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  1. Zebra, are these things you have seen in your career, or hypotheticals?
  2. We get money from playing those schools. The FCS game is always a home game (revenue generator), and we don't have to pay them as much for that one-and-done as we would a Sunbelt or CUSA team. Would you like some seasons with only 5 home games? Anyway, I kind of like the idea of having one game where the walkons and scout teamers might get to actually play.
  3. I though it was odd they say we will have two games against other opponents, but only gave details on the Texas State game.
  4. Nothing about that in this release. It does say they are playing Steve Trout-coached Texas State the day after the Texas football game. Figure I can stay over to see that.
  5. I hope Hawthorne has his food truck at the stadium this year. Would love to have some good Q before the game. I wonder if the half price items in the stadium early will include corn dogs?
  6. So instead of the call is upheld unless replay has conclusive proof it should be reversed, the targeting call is overturned unless review can conclusively confirm it. Targeting is such a stiff penalty, I like that.
  7. New kicker Cole Sayre from Austin Hyde Park. Possible kickoff man, 77 percent touchbacks in high school, kicking from the 40. Walkons no longer on the roster, LB Hayden Fox and WR Jack Powers.
  8. Sewo could play linebacker. Oh no! I didn't just say that! 😉
  9. FedEx delivered my season tickets today! 😍🤩😀
  10. Drew Davison got a couple of tidbits out of GP's last press availability I haven't seen elsewhere. Coy McMillon has begun to take over the competition for starting center, and David Bolisomi has looked good, providing some depth at tackle.
  11. We have 10 receivers on scholarship this year, and we usually carry 14. From that, I deduce we will see a tight end/blocking back used most of the time. Really sucks to lose a senior linebacker who was cited earlier this summer for providing good leadership to the young pups at that position. I gather it was not a new injury so much as never recovered from last year. Have to look for a freshman to step up and learn fast (DeMauryon Holmes, Dee Winters, Dylan Jordan … maybe Wyatt Harris moves back from DE now.) Hope Ben Wilson heals quickly. I'm beginning to think Justin Rogers may never fully recover his high school abilities. His future may be as a pro-style pocket passer with limited mobility. Some guys with strong arms have made a lot of money that way.
  12. Survey of university administrators finds more diversity of thought in southern states. Still a majority of leftists, but not nearly so large as in other states, and more willingness to allow different ideas to be aired. https://www.jamesgmartin.center/2019/08/look-south-for-diversity-on-college-campuses/
  13. If you wonder why a receiver keeps playing without catching a lot of passes, it's usually a good idea to watch him block.
  14. I've been wondering about some guys who were talked up at this time last year about whom I have read nothing this summer. Michael Onyemaobi Tevailance Hunt Atanza Vongor Ben Wilson Wes Harris
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