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  1. Not that I know much about quarterbacks I haven't seen play, but everyone has an opinion, so … I think Michael Collins in our most accurate passer, and that and good judgement is what I want in a QB. But Cumbie may want more of a runner. Regardless, I think we have four good quarterbacks (I discount the chance of NCAA granting a waiver for someone coming to TCU) and so I think we will have a good quarterback with whoever emerges from the competition.
  2. Nevada makes it illegal to deny employment due to failing a marijuana test. Expect legal action by Nevada-Reno and UNLV athletes against the NCAA soon: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/nevada-becomes-1st-state-ban-most-pre-employment-193800959--abc-news-topstories.html
  3. I think we would have to lose someone else to add someone. We have been over the limit. And if we get an opening, I'd rather go after Zuber from Kansas State than Manning.
  4. In the 38th round Jake Eissler to Cleveland and catcher recruit Kurtis Byrne to St. Louis.
  5. Catcher recruit Raphael Pelletier from Canada to the Rangers in the 25th round. At this point I'd say we probably will keep all our recruits except Quinn Priester (1st round, Pirates). And probably will keep our juniors except for Williamson and Guenther. Going to make for a lot of competition this fall for roster spots, probably some guys will get pushed out and transfer. Let the cream rise to the top.
  6. I don't know where else to post this. According to texasfootball.com, Matt Schobel is now the head coach at Columbus High School. But Steven Hodge is out as head coach at Marlin.
  7. Into the sixth round and no one else of interest taken. If all we lose out of this recruiting class is Priester, it will be one elluva class.
  8. 4 Texas college players, 1 Texas junior college player and 2 Texas high school players in the first round.
  9. Baylor and A&M eliminated. Tech wins their region. Okie State I think must play tomorrow.
  10. I'm getting a feeling. We can do this. We'll have a rally some time.
  11. There is a Horned Frog in the Arkansas dugout. Zach Plunkett transferred over there and is now a redshirt senior, backup catcher. https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/roster/zack-plunkett/
  12. Dalton Brown on to try to get four outs with Frogs leading 7-5. Eissler did a good job today.
  13. Some real defense being displayed In this game. Their center fielder catches everything that doesn't leave the park.
  14. How many times do you tell a pitcher, "just throw strikes, make them hit it?" That's what Eissler is doing today. Not walking anyone but a lot of pitches in the middle of the zone.
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