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  1. Maybe the best video sports marketing has ever made. Next to this one. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAZzoU09YwQ
  2. No problem . . .this was when they were reviewing the Desmon White TD in OT.
  3. http://keithr.zenfolio.com/p886488264
  4. http://keithr.zenfolio.com/p729793079
  5. Wow . .I thought we would fall to about 20-21.
  6. https://www.tcu360.com/2016/09/tcu-cancels-homecoming-parade/
  7. I remember it well. 22 years of frustration came to an end that night. Stamp to Washington!
  8. Sorry these are late. . . More can be found here http://keithr.zenfolio.com/p598232139
  9. Awesome and very much appreciated.
  10. Former Frog receiver from the mid 70's Vernon Wells. He is now a sports artist here in Fort Worth.
  11. These pics are just of Pregame and warmups . . . photography of the actual scrimmage was not allowed unfortunately. http://keithr.zenfolio.com/p997955072
  12. If Baylor had won you would have heard zip about the field. Considering the conditions the field was fantastic. Hats off to Ross Bailey and crew.
  13. I would root for the Mexicans at the Alamo before I would cheer for Baylor.
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