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  1. Speaking of blacklist, the Avalanche Bar and Grille in Crested Butte has a section where the autographed jerseys are Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, and Kobe Bryant.
  2. The comments on this are the greatest thing I have ever seen on twitter.
  3. Aaron Kemper led Army is rushing in 2015 (the last season Army was awful before the turnaround by Coach Monken) with 544 yards on 101 carries.
  4. Kelvin Hopkins Jr. had 25 carries for 102 yards in Army's near road upset of #5 Oklahoma
  5. And he was the left’s hero for it. Obama even committed the sentence of Assange’s partner in crime (although if Bradley Manning hadn’t decided he wanted to be a girl, he’d still be in jail), and many on the left cheered and view Manning as a hero. But exposing that that the DNC is rigging the primary in Hilary’s favor? That’s unforgivable.
  6. Seeing as how Dedric Lawson from KU is considered by one ranking scale as the #46 player, I assume Bane is not going to get the grade. His 3-point shooting could elevate him though. In the new NBA where raining threes is the game, he could latch on.
  7. I had UVA over Tech and also had MSU losing to Tech. Ended up in the top 0.5% of ESPN's brackets, so I am in the pool (with about 170,000 other brackets) to win a trip to Hawaii.
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