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  1. Replay should have caught that. B12 officials work “some” MWC games.
  2. Thanks. I thought I had made them early in the week.
  3. The Egg Bowl definitely had a leg up on the other games yesterday.
  4. Second year in a row I have had to be out of down due to game assignment. For those of you lucky enough to be with your family and friends, be thankful. For me, I’m lonely, but have to remember, I signed up for this gig. Go Froga! Beat West Virginia!
  5. I never thought he would sign with TCU. He may turn out to be a great player at Baylor, but, something about him tells me he would never have been the player TCU was needing.
  6. I get the feeling GP wants a ball-control offense that uses the run more than the pass.
  7. I don't think he made the first down, however, I can completely understand why the RO let it stand. There wasn't any way he could see the ball, and without IVE of exactly where the ball was, he had no choice. Think back to when the ball was stripped at the TCU 5 yard line and they let that play stand in TCU's favor. They didn't have a good shot of where the ball was when it came loose. If anybody was to blame on it being a first down, it has to be the onfield official. He made the call without seeing the ball, never a good thing, but is often done. The RO doesn't have that luxury most of the time. He had to go with the call on the field.
  8. You are correct and I think this strategy sucks!
  9. Happy BDay, Twang. Sure would like to have some more of the Twang family's smoked BBQ one of these years.
  10. You left out “dreaded.” They are hated and dreaded.
  11. Trust me, I knew EXACTLY what the final score was. I kept refreshing ESPN's website to get the score.
  12. Might not be a bs claim. That is definitely a point of emphasis this year. If there had been a huge problem with the contrast, they could probably still have worn them, but would have to have started each half by being charged a timeout. Or, they could have been made to change the jerseys. The numbers have to contrast.
  13. Headed home from Georgia. Can’t wait to watch the game!
  14. He did it prior to the start. I just don’t know how much he did it for.
  15. Question for those that wager on baseball: My daughter and husband bought $10,000 bed from Mattress Mack in Houston. If the Astros win the World Series, their money is refunded. How much should my son-in-law have wagered on the Nationals to “hedge” the refund if Astros win?
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