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  1. Not even close. I will buy you a beer and a burger if he ever wins a title. Howard is the biggest bitch in the NBA of the last decade.
  2. Here's my purple spin -- as good as he was last year, there still is significant room for improvement. I fully expect Deuce to be even better this year, which should terrify people.
  3. http://www.gofrogs.com/genrel/052715aag.html
  4. Howard is such a little bitch.
  5. Punctuation matters! I first read that like there was a comma instead of a period after the word "thread".
  6. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12957887/colin-kaepernick-apologizes-insensitive-houston-flooding-post "No disrespect intended! Prayers up!"
  7. https://news.yahoo.com/people-who-post-about-doing-exercise-on-facebook-often-have-serious-psychological-problems-060256547.html
  8. Probably wearing SPF 100 sunscreen. See if you can find anymore wearing SPF 100...
  9. TV ratings are impacted by point spreads http://espn.go.com/chalk/story/_/id/12955757/point-spreads-play-key-role-television-ratings-espn-chalk
  10. Howard should have been ejected
  11. He seems like a total wuss (more like a word that rhymes with that). I don't think that's something you can fix. That's a fatal flaw.
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