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  1. Agree. The problem is that much of their base and the far left part of Congress were so convinced that the Mueller report was going to be their impeachment smoking gun. They railed on for 2 years about impeaching Trump due to Russian interference. When that landed with a dull thud, they were on to new impeachment grounds in a matter of weeks. I just don't think this plays well in the swing states, but I certainly could be wrong.
  2. Well, from what I have read, their best case for impeachment amounts to "I heard from someone, that heard from someone else, that Trump cares more about the Bidens than Ukraine." But, setting aside (a) the double-hearsay, (b) the issue of whether the double hearsay was the opinion of the speaker, and (c) whether what was said is the exact quote uttered or a telephone-game style remembrance, Trump caring more about the Bidens than Ukraine isn't a crime. I care about a lot of things more than I care about Ukraine.
  3. The good thing is he gets to do it all again next year...and the next...and the next, until there are no more uber-wealthy to pay for everything.
  4. They could have worn the sharpest uniforms ever seen and I would have posted the same gif.
  5. Ugh...the startlegram. Hey, here is a picture of Innis Gaines missing a tackle to post with the article about Innis Gaines
  6. He’d probably be thrilled to play behind an upgrade at OL.
  7. And yet somehow, after the rumors of Delton broke, the line at my online sportsbook moved from -2.5 to -1. Bizzare.
  8. The second location has been a great spot for lunch. I have been 4-5 times. Food always comes out fast and has been good quality. And there are TVs everywhere.
  9. As mentioned in another thread, Justin Rogers has announced his intention to enter the famed Transfer Portal.
  10. OSU's stud WR Wallace is supposedly out for the year with a torn ACL in practice. He has close to 1/2 of their receiving yards, if I understand correctly. Line has already reacted and is down to +2.5
  11. Pretty sure it is a refund up to $3000.
  12. Only 1 home game in the September heat. OU on Halloween!?!
  13. No kidding. It’s pretty infuriating.
  14. Statewide police has a dog in this fight, even if he is no longer a cop. If he has a crappy attorney and gets hung out to dry then the court precedent is set for future cases involving officer involved shootings.
  15. I assume pretty loud. But if we can just get in a "medicare for all" candidate, we'll see those deficits plunge, Amirite!?!
  16. He's been charged with murder. Why would he cooperate? It's idiotic for him to do so.
  17. I think changing it so that people do not become millionaires simply by being elected to Congress and installing term limits would go a long way toward fixing the nation's issues.
  18. Somehow I doubt he'd have had heart surgery within hours of having chest pains under a medicare-for-all system.
  19. I was proud that we stayed until close to the end of the 3rd quarter, seeing as how a) my wife was working, so I had all three kids by myself, and b) my son stayed up about an hour past his nap time.
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