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  1. I only wish I could have been there and using my season tickets. Every year I question why I spend the money, money I absolutely can not afford to be spending due to the fact that, for me, the mortgage business hasn't been very kind recently. But I do. I feel obligated to support TCU and give back to the athletic program that took a chance on a kid from a small town in West Texas by allowing him to attend his dream school on scholarship. Every year i await my schedule coming out to see what home games I might be able to attend. This year it was the opening game. But, Mrs. Zebe can't handle the heat, I couldn't find anybody to make the drive over with me, so I watched from home. I also keep the tickets because I know one of these days soon, I won't be traveling every weekend and I will be able to go to FW for the games.
  2. Hope you are having a great Birthday.
  3. Lots of reports it was a fake knee that Tulane ran. It wasn't.
  4. Week 4 games are difficult. Unless you are a computer.
  5. They might be helpful for those of us in the Pick ‘Em contest every week. We need something to help compete against Duq’s computer.
  6. Never! I lived in Baton Rouge for 6 years and learned to enjoy the LSU Kool-Ade. Geaux Tigers!
  7. I’m not totally opposed to Cinci winning this game.
  8. Does he now get paid in rubles? 😙
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