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  1. SuperToad

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    Love this combo. This is the first time we've won this uni combo with the new black jerseys w/purple collar.
  2. SuperToad

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Considering GP and Mrs. P are Mormon, I'd probably steer clear of that one.
  3. SuperToad

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

  4. SuperToad

    Week 2

    Huh? He was same class as Robinson. Same team too.
  5. SuperToad

    Week 2

    Why in the world did we not offer Laviska Shenault
  6. SuperToad

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    I bet it'll be black chrome dome, black jersey, purple pants
  7. SuperToad

    TCU vs SMU predictions

  8. SuperToad

    God save us....

    Is there a senator that grandstands more than Cory Booker?
  9. SuperToad

    God save us....

    I don't like what happened to Garland. I didn't agree with that at the time either. I think the grounds of blocking him based on timing (a few months before Obama was out) was a foolish arguement, although it is rare to appoint a justice that soon to the end. Republicans should have delayed on the merits that Garland did not have a sound textual philosophy when it came to enterpreting the constitution. But that's another argument for another time. But here we are on day one with a Supreme Court justice nominee on the floor of the senate, and we can't even get the hearing started before people like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker want to throw a hissy fit. The treatment of Kavanaugh as some sort of Nazi-esque figure who wants to do things such as strip away women's rights is much more disgusting than what happened to Garland IMO.
  10. SuperToad

    God save us....

    Democrats/left-wing protesters making a circus out of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing... 44 interruptions within the first 50 minutes: And of course the media has to chalk up controversy where there is none, saying Kavanaugh "refused" to shake hands with Parkland victim's father. Which of course was not the case.
  11. 2(-)3=1(00) Yes I know 2-3=-1 😡
  12. SuperToad

    Week 1

    Purdue, down 4, makes a big stop on 3rd down to get the ball back with 3 minutes left...until the DT throws the RB to the ground, drawing a personal foul. Northwestern runs the clock out the next 4 plays.
  13. SuperToad

    Too early to start a 2018 TCU Football thread?

    I was wrong. It's 9-10 starters AND reserves who won't play. Either way we'll see a lot of freshman. But to the Snell comment, a week ago all of our RBs were hurt. All 4. Snell was the only one even remotely ready to go at that point.