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  1. If WF holds on (and they probably won't), 4 of 5 ACC ranked teams go down to unranked teams this weekend. The SEC will end up with all four CFP slots.
  2. Didn't say anything about being afraid of them. But they have been and are a white supremacist organization that preaches intolerance of others. The observation that they may not still be lynching people in no way makes them more acceptable. And while trump may not be sympathetic toward the KKK, they certainly seem to be sympathetic with what he stands for.
  3. Veteran's Day pics. Leaving for deployment for six months.
  4. many of them wanted Seth out of the game before that. Now they got their wish.
  5. If I were baylor, I would cancel the rest of my own season.
  6. It would deny their opponents the pleasure we had last week of opening up cases of whoopass on them.
  7. The KKK is scheduling a march in support of trump.
  8. so next game you won't have to bring your own onions in the crotch of your pants.
  9. Thank you. I will keep posting what I get. .....oh wait, you must be referring to Caylin!
  10. Football player Caylin Moore was one of 200 students nationwide named as a 2016 Rhodes Scholar finalist. He is believed to be the fourth Rhodes finalist in TCU's history. From the Chancellor's desk today -- Dear Campus Community, It is with great pleasure that I inform you that a member of the Horned Frog Family is a 2016 Rhodes Scholar finalist. The Rhodes Scholarship is one of oldest and most prestigious scholarships in the world, with 32 students from the United States being selected each year. Caylin Moore is one of a handful of Rhodes finalists in Texas Christian University's history. This is a remarkable accomplishment that brings honor to the entire TCU community. Caylin, an economics major in the AddRan College of Liberal Arts, is an outstanding young man who has overcome adversity to achieve success both athletically and academically. He is a former Truman Scholarship finalist, co-founder of an outreach organization to inspire local youth, a 2016 Big 12 Conference Sports Person of the Year finalist, and also is a finalist for the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship Program, and he maintains a 3.934 GPA. His moral character, commitment to others and leadership skills exemplify the qualities of a Rhodes Scholar and the spirit of TCU. Please join me in rallying behind Caylin and supporting him as he continues to compete for this tremendous honor and opportunity. Congratulations, Caylin – we are so proud of what you have already accomplished, and send you our thoughts and best wishes for continued success! Sincerely, Victor J. Boschini, Jr. Chancellor From the Star Telegram -- http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article114179408.html Notes from his GoFrogs page -- NOTEWORTHY Earned Fulbright Scholarship, and studied abroad in England at the University of Bristol in the summer of 2014 … finalist for the Truman Scholarship for the State of California … last school of attendance was Princeton University where he studied at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy through the Public Policy and International Affairs Program in 2015 … younger brother, Chase Moore, plays for College of the Holy Cross. Impressive young man.
  11. they did lose Trevor Knight for the season. But they have a 4-5 Ol Miss, Texas State and LSU left, all at home. Nothing like that SEC West murderer's row to close the season. They could finish as low as 8-4 with losses to Ol Miss and LSU which is not impossible given their QB situation. And we could finish 8-4 in a just and rational world.
  12. I would like to see the basketball program become competitive again. Having grown up in Indiana, basketball was a much more popular sport than football. I enjoyed going to games regularly back in the Tubbs era. They were fun then. I went to games during the Jim Christianson era for a few years. Those games were not so much enjoyable as an easy way to kill a few hours without an emotional investment and my daughter liked to go. But I was only paying $25 per year for a GA pass so it was cheap. I don't see myself attending many games at all now even with a better program because increasing costs are making it much harder to justify. Football season tickets already cost too much so I become less willing to spend dollars on other sports which are becoming increasingly expensive. I may try t get some tickets to a Saturday afternoon game at some point so I can bring my daughter but a large noisy crowd may be way too stressful for her.
  13. weklfrog

    ACA impact

    Professionals in the field are in the field because they want to help people who need services. ACA provides access to services for millions who did not have it before. Treatment works and if addicts can get treatment they can live more productive lives and we all benefit from that. trump is going to have a much harder time repealing it than he thinks.
  14. Ohio went fairly strongly for trump. Not a surprise.
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