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  1. Jokes like that got Dennis Miller fired from Monday Night Football.
  2. I believe I read that he’s new to the district within the last few months. I may be mistaken. But, as I criticized Killery for moving to NY to be gifted a Senate seat, I am not a fan of convenient moves just before an election. Your other point has some merit and highlights the broken system. Right now, Tarrant County has a powerful, high ranking person in Congress. Vote her out, and we are back at the bottom of the pecking order. Much like Brooklyn replacing the likely speaker of the house with the moron bartender in their primary.
  3. I am for term limits, so I am leaning toward Putnam, but need to read up on him.
  4. Pardon me for thinking that I should keep the money I earn and my kids will deserve their inheritance more than the unemployed guy in NYC, who is buried in student loans after majoring in 17th century women's studies and who makes no living because no one wants to buy his "art" which consists of origami made from recycled VCR instruction manuals and sidewalk paintings made using his bodily fluids.
  5. The new American Dream is to be successful just up to the point where the far left doesn’t target you.
  6. The fact that Warren and Sanders act as if earning money and paying a crap load of taxes, and in turn employing thousands of people who also pay a crap load of taxes, makes someone a public enemy is why I could never support them. If either ends up the nominee, I hope Trump wins all 50 states. My wife started a company from scratch in 2012. In 2019, she paid more than 4 dozen people some form of a paycheck. Some earned a significant amount on the year. Yet, if the company continues to grow, we’ll become the enemy for not paying our “fair share,” whatever the hell that means.
  7. I hope so. Always fun to get a little 1 on 1 time. We hit up several of the museums, ate some great food, and I showed her her very first home, as she was born when I was still in the Army.
  8. Might as well brag here. I took my 12-year old daughter to our Nation's capital to celebrate her birthday this past weekend. Through some connections, we were able to get the incredibly exclusive West Wing tour. We were able to see into the Situation Room for one hot-second, as someone happened to exit when we were in that hallway, the Oval Office, Roosevelt Room, Cabinet Room, and the White House Press Briefing Room, among other things. Our tour of the Colonnade and Rose Garden was delayed because the President had just landed on Marine One, back from Daytona. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
  9. I am thinking Warren is done in the next day or so.
  10. That and $5 will get you a footlong sub at Subway
  11. Agree. Even the taking heads on MSNBC agreed. Part of me wonders if it was scripted by her handlers and backfired.
  12. No, but Pelosi has to be close to chewing through her face by now.
  13. “Protect social security and Medicare? Nah, I’ll just stay seated and not clap.” - House Dems
  14. “Record unemployment? Nah, I’ll just stay seated and not clap.” - House Dems
  15. Meanwhile, the DNC in Iowa apparently cannot add. You'd think determining that the group with 30 people in the gym is bigger than the group with 25 across the gym would be pretty easy. Let's take a look at the calculations live:
  16. That’s my exact point. It’s pretty sad that the House relies on the Jury to prove up their case, rather than proving up their case. Could they have gone through the courts to compel testimony? Yes. Would that have appeased the #squad? No. Pelosi senses she was losing control and pushed the thing through without all the witnesses. It’s on her and Schiff.
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