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  1. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Fake toenails? You know it
  2. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Really sad because my stepson doesn't deserve to be treated like that.
  3. Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    . Just 167 days until KICK OFF!!!!!
  4. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    Race Horse has paid back $45k and Bimbo is waiting on the last $5k payment. The kicker here is the $50k Mr. eX borrowed after he heard of the loan to Race Horse. Mr eX has made no effort at all to pay back his loan. My step son is stuck in the middle and has been making payments to Bimbo for his father. Father doesn't know he has made the payments and Bimbo thinks they're coming from the father. No doubt his father feels he is somehow entitled to the $50k because in his mind he has done so much for my step son and Bimbo ~eye roll~
  5. The Worldwide Leader is BACK!!!!!!

    What a shitty day for TCU fans
  6. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Looks like we've got Syracuse
  7. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    It will be more exciting as soon as we know what team we'll be playing
  8. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    I totally agree. I told her when she throws a blanket invitation out there she'll have a lot of freeloaders there eating and drinking all they can so she better get ready to dig deep in that purse. She's already out $1,200 for nothing
  9. The Frog Horn Bracket Challenge

    I'm in!!
  10. Win $2.5M scratch off. What happens?

    The waterpark has a brand new facility for weddings and such. The bacholorette party is/was going to be in Florida. Bimbo has since changed her mind there too. The bachlorette party will be a week long drunken fun vacation adventure in the Dominican Republic