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  1. Apparently Fuente was fired from VT upon returning from his interview in Waco.
  2. I had the opportunity to catch a few movies on my flights this past week. Ad Astra: It was ok. Kind of boring Hobbs & Shaw: Pretty entertaining, even though the story is kind of cheesy.
  3. Yep. Or that the whole thing will die in the senate.
  4. I wish more people were independent until a viable third party emerges. I am not a fan of Trump's demeanor or antics, but I would vote for a ham sandwich before some of the crazy far leftists in the Dem primary.
  5. You think Pelosi is worried about having enough votes? Otherwise, why haven't they voted yet. Perhaps there is fighting over which Reps they let vote the other way, once they secure enough votes.
  6. I knew that guy's name sounded familiar.
  7. Army's uniform theme the last 4 years: 2019 - 1st Cavalry Division 2018 - 1st Infantry Division 2017 - 10th Mountain Division 2016 - 82nd Airborne Division Navy's uniform theme the last 4 years: 2019 - Themselves 2018 - Their mascot 2017 - The Navy's non-combat aerial show team, the Blue Angels 2016 - Themselves...again Notice a trend?
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