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  1. Steel spoke today with someone who heard what supposedly happened from Wes miller, while preston was standing there. Supposedly they had been earlier at the same bar. TB had been being razzed pretty hard by the people there including a bartender. They went back to hotel to be in their rooms for the midnight check. TB was very agitated. After check, TB was insistent on going back to the bar to confront the hecklers. PM went along so he wouldn't be alone (again, supposedly). then crap hit the fan. Take it for what it's worth, this is apparently PM's version of events.
  2. Steel has never felt unwelcome here. Or there. Or anywhere. Now, people may not have appreciated Steel's presence, but Steel nevertheless didn't--and doesn't--feel unwelcome. Steel doesn't come here much because there's simply not enough time to go much to both sites. If you are under ban, there's a decent chance Wes isn't aware unless you point it out to him. wes@killerfrogs.com You are welcome there, if you want. Or stay here, it don't matter. Both sites seem to have many of the same thread subjects. MooseStuff has been over there a long time under a different names; Steel can't remember right now, but you would recognize it. He's a peach!
  3. Oddly enough, Steel was taking depositions of some Eyetalian deadbeats and they decided, since no one was going anywhere, least of all some Eyetalians, to just continue doing the depositions.
  4. They have all been terrible thus far
  5. Steel really likes this! Mountain climbing: Torngat Mountains National Park is a mountain climber's paradise, as you're surrounded by majestic, scalable peaks within a scenic panorama almost impossible to imagine.
  6. On Google it is described as Canada's newest national park, hence NP
  7. Just found out about Torngat Mountains N.P. in Newfoundland; place looks amazing; anybody been there?
  8. The Boundary Waters of MN are ok cool. Rainy Lake up at International Falls is a marvel and insane fishing. Otherwise, that state blows.
  9. Sorry for your loss NT. That really sucks.
  10. FT shooting is underrappreciated because everybody generally shoots within a certain range (say 70-90%) where the difference doesn't much matter. But when you got a guy like, say, Rajon Rondo--who can't shoot form the field or FTs, then it changes things cause you don't even have to defend the guy; it becomes a 5 on 4 game. RONDO SUCKS!
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