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  1. Several Texas State grads at my work, with a scattering of UT and Aggy. I'm the lone Frog and there's one lone Bear. It's funny - the UT guys believe in H2H, the Aggies believe in body of work. The TXST folks don't care. The Bear and I get along great, and we barb a lot. It's been very civil though.
  2. I have an extra parking pass for the Dutton Garage (On Baylor's campus, close to the stadium) for the TCU-Baylor game in Waco. $20 takes it.
  3. I like you. Once again, you nail it right on the head. Perfect summary of the game of sports journalism. Still though, I do find it odd. Are there ever any "notorious" journalists that can get away with asking any big-time coach questions? Dennis Dodds? Brett McMurphy, maybe? It's hard for me to think of anyone with that much bravado and notoriety who can actually get away with that. I think one thing about that is that there's a unwritten "club" that exists around the TCU beat, mostly regarding the hierarchy Luke mentioned. If you ask those questions, you fall down the hierarchy and the access gets more limited. It is, honestly, just the nature of the beast.
  4. This is all exceptionally true. Current pecking order is Brian Estridge/John Denton, followed by Jeremy Clark/Alex Apple from HFB. None of those four will ever ask hard questions in public, or publish them after they get the answers in private. After that, you've got Stefan and then Hawkins (the AP writer), followed by the mob (including Skiff, Rivals, DMN, etc) after that. As a former writer in the market, I can tell you that no one asks hard questions because of the absurd amount of power Gary can have. You ask Gary hard questions or publish something he doesn't like, he hides behind the media relations team, and then the writers get zero access - to literally anything - until they're out of Gary and Mark Cohen's doghouse.
  5. I'll look into that. I don't have much experience with ordering ADA tickets, so I appreciate your help!
  6. Hi all, I live in D.C. and will be coming down to Texas for a week during Thanksgiving. I have access to the Baylor game already, but I'd love to take my father to his first-ever Frogs game as well. To do this though, I have a special challenge. The challenge is this: My father has MS and is confined to a mobile cart. I would need an ADA accessible seating or some other form of seating that he can access. If you have a ticket you can give up, or otherwise know a decent place to get such a ticket, that would be kindly appreciated. My dad has bled purple ever since I went to TCU and this game would make his year.
  7. So many negatives in this game, but I'll try to be positive. Jason Verrett may be the best corner in the NCAA this season. His assignment for the game was Eric Ward, the pre-season All-Big 12 receiver and favorite target of Texas Tech. Ward had ZERO receptions and Tech didn't dare throw it close to Verrett - AT. ALL. Even the NFL scouts are noting it: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000243464/article/tcu-cb-jason-verrett-smothers-texas-tech-wr-eric-ward Yes, there's a lot that needs fixing. But can we at least recognize that Verrett is a MASSIVE star on our team which isn't getting enough attention? I personally can't wait to see him in New York next year as his name gets called in the first round.
  8. Agreed. I understand their job is to be friendly to GP and make TCU look good, but sometimes, you just can't polish a turd.
  10. Seems my tastes are a bit heavier than most... I'd love to go to any metal show from 1988-1992. So many incredible bands were at their peak and so many great festivals were had. Samples... The 91-92 Metallica and Guns N Roses tour 1988 Monsters of Rock at Donington: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, KISS, Guns N Roses 1991 Monsters of Rock at Donington: AC/DC, Motley Crue, Metallica Clash of the Titans (1991): Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Alice in Chains and Testament Tushino Airfield '91: AC/DC, Metallica and Pantera The Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 I could go on.
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