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  1. UT in CStat would be entertaining. Not the game itself, but the fan interactions.
  2. Should we be giving up 6+ runs to UTA and Seton Hall? Absolutely not. But our “championship level offense” has left a lot to be desired against those teams as well. Three runs and 12 LOB deserves an earful. Honestly, the # LOB this season has been pretty much as worrisome as our pitching.
  3. I think the development of those sophomore players are very important to next year, and will be the first real judgement of CJD’s recruiting.
  4. Those look literally the same as the “old” ones. Haven’t they always had a light grey uni?
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I get that take. But I’m in the camp that people can be redeemed from prior scandals. After the affair, DUI, and injuries, I think he’s been humbled and took the steps to do better.
  6. I’ve never seen CJS this frustrated. Right after complementing the offense, they go and get out hit by a team we were meant to have as a mid season tune up series. Which I guess you can really pin on the pitching too. Regardless, they need to start figuring some stuff out soon or else this could spiral downward real quick.
  7. Really? I think those all gold unis are awful. The green and white ones are okay. I think the ones they’re replacing were better. But wow, want to see bad? Look up Michigan States new unis.
  8. It definitely feels like it. Between the 4 transfers in 2 weeks to start the season, and then your 2 best returning players entering the draft. Doesn’t appear like a cohesive, well bonded unit.
  9. Noi announces that he’s gone for good, even if he gets a bad grade. Thats a big mistake on his part. He has a high ceiling, but it was never reached. He was the most inconsistent player in the team this year. He needed at least another year. I’m not even sure he’s ready for Euro ball. But if he’s that set on leaving, then best of luck.
  10. Schloss is PISSED at his pitching staff. This is statistically the worst combined ERA in his 16 years here as a coach. What’s even more frustrating is that he says we have a “national championship caliber” offense. https://amp.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article229095134.html?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Just went back and saw we gave up 20 points in that 5 minute span. Busted coverage on screen pass for TD, intercepted shovel pass for TD, trick play kickoff TD called back after revealing Turp threw it 1 yard forward (this hurt the most honestly), and then a blocked punt on that series where they scored 2 plays later.
  12. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gone. He’s going to put himself through the process to see where he measures up and get feedback. If they give him good feedback and project him to be drafted, then he will likely enter the draft. If he gets a less than favorable draft grade and advised he still needs work, I would imagine he would come back for his final year. But who knows. He basically has until May 29th (10 days after the NBA combine) to withdraw his name.
  13. Someone on the other board pointed out something interesting. Notice that CJD tweeted his message right after UCLA hired Cronin from Cincinnati. Makes you think he may have been hoping UCLA would make a last ditch effort.
  14. Yeah no kidding. In the end, I really hope there is no bad blood. I think it’s clear he wanted the job and the opportunity to move back home. I get TCU not wanting to negotiate on the buyout, but if UCLA really wanted him, then $8 million should have been no issue.
  15. It’s more that he’s said nothing at all. Not even anything along the lines of pumping up the fans about continuing to fight/grow/get better as a program. He doesn’t have to mention the job/negotiations debacle, but say SOMETHING to the fans. Especially after you considered abandoning ship.
  16. Honestly, the oddest thing about this whole ordeal is that we still haven’t heard a peep out of Dixon. I find that a little troubling for some reason.
  17. Unless something else came up, I would count him gone. Wants to play in Europe ASAP (based on what I’ve seen/heard). But who knows if it’s true. Regardless, he would definitely benefit staying another year.
  18. Who threw the INTs? I know Duggan has impressive quickness and speed, but how did he look throwing?
  19. I heard Van Zandt looked really impressive as well.
  20. That really sucks about Filikitonga. If he’s in a scooter, that doesn’t bode well for him playing this season. He was really starting to turn the corner in practice and beefed up all the way to 300 lbs.
  21. The Hullaby to UT commit is odd. He was very open that TCU was his dream school.
  22. Is the Spring Sale this Saturday (4/6) or next Saturday (4/13)? Would really appreciate if someone could clear this up as I’ve heard two different things from multiple people.
  23. Honestly, if we were going internal, my vote is to promote Coach Miller.
  24. Likely too late. I think he just signed an extension with UH. Thats the crappy thing about Dixon leaving now. It’s just awful timing. Most, if not all the high interest guys have either signed elsewhere or signed an extension with the school they were already at. This happens a week ago, Coach Buzz likely gets money whipped by ADJD to come here instead of A&M. Not only that, but he’s leaving with only 3 players coming back (1 starter & 2 bench players), and he’ll likely take our recruiting class with him to UCLA.
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