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  1. YAY! Good for you. As a footnote, the ball is allowed to “move” as long as the receiver doesn’t lose control. Keep this in mind. At some point during the year, the announcers will think it’s incomplete, and be in disbelief when the Replay Official determines it was a complete pass. Stupid announcers. 😀
  2. Play Scenario #2 Second and Goal on the B-8. Receiver A80 controls a pass in the end zone near the sideline while airborne and pins the ball to his left shoulder with both of his hands. He gets a foot down inbounds as he falls to the ground and when he lands on his back out of bounds the ball pops into the air. He regains control before it hits the ground. The Side Judge rules Touchdown. A's ball, Third and Goal on the B-8. A80 is going to the ground to make the catch and must either maintain control when he lands or perform an act common to the game on the way to the ground. He does neither, so the pass is incomplete. In the field of play, this would be a catch since the ball never touched the ground, but in this play since it came loose when he hit the ground out of bounds, it is incomplete.
  3. Both, but mostly we call them "what ifs?"
  4. The following will be scenarios that could occur during the course of a game. I will attempt to do 1 a day. If they do come up in a game, hopefully, you will understand what is taking place on the field a little better. Who knows? The person/persons sitting around you will not have a clue, and you can become the expert, if only for that one play. The season is starting in 8 days, and I should be able to provide enough scenarios to get to the Purdue game. After that, if you have a question about something that happened in a game, chances are I didn't see it, but will be able to help explain it. In no way will I comment on any judgment calls. That is not fair to the calling official. Play Scenario #1 Third and 20 on the B-40. Late in the first half, both teams have one timeout remaining. Receiver A88 controls a pass at the B-25 and is hit immediately by B37 and goes to the ground with 0:40 remaining on the game clock. The Back Judge throws his flag and the Referee announces, "personal foul - targeting." Replays show B37 lead with his shoulder and hit A88 in the chest before he was able to complete the catch and protect himself. A 4th and 5 on the B-25, no targeting, potential 10 second runoff. There is no foul for targeting since B37 did not make forcible contact to the head/neck area or with the crown of his helmet. The ruling on the field stopped the clock, but the correct ruling (no foul) would have allowed the clock to continue running, so there is a runoff. Either team can use a timeout to negate the runoff and the clock would remain at 0:40 and start on the snap. If neither team takes a TO, then the clock goes to 0:30 and starts on the Ready.
  5. Birders have no sense of humor. They tend to flock together.
  6. I would love to see TCU schedule a game with Appalachian State. They are a very good game and a good win against them would be a plus. While I'm at it, they just hired a new coach after Satterwhite took the job at Louisville. The new coach is Eliah Drinkwitz, who most recently been the OC at North Carolina State, who ranked 16th in the nation in total offense and 22nd in the nation in scoring offense. He is definitely a young coach on the rise and is very well spoken. Keep your eyes on him, I think he will be somebody to watch.
  7. False All good guesses, but wrong. The foul for illegal batting is enforced from the end of the run, which is the B-4 yard line. The try will be replayed from the B-2 (half the distance from the goal line).
  8. Had a 5 yard penalty from previous play that was a try. But that is immaterial.
  9. Question #8 On a Try from B’s 8 yard line, A2 takes the snap, advances to B’s 4 yard and fumbles. The fumble rolls into B’s endzone, where B1 bats the ball across the end line. This is a foul for illegal batting in the endzone and results in a 1 point safety for Team A. True or False
  10. FALSE This would be true if it is the QB and he throws a pass, even if behind the line of scrimmage. It's ok if the kicker retreats behind the line and then kicks the ball.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4LXXVdPCTM Dean Blandino explains the new targeting rule for 2019.
  12. The only way I know about it is Kimmell. He is having it on every night. Yesterday might have been the election but I didn't watch last night. Seems like the town has embraced him/it.
  13. @NewfoundlandFreeFrog Are you anywhere close to Dildo?
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