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  1. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Football Scoop reports that offensive analyst David Gru will become a receiver coach at SMU. Not surprising, as Sonny Dykes brought him to TCU. Good luck to him, except when they play the Frogs.
  2. Congratulations to the staff on reeling in Franklin. He seems to be the kind of big--name recruit we once had no chance with.
  3. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    Never figured for Dykes to stay more than one year. Just don't let him take Chris Thomsen with him.
  4. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    I received an email from TCU offering to sell tickets for $75 to be donated for military members. This might be a good idea for those of us who want better seats but also want the school to sell its allotment. https://ev9.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3ATCU%3AFB17%3APBG%3A&linkID=tcu&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&groupCode=FPS&cgc=&RSRC=Email&RDAT=DM93794
  5. CDC gone to Austin

    CDC did great things for TCU. So did Fran. Now he leaves the same way as Fran. Thank you Chris Del Conte. I hope they made you very, very rich.
  6. 2018 TCU football

    We can hope for 8-10, but I don't expect it. Probable losses to Ohio State and both Oklahoma schools. Possible losses to West Virginia, Texas, Kansas State, Iowa State.
  7. New TCU commit, juco tight end Pro Wells. 6-4, 235, looks like more a receiver than a blocker. https://247sports.com/Player/Pro-Wells-87816
  8. 2018 TCU football

    The availability of Banogu and Bowen are the only question marks on defense. But the offensive line is one big question mark. Lots of young players have to grow up fast. I'm looking for 6-7 wins next year, back to 10 in 2019, then 2020 will be GP's shot at a 15-0 national championship with an experienced team and the advantageous home schedule. That will be this year's freshmen as seniors and this year's recruits as juniors.
  9. Bowl Matchups 2017-18

    UTSA is a good team that went 6-5 after having their game with Houston canceled by Harvey. They should have received an invite.
  10. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    I think BM will have success in the NFL, but his career will be short. The defensive linemen won't like his antics, and his body breaks like anyone's.
  11. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Good bowl. Good opponent. Much better than I expected back in August. I hope we can keep our players off the River Walk.
  12. End of Season Accolades

    This is much more than I expected. Respect is coming at last.
  13. Big12 Conference Championship Game

    Good analysis in the Norman newspaper: http://www.normantranscript.com/big-gameday-comparing-the-gap-between-oklahoma-tcu/article_cbdefc80-8ebd-5c62-8643-5b7996a00147.html
  14. Where is Shaun Nixon?

    Hasn't played the last couple of games, wasn't on the sideline against Baylor, now is not on the depth chart. No announcement that I am aware of.
  15. Bowl options/projections

    We have had no chance for the CFP since the Iowa State game. They won't invite little ol' TCU to their party unless we are undefeated. A conference championship and New Year's Day bowl would be great. I like our chances Saturday. For practical reasons, Patrick Morris will play and when he plays we score; and I trust Patterson and staff to have the perfect game plan when they play a team for the second time. But more importantly, the fates demand that TCU win. The Big 12 created this game to help get its team in the playoff, from the moment of its conception it was doomed to keep its team out.. That's just the way the universe works. For once the juju helps the Frogs.