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  1. Also, about a week late on this, but Catalon chose Arkie over TCU and UT. Was thought to be a TCU lean until his GF accepted her offer to Arkie.
  2. Pretty nice grad transfer pickup for DE next year, whether that's at starter or backup.
  3. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    With Duggan likely taking snaps with the 1's while Collins and Rogers finish up their rebab should make for an interesting summer. Especially when you consider throwing Delton into the mix. I don't think Delton starts, but he should given Cumbie the freedom to make up some nifty PA style plays, especially in the red zone.
  4. SuperToad

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Attrition of scholarship players (injury/transfer) by sport: Football: 41% to 47% (depends on who was actually hurt at the end) Basketball: 33% Those are unreal statistics. Find me one other program in the country that's even come close to that.
  5. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    I'm also just a little curious why Kendall chose WVU to begin with after they lost Holgo.
  6. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    Re-establishes my impression that Riley is a douchebag who models his personality style after Art Briles
  7. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    KSU is all of a sudden reconsidering allowing Delton to be immediately eligible
  8. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    I knkw Delton is a great athlete and I'll bet Cumbie will have some specific schemes just for him. I'm just a little frustrated because, IMO, I think we're one great healthy pocket passer away from being a REALLY good team next year. Even with our QB situation, we couldn't get a single guy like that on campus. Meanwhile UCF landed Notre Dame's former starter. Im really not trying to say anything bad about Delton. He's a great athlete and apparently a big time leader. We just don't have a single proven passer on a team with a stable of great WRs.
  9. SuperToad

    New AGCS East Side Renderings Released

    If those renderings are accurate, then it looks like they have once again scaled back on the size of the video board
  10. SuperToad

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    Welp, so much for the Hurts fantasy. Really don't understand this one.
  11. SuperToad

    Clemson v. Alabama

    I guess I'm just missing on how burgers and pizza is "foisting idocracy upon the country". Anywho, I hope we can at least both agree that most politicians are crooks, liars, thieves, and wannabe despots and get back to sports.
  12. SuperToad

    Clemson v. Alabama

    Baylor sucks
  13. SuperToad

    Clemson v. Alabama

    Publicity stunt? I didn't realize national champions going to the WH and enjoying themselves was a new concept. Y'all are getting ridiculous in your hatred for Trump. Call him out for the dumb tweets and policy you don't like. But to get this upset/worked up over the president buying burgers and pizza for a bunch of college kids is a bad look. And GMAFB on acting like the partial govt shutdown is some huge travesty and squarely on the president. The few employees who missed one paycheck will be rembersed once their stubborn congress listens to our Border Patrol agents and get past their hatred for Trump to protect our border. Just like Schumer and Pelosi said was necessary 2 years ago.
  14. SuperToad

    Clemson v. Alabama

    To be fair, the players said they loved it. Trevor Lawrence said it was "awesome". Such a dumb "controversy". And Trump paid for it out of his own pocket.
  15. SuperToad

    TV Thread