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  1. Week 10 TV (11/4)

    That was fast. The game is already sold out
  2. Kansas U @ TCU

  3. God save us....

  4. God save us....

    Youre kidding yourself to think conservatives play identity politics and feed the culture war (minus Trump of course, who is not a true conservative) just as much as the left does. Conservatives have been more reactionary as a response to the left, which I agree is ridiculous and just adds fuel to the issue. But again, these issues did not stem from the right. Perhaps conservatives have been more successful because they have a point? Using your case, the majority of Americans agree protesting the anthem or using the anthem/flag as a vehicle for a protest is just not a good idea and is divisive. Using a symbol of unity in that manner just pisses people off. However that's not to say folks on the right are missing the point. A large majority of them do. And almost any American will stand with people fighting against discrimination. But protesting on the grounds that all cops are rasicts, or there's inherent racism in the system, or cops are pigs, or the American flag stands for oppression, etc., and you aren't using factual evidence or using a singular incidence and painting it as an "obvious" portrayal of society? Come on. There's a better way for these athletes to use their platform and raise awareness or protest for their cause. They have every right to protest. They just need to find a better way to go about it. Im glad we can at least see eye to eye on Sharpton. Yelling "racist!" In lieu of facts is just another prime example of what I'm talking about. And getting back to the core point. I guess we will just have to disagree. I think it's blatantly obvious liberal media are to blame based on how they spend their airtime talking almost the entire time about what Trump tweets and how he resembles Hitler, etc. And yet when it comes to issues like Rocca and the Clinton/Russia/Holder debacle, nary a word is said. Not saying it doesn't get reported or written. But issues like this are taking a backseat to ridiculous crap. And again, not saying liberal media/leftists are the sole players and perpetuators. But they play that a lot more than conservatives. It would be really nice if more people could have civil discussions like this rather than yelling at each other like Alex Jones does talking about gay frogs.
  5. God save us....

    Ya think? And in that scenario, does the victim not have access to a gun as well?
  6. God save us....

    Oh Trump is definitely playing the culture wars "game". That's how he got elected. But the culture wars are not a product OF Trump. Quite the opposite. I'm not defending it in his favor either. He's been "great" at riling people up but widely unsuccessful in policy making. That's not to say he hasn't had some successes. The MSM started this plague and aren't afraid to show their moslty strong leftist biases. They are the source of the problem in all of this, Trump just uses it against them when he can because he knows a lot of people are sick of it from the other side. The left is by far and away the most guilty when it comes to this emotion policy and ideal pushing. Late night TV hosts telling people they don't care enough or their ideals, prayer, etc. don't matter if they don't agree with them. Senators and folks from Hollywood getting up on their soap boxes and shouting about issues without any sort of factual evidence to support their claims, just emotion. The emotional grandstanding needs to stop. But it won't anytime soon.
  7. God save us....

    Its gotten less air-time than Trump being "rude". Like I said, "culture wars" has become more important to MSM than anything else.
  8. God save us....

    On top of that, the new damning evidence against Hillary Clinton and her involvement with the Russia uranium scheme scandal has gone largely ignored http://www.dailywire.com/news/22463/msm-networks-completely-ignore-real-russia-scandal-joseph-curl
  9. God save us....

    Meanwhile amongst the culture wars, some actual big news as ISIS has been driven out of their last urban stronghold, Raqqa. http://www.dailywire.com/news/22346/winning-isis-completely-driven-out-raqqa-amanda-prestigiacomo I think it's pretty telling of our media nowadays that Trump supposedly saying something inappropriate is a bigger headline than a HUGE win against ISIS.
  10. Sciency stuff

    Nah you have nothing to worry about. Well, at least for now anyways: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.livescience.com/20714-yellowstone-supervolcano-eruption.html
  11. Presidents have concerns about P12Network

    This would be a perfect scenario for the B12. A dream scenario would be to (on top of adding UA and ASU) add back Neb and CU, then go after Utah, and someone else (one of: CSU, BYU, UH, BSU).
  12. Hill Howard Turpin Purple matte Purple jersey White pants
  13. BUMP again. Ben Wilson is now losing. Keep voting!!!
  14. Stay hard WAT lady

    In memoriam: