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  1. God save us....

    Yep. This tax plan is great for the economy. The US had the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Which is why I always thought it was funny for people to say "they don't pay their fair share in taxes". For the record though, I do think 21% is a little too much of a cut. Yes, it's projected to set us back 1.5 trillion in the current deficit. But like you said, government spending cuts will help alleviate some of that.
  2. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    Yep not a great start for me
  3. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    Idk about y'all, but I'm excited to see the Oregon v Boise State rematch.
  4. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    I think it just goes to 1
  5. Bowl Mania Pick 'em 2017!

    Make that 17. Just sent in my bracket. Missed the Gambling v A&T kickoff but oh well.
  6. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I should be clear, he's been cleared to practice, but not play. Either way, it's still a huge step forward for him to start developing.
  7. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    And in other good news, Kevin Samuel was finally cleared by the NCAA.
  8. God save us....

    Trump approved funding for CHIP just a week ago. Things are being done. But government funded programs are hardly ever efficient. And I agree. But give them the opportunity to sort it out before time runs out. Give them a chance. It's like losing at halftime. It doesn't look good, but there's still time left before the game ends.
  9. God save us....

    Again, until CHIP is defunded or there are hints that republicans will do away with CHIP, this is just throwing panic-y shit to the wall. It's on the republicans radar. It was founded by a republican. It's been funded by republicans (and democrats). But more to the actual point regarding Kimmel's speech. The emotional appeal of experience often isn’t an appeal to empathy at all. It’s an appeal to separation. It’s “you don’t understand-ism.” The point isn’t to create connection with the audience. It’s to suggest that those who disagree with you are incapable of forming a connection. They must disagree because they have no feelings. That's what Kimmel did by trotting out his son. In the end, thank God his son's procedure went well. Im happy for the Kimmel family in that aspect. But I find using your infant son as a political prop morally disgusting IMO. Especially when you push a false narrative. Republicans have addressed CHIP, and they will address it again before it's too late. They aren't "messing with children's healthcare". If they do, I'll stand side by side with you and Kimmel.
  10. God save us....

    Huh? What exactly in these two paragraphs makes you think that funding CHIP isn't a priority? "The House passed legislation last month to fund CHIP for five more years, but Democrats opposed it on the grounds that they didn’t like its funding mechanism. The Senate Finance Committee passed a version of that bill, too, but hasn’t figured out the offsets for funding it yet; Senator Orren Hatch (R-UT) has pushed forward the KIDS Act, reauthorizing CHIP for another five years as well. Hatch was one of the original authors of CHIP in 1997. Meanwhile, CHIP hasn’t gone unfunded — the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been signing checks to states for the last two months. Last week, President Trump signed funding for CHIP to avoid the consequences of a government shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Sunday, “We need to make sure the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which is expiring, gets to panel before the end of the year.” Clearly this is a priority for republicans. Just because this isn't the most pressing matter doesn't mean they are going to ignore it. In fact, there's no reason to believe CHIP will be defunded. But Kimmel's virtue signaling to hold the republicans in a bad light and draw conclusions that have nothing to do with CHIP in relation to tax reform is a disgrace. And I don't think you realize that Shapiro's child went through the same thing Kimmel's son did at the same hospital with the same doctor. So he knows exactly what Kimmel feels like. Shapiro isn't wrong here. If you want to make a credible claim for your frustrations, fine. But don't bring your child out on national television as an emotional grab and try to mislead people. CHIP has nothing to do with tax reform. If CHIP gets defunded by republicans, I will gladly eat crow.
  11. God save us....

    Jimmy Kimmel back at it again. This time using his infant son as a means to push a false narrative and lies about healthcare and tax reform. Despicable. https://www.dailywire.com/news/24580/watch-kimmel-uses-son-stump-government-program-ben-shapiro
  12. Roy Moore

    All this race proved to be was a carbon copy of the presidential election, just swapped party's. Two shitty candidates, but one more polar opposing than the other. Drove the republican turnout way down and the democrat voters came out in force. Moore, spurred on by Steve Bannon and his ego, singlehandedly lost the senate seat for republicans.
  13. According to a Mississippi news source, Fabian Franklin committed last night! Huge pick up at a much needed position. Fabian Franklin **** #14 RB in the nation Offers include: Bama, Georgia, Michigan, LSU, MSU (former commit), among others.
  14. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/12/11/16761508/sonny-dykes-smu-head-coach-report Second staffer to go to a rival school. No doubt SMU targeted Dykes in part to get intel on us.
  15. NYC Bombing

    https://www.dailywire.com/news/24528/botched-bombing-one-person-custody-after-suspected-emily-zanotti Sources told local media that the man was "ISIS-inspired," and was armed with several devices including a "five-inch metal pipe bomb" with a battery pack attached. He appears to have accidentally detonated the device inside his own jacket while he was walking through the bus terminal.