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  1. Bowl schedule is out. Texas Fri 12/27 5:45pm SEC ESPN Cheez-It Fri 12/27 9:15pm Pac12 ESPN Camping World Sat 12/28 11am ACC ABC (same time as the Cotton Bowl on ESPN) 1st Responders Mon 12/30 11:30am CUSA ESPN Liberty Tue 12/31 2:45pm SEC ESPN Alamo Tue 12/31 6:45pm Pac12 ESPN Sugar Wed 1/1 7:45pm SEC ESPN
  2. The Reno Effect. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.azsnakepit.com/platform/amp/2019/5/19/18630101/hitting-prospect-reno-mitch-haniger-kevin-cron
  3. Being a Pelican is obviously more interesting now.
  4. Kevin Samuel‏ @Kevinloopy23 43m43 minutes ago More Far from finished #268
  5. No TCU players invited to the NBA's draft combine. 66 players are headed to Chicago for the camp next week.
  6. USTA College Tennis@ustacollege10s It is official! ⁦@dkaplanSBJ⁩ ⁦@NCAATennis⁩ @usta ⁦@ustacollege10s⁩ Tennis Channel and USTA form 3-year rights agreement for NCAA DI men's and women's national championships | http://NCAA.com https://www.ncaa.com/news/tennis-men/article/2019-05-06/tennis-channel-and-usta-form-3-year-rights-agreement-ncaa-di … Tennis Channel and USTA form 3-year rights agreement for NCAA DI men's and women's national... Tennis Channel and the USTA, in conjunction with the NCAA, have entered a three-year partnership that makes the network the exclusive television home of the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Tennis... ncaa.com
  7. Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein FollowFollow @JonRothstein More Source: TCU will host Air Force as part of its 19-20 non-conference schedule. 10:46 AM - 20 Apr 2019
  8. Christian Walker, the Diamondbacks first baseman, is hitting .341 with seven home runs. There's no point in starting Cron's service clock to sit on the bench.
  9. Pete Delkus spent most of his weathercast last night explaining why it wasnt his fault he treated the impending weather as the next Biblical plague. Mainly, he blamed the NWS. Frankie McDonald is more credible. That is obvious.
  10. Trolls are people who pick a fight over a point nobody is trying to make. Also, Tiger is pretty good.
  11. Weather people are idiots. Once again, that is obvious.
  12. What is Obvious to The Captain isnt always obvious to others. And sometimes it is not even obvious to The Captain. ESPN isnt buying Fox College Sports. They are buying FSN, and then selling them. They are separate entities. Major Complication explained it to The Captain. TCU doesnt get 900K per year currently from FSSW, and TCU wont get 2.2 million per year with this deal from ESPN+. The complete deal is for 22 million a year, but that includes 3 conference title games so that portion of the deal replaces the lost revenue when Fox dropped the title games. It is not obvious, but the ESPN+ portion is reportedly valued at 40 million total. So if it is distributed evenly TCU will see a bump to roughly 900K per year. It may not be distributed evenly because that figure would represent a reduction for several schools. That part is not obvious. What is obvious is this part of the deal is the appetizer to a potential larger deal in the future. The conference is formenting an improved relationship with Disney. Just in case. There is nothing left over. This deal is for all of the Tier 3 rights for the 8 schools. ESPN+ will be exclusive. This is the Big 12 Network. UT and OU are not providing ESPN+ any content because their Tier 3 deals are of a longer length. In UT's case, much longer.
  13. The bulk of College basketball hiring happens during and after Final Four week. Final Four weekend is a big job fair because everybody is in one place. And that Sampson agreed to an extension doesnt mean he has signed it. Or that he couldnt still seek other jobs. Contracts mean little. Dixon has one. So does Mick Cronin. So did Buzz Williams. Chris Beard had a deal with UNLV. 3 weeks later, he is in Lubbock. All of this is obvious.
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