went down a rabbit hole the other night on YouTube and found a clip with Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters on the Carson show.
  5. Does anybody agree with Engel’s column in today’s digital Startlegram?
  6. That was my first time to see it. Except for The one song, it was meh. In fact I sell asleep duRing it about 3 times. Elaine Page was credible, but if you look at how Betty Buckley sings it at the end, you will realize that there are no comparisons to her. Bottom line, I can appreciate the performances of the cast members, but I was disappointed.
  7. Based on the actions of our current Texas governor, as well as a certain Senator from Texas, doing what they did for a salon-owning publicity whore, IF I owned a business I would immediately ignore all regulations in place and open. If it was a restaurant, instead of 25% capacity, it would be at 100% capacity. If a bar, I would have opened last night. A tattoo parlor has done just that and opened yesterday. I would not fear being shutdown, as a precedent has been set. The governor was asked yesterday what he would do if businesses did that. Just like the governor did in “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” when asked about closing it or not, our governor did a little side-step and didn’t answer.
  8. Today is your Birthday? Who knew? 😃 Hope it was a good one.
  9. Some great performances. I wasn't very happy with the quality of the sound from the microphones, but I have to remember it's a free show. Would have preferred that Betty Buckley sang Memory. Will be interesting to see what show is on next week..
  10. Hey, Newf. Just watched a report on a Canadian company that is very hi-tech, but they issued a warning to a Toto to hospital at the end of December to get prepared for a viral outbreak, giving them time to line up PPE and other needs. Of, course, there will be an outcry regarding invasion of privacy (a lot of their info comes through the tracking of cell phones), however, if it saves thousands of lives, it’s worth it. About the only U.S. state that knew about it was California, thus the reason they went on lockdown quicker than anybody else. Kudos to this Canadian company. I think it’s name is Blue Dot. You might be able to stream the 60 Minutes report if you didn’t see it.
  11. Just finished watching. Liked "Phantom" better, but that may have been due to being more familiar with the songs in it. The Phantom was very good as well as Christine. I'm a little surprised it didn't catch on with the public, as some of the songs were very good.
  12. In other breaking news: I got out of the house and picked up a Country Burger with cheese, no lettuce or tomato, and substituted 1000 Island for mustard. Topped it off with onion rings. Hot damm, it was good. Been missing this for a long time. Carry on.
  13. Damn right! Are there new episodes?
  14. I saw a production at Dallas Summer Musicals back in the early 1980's. It has been one of my favorites ever since. But after seeing this absolutely unbelievable presentation, that concluded with special appearances by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, any performance I ever see in the future will pale in comparison to what Mrs. Zebe and I were able to watch today. The singing, acting, set, costumes, music, etc., were the best I've ever seen. One of Mrs. Zebe's favorites is Cats (she saw it on Broadway) and we are eagerly waiting for it to come on, along with all of the other Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's shows. Thanks to Newf for making me aware of these shows. If you haven't seen it yet, you have until Noon tomorrow. I suggest you don't wait like we did last week to watch Superstar. It had already been taken down when we hooked up the laptop to the tv. Dammit. Y'all thought all I ever watched were football games, didn't you? 😃
  15. I have stated on here more than once how much I dislike politics and have tried to stay away from political discussions. I have, pretty much, voted a straight Republican ticket since I was old enough to vote. The events of the past few months has changed me somewhat. I was a Trumper, even. However, I can no longer overlook how almost every time he opens his mouth all he does is spew garbage and lies. And that bothers me. The American people deserve more than that. Am I a Biden fan? Not necessarily, I’m just anti-Trump. Some will say I’m being shortsighted regarding all the “good” things Trump has done. So be it. I just can’t put my arms around this President any longer.
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