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  1. A guard eligible in 2020: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article229267144.html and a forward eligible this year: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/tcuhornedfrogs/2019/04/15/tcu-basketball-lands-commitment-former-st-louis-signee-mickey-pearson
  2. My cable listings show TCU-Ohio State on ESPNU next Wednesday at 3:00 pm. I predict a good first half by the Frogs, but a bad third quarter.
  3. I think this team is one 2017 Janczak away from being a contender. A pitching rotation of Lodolo, old Janczak, and Williamson; with King, Mihlbauer and Eissler in relief; with Perez to close is pretty stout. You can string together a Tuesday staff from Green, Notary, Brown, Caughlin and Righetti, whoever is throwing well at the moment. This is the best offensive team Schloss has had and should provide support. But old Janczak is the key.
  4. Second loss this season because we cannot defend a bunt. But give OU credit, they got gloves on some really hot line drives.
  5. I would not give away a penny of the buyout. Keep Dixon here if we can. If he wants to spend more time with his dad, tell him to fill his assistant positions and then he can take an extended leave. But don't make it easy for UCLA. If they come up with the money and he wants to go, fine, we will have resources for shopping for a replacement. And reach a decision while there's still some time to recruit.
  6. Open to the public. I would sure like to see some report on who's playing and how they look.
  7. It looks like all the rumors are coming from sources connected to UCLA. And UCLA basketball fans are a little like Texas football fans, they assume any coach the want, well, of course he couldn't possibly want anything more than to be their coach. If he goes, it will be the ailing father thing, but I'm not convinced he goes.
  8. All of this reminds me, how is Schloss doing in Mississippi?
  9. Even for GP, it seems there is an extraordinary lack of information coming out of camp this spring.
  10. I wasn't able to see many replays of the balk, but it looked like the pitcher may have moved his front foot before stepping off the rubber.
  11. This board is all of what I wanted when I migrated over here. Although the number of total posts is lower, the number of quality posts worth reading is much higher. Thanks to all who make it so.
  12. Really good numbers for Ty Summers. 244 pounds and a pro-timed 4.51 40. That should get him a job.
  13. Might not be good to insult any bowl. Personally, I was very glad the Frogs got to play in the Cheez-It this year.
  14. Scott Cross to be head coach at Troy. I believe that make three assistants departing this year, two to head coach jobs and one involuntarily. I trust Dixon will have no problem finding quality replacements. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2019/03/26/report-tcu-assistant-former-ut-arlington-coach-scott-cross-named-head-coach-troy Edit: Helped you out with the link. ~PD
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