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  1. This is it Cumbie. You now have a grad transfer, a former starter, and three 4-star QB’s to work with. No more excuses. Let’s see you can do with arguably the most talented (on paper at least) stable of QB’s we’ve maybe ever had.
  2. Baldwin’s only season was his senior season where he accumulated the following stats: 262 of 365 (72%) 3,900 yards / 44 TD 717 rushing / 9 TD He led Lake Travis to the state championship, but was injured at the end of the semi final game. Like Rogers, his knee injury required surgery. OSU fans thought highly of him and thought he was the starter until the Fields transfer.
  3. Thats a bummer about King if he does end up going to the QB Graveyard U. He’s a heck of a talent throwing and running the ball. Probably the most exciting QB in Texas to watch play. But yeah Williams is definitely a project. He’s really got to work on his deep passes if he wants a shot. His mid-range game isn’t bad and he’s good at throwing on the run, which I know Cumbie likes. Williams will be a heck of an athlete here regardless the position he ends up at though.
  4. Any more expected today? The number I heard was between 4-5.
  5. So does this mean Haynes King basically told our staff “thanks but no thanks”? Because from what I understood, King was the top guy in class we are having to be very picky in.
  6. *Actual footage of GP sliding into Blackshear’s DMs
  7. If this is true, we have outright been underutilizing him. Those are freakish numbers.
  8. Yeesh. But not surprising from a newspaper that defends open anti-semites.
  9. Time to start from scratch. I’ll admit our issues probably originate from having our last 2 recruiting classes picked apart from the draft, and a few key injuries this year (and now Wolfe is out for the year). But this group just doesn’t have it. This is not Frog baseball, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Schloss look so outright distraught.
  10. Yeah those democrats/socialists running for president are all about free market capitalism...
  11. Ty went a lot later than I expected. But at least he got drafted! Congrats Ty.
  12. LJ to Seattle! Congrats big man, you earned it Go Frogs!
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