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  1. I don't do much browsing on my phone (a Galaxy J3) so I just use the built-in Samsung browser...it does the job for me. However, I have a ZTE K88 tablet with 4G and I use Opera Mini on it, and it is sooo fast! If I ever need more "browser power" on the cell I'll try Opera Mini first.
  2. I tried Chrome, but...I just didn't like it enough to stay with it. Oh, I'm no technician and I can't explain the how's and the why's, I just know I can work better with Firefox than with any other browser I've used.
  3. FF, Gretchen Menn's sound reminds me of Brian May--is she a protoge?
  4. Hey kids, what time is it? That's right--it's Friday! And for FrogAbroad, Friday means <sigh> Haley...
  5. Our browser histories, if not congruent, are at least very similar. Like most PC users I began, and rather quickly grew disenchanted, with IE, then went to NN. Opera was next, back in the day when one had to pay for it, which I gladly did. Then came Firefox. I've flirted with Maxathon and Vivaldi and maybe a couple of others. I got back to Opera at v.48 or so and was happy to see it is definitely an improvement over what I'd given up on years before. But still, Firefox is my go-to browser.
  6. Now he can get back to tracking down the real killer... O.J. Simpson Set to Be Freed, Parole Board Rules
  7. Thanks, FF, for the report. Firefox still is my fave, although on an older 32-bit machine it has some issues I cannot replicate anywhere else. That said, the newer versions of Opera have drawn me back to that browser for some activities.
  8. There comes a time when some individuals just need shootin'.
  9. Canine DNA testing company gets a leg up with additional venture capital funding. Embark Veterinary said it's able to track over 200,000 genetic markers and recognize 175 breeds with its test. It also deliver a breakdown of chromosomes to see which traits come from certain breed types. Results take three to four weeks before they are delivered online. http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/18/technology/culture/genetic-testing-for-dogs/index.html?iid=H_T_News
  10. This is rather a disturbing article...not because of the treatments per se, but becuase of some of the reasons animals suffer from PTSD and need treatment. If you're already in a foul or down mood, I suggest skipping it. Healing Animals Who Suffer from PTSD
  11. FF--I know you lean to Mozilla web browsers, as do I (although I've been a bit disappointed in Waterfox the past few updates), but for about 6-7 months I've been playing with Brave (created by an ex-Mozilla guru and based on Chrome). It is super-fast It kills ads without any add-ons or extensions It does not hog resources...BUT... It does not play nice with some websites (such as a web mail site I use) It is not great at handling bookmarks It's still at version 0.17.16 or so, which means its developers recognize there's still some work to do, but so far I rather like it. Any experience/input to offer about Brave?
  12. The first time I saw the Quebe Sisters was in 2003 at the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering & Western Swing Festival. They were playing and singing on the sidewalk on East Exchange Street, drawing quite a crowd. I was hooked. They are just flat-out amazing.
  13. ...an' since PD mentioned big hair...
  14. Hmmm...now that you mention it, PD...
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