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  1. Not really. We haven't been doing it furlong.
  2. Ouch. My bad. Fixed it above Here's credit to Reagor:
  3. Words cannot describe the atmosphere in the stadium that night, when compared to other memorable games. I came in town for that game and even the energy outside the stadium was crazy. My favorite memory was the longtime season ticket holders with parking spots right next to the chain link fence on the West side were frustrated that they could not just pull into their spots 5 minutes before kickoff (as they had done for every game going back 20 years) because the crowds were pouring into the stadium. I just wish TCU and FW had supported the frogs that way when LT was playing. It is a travesty that TCU fielded a top-25 Team with a heisman candidate RB, only to play in a stadium that was 1/2 full. On the other hand, it was nice to walk up on game day and pay $10 for a ticket.
  4. Army Frog Fan

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    Here is mine. #1 - Army #2 - TCU #3 (tied) - Nebraska, Notre Dame, & Kansas #6 - Texas . . . #1,632,865,981,999,645,721 (tied) - Bin Laden, Ebola, ISIS, & nuclear war #1,632,865,981,999,645,722 - Navy
  5. Army Frog Fan

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    F Navy
  6. Army Frog Fan

    Week 1 TV (8/30-9/1)

    8/31 (Fri) Army at Duke ESPNU 6:00pm
  7. Gotta love the massive Surrender Cobra in Lubbock that night:
  8. Army Frog Fan

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    I doubt you see much TCU movement, unless we just blow out the teams in weeks 1-2, but even then, I but it wouldn't increase by to more than 50-1. You will see some movement depending on some of the marquee match ups, such as UW plummeting if they lose to Auburn. Just my $0.02.