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  1. Jaylen Waddle to visit this weekend. Also a summary of this class from Diehards http://www.ajc.com/sports/college/star-jaylen-waddle-taking-official-visit-tcu-this-week/rDMX6mZY51odvxAVVsTOmI/
  2. TCU @ KSU

    One is faster, one throws better, but they run the same plays. We may change some of our defensive calls, but I don't think it changes game preparation at all.
  3. Injury update

    Michael Downing saw his first action of the season Saturday. He should help our special teams. Also, Trey Elliott dressed out for the first time. Although he did not play, having an experienced lineman available could be huge. I believe the starting five OL played every down against WVU, we really need a sub until Patrick Morris returns. On the down side, freshman safety Kerry Johnson was wearing a boot. I'm pretty sure he's redshirting. Ray Is A Haiku went out with some kind of leg injury, but returned to play late in the game, so I'm guessing it is not serious.
  4. The Frog Horn Tailgate

    Will you have a TV for the Oklahoma-Iowa State game?
  5. WVU at TCU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    TCU wins, West Virginia covers the spread. Offense: The return of Kyle Hicks Defense: Mr. Grier, meet Mr. Banogu Special: Turpin gets a return not called back for penalty I could not possibly care less about the uniforms.
  6. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Vacancy at UTEP (no, they are not getting Patterson): https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/College-Football/2017/10/01/UTEP-Miners-coach-Sean-Kugler-resigns-after-0-5-start/4821506893520/
  7. Week 5 Games

    I hope our game in Lubbock has a daytime kickoff.
  8. Week 5 Games

    I thought Beth was supposed to be calling NFL games this year?
  9. Pretty good update from Diehards: https://www.diehards.com/tcu/tcu-recruiting-updates-horned-frogs-2018-class-09-29-2017
  10. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Patterson isn't going anywhere Journalists gotta put out something to get people to tune in. Patterson is telling recruits he will be here through this contract, which I believe is five more years. Then he might retire, or he might stay a little longer to get a national championship. GP leaving is not a concern.
  11. Morris Injury

    No depth at all on the OL, and OL has been so important in our victories so far. Got to have Elliott back now.
  12. Oldie but goodie

    Interesting that there were six players on the 2005 defense that are college coaches now: Jason Phillips, Zarnell Fitch and Jeremy Modkins at TCU, Eric Buchanan at Lamar, Drew Coleman at Blinn and Quincy Butler at Texas Wesleyan.
  13. Oldie but goodie

    According to my cable listings, The ESPN Classic channel will be showing the 2005 TCU-Oklahoma game at 7:30 Tuesday night.
  14. Special teams were great yesterday. Song perfect on kicks, Nunez much improved punting, and Turp had a big return not called back for a penalty. Has anyone ever seen another game with two interceptions by defensive linemen? Anderson has great vision and instinct. I'm looking forward to seeing a healthy Hicks run behind a line that blocks. If everyone stays healthy, the backs should be able to spell each other and stay fresh, should make for a real dominant running game. Sewo got the ball over the goal line. Despite what the TV guys said, pretty clear there was no green between the ball and the white line. It was just an inch, but that's enough.
  15. Key stat for this game is three Frog fumbles, all recovered by Frogs.