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  1. Army Frog Fan

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Better than the UT Longhorns' see-through white pants?
  2. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

    Well, Muslim is not a religion...but Islam is. 😉
  3. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

    I am of the opinion that the Commerce clause has been too broadly construed. I know we will likely agree to disagree. In a similar fashion, I am of the opinion that the 1st Amendment has also been too broadly construed with respect to religion, so take my comments for whatever value you wish.
  4. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

    Obligatory 10th Amendment/State’s rights comment.
  5. Army Frog Fan

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

  6. Army Frog Fan

    The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    If that happens, I will become a Jets fan for waiting until the Carousel stopped, before pulling Rhule out of Waco. Now they will be scrambling for someone after the best suitors have already moved on.
  7. Army Frog Fan

    Coaching Carousel Thread 2018

  8. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

  9. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

    Has a freshman Congressman, who has not previous accomplishments to rely on, ever been given so much publicity? I mean, she's everywhere.
  10. Army Frog Fan

    God save us....

    Cue my rant in favor of a progressive consumption tax in lieu of a federal income tax. (no more tax returns, no more tax loopholes, no more tax refunds, no more bitching about those who can afford CPAs get better rates, no more lower tax rates between two individuals doing the same job because one is a married homeowner when the other is not...etc....etc....etc....)
  11. Army Frog Fan

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    Per my Brother in law, who is a local orthopedic surgeon, with modern techniques, Hurns could be back up in 9-12 months (depending on what Hurns' doctors find when they get in there). That's just crazy to me.
  12. I don’t understand why Bunce was even in there. If I read the stats on tv right, prior to either of their FG attempts, Song had a higher percentage ( 71 to 50) and a longer career long ( 46 to 41). Seems like Song should have kicked the first one.
  13. Army Frog Fan

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Bring this look back. No colored accents other than neck and sleeves.