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  1. Dammit KState. Just screwed up my bracket. Had them going 3 rounds deep.
  2. You would be surprised how fast they can go once the skeleton is up. That said, they’ve already admitted they’re a month behind. But I believe they are now working nearly 24/7 to make up time.
  3. Based on the tweet, I’m definitely thinking it’s a statue or something like that.
  4. That or a position in some capacity on the football staff or AD staff.
  5. Yep. That 82% went to about 10% at best after today. Unreal. Eff this season.
  6. Literally nothing went our way today. Which, honestly, is fitting for this season.
  7. Another commit! Dajon Harrison, WR from Hutto HS. Dajon Harrison 5-11 180 lbs WR 3-star Hutto HS Offers from Boston College, Rice, UL, and others. Receiving interest from TTech. His skill set is very much YAC. He will be a weapon on screen plays and shallow slants, which opens up receivers like Reagor, Barkley, and Heights. 247 Profile: https://247sports.com/Player/Dajon-Harrison-46051172/
  8. LJ Collier showed up on NFL Network last night as the #44 overall best player in the draft. I imagine Banogu wansn’t far off the list.
  9. Also, JV to the 49ers. If he can stay healthy, they just got a steal of a secondary with him and Sherman.
  10. I think the Peppers trade for OBJ may have opened up a starting spot for DK. Edit: Yep, updated depth chart shows OBJ at starting receiver, and DK at starting safety. https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/CLE
  11. First time Gonzaga has lost the conference tourney in 12 years...and of course it’s this year to another bubble team.
  12. I’m done talking about Omar/anti-Semitism for now. It is what it is at this point.
  13. Who are they? Point them out and I will gladly condemn them. All anti-isms bother me, but that’s not the topic right now is it? I’m bothered because theres a political party who can’t just come out and condemn Omar. I’m bothered because a democrat congress couldn’t even pass a straight up resolution to condemn Omar and anti-Semitism in general. Instead passing a watered down resolution similar to one they already passed a month ago basically saying “it’s bad to be mean to all minorities!”. But who was it aimed at? Omar? Nope. And when 23 republicans don’t vote on it because they see it for the watered down cover-up sham that it is, now it’s apparently republicans that are anti-Semites and pro-hate! Despite two of the no votes being, you guessed it, Jewish. But isn’t it funny when they come out and rake republicans over the coals about a guy like Steve King, despite the party openly condemning him, stripping him of his committee privileges, and pour money into his 2020 primary opponents campaign.
  14. Why? She’s said 3 anti-Semitic things in the last 6 weeks. Her first anti-Semitic suggestion was that “Jews had hypnotized the world with their ‘Jew powers’”. The second being that “‘Jew money’ was the only reason that Israel had support from America”. The third suggested that “Jewish Americans had dual loyalty to Israel”. All three are anti-Semitic. All three have nothing to do with Israeli policy. Again, this isn’t hard to piece together. At the very least, she needs to be stripped of her Foreign Affairs Committee position.
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