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  1. Game will be on FSSW+ live across the state. The Astros game is on FS1, not FSN. TCU at Kansas St. FOX Sports Arizona FOX Sports Detroit PLUS FOX Sports Midwest or PLUS+ FOX Sports North FOX Sports Ohio FOX Sports South+ FOX Sports Southwest PLUS FOX Sports Sun FOX Sports West MASN2 MSG
  2. UAPB vs TCU: UAPB at TCU AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain+ FOX Sports Detroit PLUS FOX Sports North PLUS FOX Sports Ohio+ FOX Sports Southeast (JIP) FOX Sports Southwest PLUS FOX Sports Sun (JIP) FOX Sports Wisconsin Prime Ticket
  3. The ACC Network begins Aug 22. On the 1st day, one of the live events will be TCU vs Florida State in womens soccer.
  4. I pray his prediction average is better than his batting average.
  5. 2 years have been skipped. 2014-15 and 2003-04. Arena would have only been an issue in 14-15. The 15-16 game was played at Wilkerson, the 13-14 game was played at the AAC.
  6. Not the 1st time in recent years there's been no game.
  7. Non conference schedule is out. No SMU, only 1 true road game with Arkansas in the SEC Challenge. Games with Xavier and George Mason. No real body bag games. https://gofrogs.com/news/2019/7/26/mens-basketball-frogs-announce-nonconference-schedule.aspx
  8. According to NCAA rule book, Rule 1 Section 4 Article 1 "strongly recommends" numbering as follows for offensive players:[2] Backs 1–49 Center 50–59 Guard 60–69 Tackle 70–79 End 80–99 Otherwise all players must be numbered 1–99; the NCAA makes no stipulation on defensive players. Two players may also share the same number though they may not play during the same down.
  9. From the Star-Telegram: "The expansion project delay affects about 2,000 fans, and Donati said the athletic department is working with those fans on ticket packages for the upcoming season."
  10. They lost to South Dakota State 90-6. They suck. Obviously.
  11. Frogs to Fayetteville in the B12 SEC Challenge.
  12. An obviously wise old sage once told me 'Love is blind, and sometimes mentally retarded'.
  13. Obviously, it sounds like only the Captain got it correct.
  14. Obviously, It is both. It is reviewable because it involves change of possession. But it is B's ball since possession was established on the ground.
  15. Vlad Brodziansky finished 2nd in scoring and rebounding for Obradoiro of the Spanish 1st division. Obradoiro, however, was only 11-23 and finished tied for 15th out of 18 teams and 1 game from being relegated.
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