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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Anyone get their season tickets yet?
  2. AP Top 25

    Depends on who TCU loses to, but Clemson likely gets the nod over 12-1 TCU with the explanation that Clemson's QB was hurt for the Syracuse game.
  3. AP Top 25

    If ND and TCU win out, your playoff is likely 11-1 ND 13-0 TCU 13-0/12-1 SEC champ 13-0/12-1 Big 10 Champ The only other possible contenders that would cause TCU to sweat are the ACC Champ (12-1 Clemson (bad loss to Syracuse) or 12-1 Miami (would have lost to ND) or a 12-1 Washington (bad loss to ASU). All of those teams would be a tough sell over an undefeated TCU, IMO.
  4. Week 10 TV (11/4)

    Times will be announced tomorrow, and hopefully TCU/UT is not put on the 6 day hold. FWIW, this guy is predicting a 7:00 kickoff on ESPN (although he has been wrong on TCU at least once this year) http://mattsarzsports.blogspot.com/
  5. Kansas U @ TCU

    Speed baby!
  6. Kansas U @ TCU

  7. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    They'd be better all the way off...
  8. KU at TCU: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Guesses

    Offense: Turpin gets two scores; Sewo goes for over 100 yards Defense: Boesen with two sacks and a forced fumble ST: Nunez for pinning his one punt of the game inside the 10. TCU 52 - KU 6
  9. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

  10. AP Top 25

  11. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    So is there a link...you know, for research purposes?
  12. AP Top 25

    I'm Irish, so I too root for ND. But Navy!?! How long have you been a communist?
  13. TCU - KU at 7:00 on Fox

    Speed baby!
  14. Not 2017 Frog Horn Poll but Dushee

    Where is KenPom when you need it?