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  1. don

    Stumbled across this site- anyone remember Don Dowell's site?

    Enjoyed reading this. Lot of old familiar names on here. Can't ever take that old site down. Ha, always loved that Rebel gif. By the way, I will admit now that I was the infamous . in the Bob room. Used to drive Wes and Terry crazy. They kept trying to private message me. Let's whack K State.
  2. don

    Last FrogHorn tailgate of the year!

    Thanks for letting me crash the tailgate. The BBQ was awesome.
  3. don

    Discounted OU Tickets

    Due to some family events this week, I need to sell my two OU tickets. They are in the TCU allotment. Sec 39. Just want to get some of my money back, will take $100 for the pair for a loyal TCU fan and will deliver in Fort Worth area. Hopefully will get some more purple there as I hate to miss this game. Let's whack em.